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More on the Treachery of Noam Chomsky,
Article 22 in a Series

by Benjamin Merhav <> Australia
May 5, 2006

In my previous article in this series, we have seen how Noam Chomsky won the praise of the zionist Jerusalem Post as well as that of the military hierarchy at the USA military academy, West Point, where Noam Chomsky is regarded as a "Distinguished Lecturer". Before that, in article 13 of this series ( ), we have seen praise heaped on him by the official website of the reactionary government of South Korea, which announced that

"The Korean Society for Chomsky Studies held its launching ceremony and first academic conference at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in eastern Seoul on Saturday (Nov. 12)."

To the illinformed observer, such news items regarding Chomsky's political loyalty would come as a surprise, wouldn't it ? The question arises : is Chomsky a zionist, pro-imperialist, bourgeois intellectual mole implanted at the centre of the Left worldwide ? The answer is YES, and it comes from Noam Chomsky himself !

Today's online issue of The Korea Herald, the largest English newspaper in South Korea, carries a brief report by Lee Ik-hoon who " is adjunct professor of Hanyang University and runs a language institute in Seoul". Titled, "Chomsky: Lighthouse of Human Intellect",  the report goes on to reveal the following brief exchange between the reporter/interviewer and Noam Chomsky,

( )

"Chomsky, considered a leftist intellectual, attached little meaning to the ideological categorization.

"What's the difference between leftist and rightist? It is of little importance,"

said the professor who has long expressed interest in human rights issues and criticized American policies on conflicts in Indonesia and East Timor."

Let's read this again : "What's the difference between leftist and rightist?"

" It is of little importance," said the professor.

Any school child knows that there are very important differences between genuine "leftists" and the rightists. Whereas the latter would support the status quo, namely, the rule and oppression by imperialists, zionists and other fascists, the Left is on the side of the victims : oppressed nations, oppressed classes.

This is basic knowledge, derived from basic facts of life ! The origin of the political terms "Right", "Left" dates back to the French revolution, more than 200 years ago, and they are not necessarily the best definitions of the two enemy camps. Thus, for example, the word right has got a positive meaning, which has no place inside  fascist ,racist or imperialist regimes. However, everybody knows that genuine leftists are on the side of the working class, on the side of the struggle of oppressed nations, and against environmental degradation by transnational corporations.

In a word, the Left represent the interests of humanity, while the Right represents the a small section of humanity driven by avarice and lust for political power. Noam Chomsky knows the facts, but he has been playing a game of deceit, namely, purporting to act as if he has been the guru of the Left while in actual fact being loyal to zionism and to imperialism. This sudden love affair of Noam Chomsky with the ruling class of South Korea, a country which has been the de-facto colony of the USA since the Korean war in the early 50s, does expose him as the fraud that he has been in reality.(Emphasis added).

Benjamin Merhav


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