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Ken Adachi Talks with Don Nicoloff on June 16 Over Internet Radio, 10PM Pacific Time

From Ken Adachi
June 16, 2008

I'll be talking with Don Nicoloff over his internet radio show tonight, June 16, 2008, from  10-11 PM Pacific time (that's 1-2 AM Eastern time on June 17, 2008 )

If you want to hear the show live, Internet users from  around the world can go to this link

and click on one of the four media software programs for listening to audio through your sound card. Most people have Windows Media Player, or Flash Player, or Quicktime on their computers. Just click the icon that matches the audio program you have installed on your computer.

For listeners outside the United States, go to this World Clock link and determine where your local time stands in referrence to 10PM Pacific time, so you'll know when the show starts in local time. .

Sometimes Don's show starts 10-15 minutes late due to technical difficulties beyond his control, so if that's the case tonight, just hang in there. We should be on the air by 10:15 PM Pacific. Of course, there's an even chance that the show will start on time as well.

I'm not sure what we're going to talk about, but Otto Skorzeny's Scherff/Bush story will undoubtedly be discussed.

I've done other interviews with Don, but this is  the first time that it occured to me to announce the interview in advance.

If you miss the show, you can always get it from Don's achieved shows after he puts it up on his web site (it may take a few days to get it up there)

Ken Adachi

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