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Don Nicoloff's Explosive Expose of Barack Obama, Part B
September 26, 2008

Don Nicoloff's Explosive Expose of Barack Obama, Part B (Sep. 26, 2008)

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Subject: The Three Stooges go to Washington, Part 4

Hello, Everyone...

My new investigative research article, "The Three Stooges go to Washington: Part 4, Barack Hussein Obama: The Real Story" has just been
published on my web site. The direct link is pasted below, along with the link to the "Articles" index page, my web site URL,
and my "Evident Footprints" radio show links.

"Part 4" will be posted will be published next month in The Idaho Observer, due to September space restrictions. Please feel free to forward the links to those who are interested in the truth.

Best regards,

Don Nicoloff

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