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Noticing More Blue Skies of Late?
A Field Report from the Etheric Resistance

From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 10, 2010

Noticing More Blue Skies of Late? A Field Report from the Etheric Resistance (May 10, 2010)

On March 9, 2010, I posted a short article titled: "Has Chemtrail Spraying Suddenly Abated in Your Area?" to determine if there were any observable mitigation in chemtrail spraying activity in North America and in Europe. A very special team of Etheric Resistance fighters had caused the "de-activation" of a number of chemtrail spew planes, along with a handful of underground re-fueling bases in America and Europe, and the computer systems which were controlling those pilot-less, drone chemplanes on the weekend of March 6-7, 2010. That was the team's first shot across the bow directed at chemtrail poisoning operations and logistics support facilities.

Based on the feedback e-mail from readers in America and Europe, it seems there was an observable drop in chemtrail spraying activity for many areas, at least for the first 3 or 4 days following the March 6-7 "inauguration weekend." Some areas, like London, apparently did not experience any diminution of chemtrail activity, but that tells me that London is a very high priority targeting site for the Illuminated Ones and will require special attention (one British city, however, Bristol, did experience a spectacular return to sunny, blue skies and some residents there were happy to report the pleasant change from chemtrail overcasts. Most likely, high priority targets will begin to notice an improvement in blue skies as the chemtrail operations are further dismantled and approaching the final termination phase. While it's extremely risky to make any predictions, I think it's possible, based on current information, that chemtrail spraying may cease altogether within a year-or less. But don't hold me to it. It's just an educated guess).

Another chemtrail investigative visit took place by our intrepid team on or about March 23, 2010 when it was discovered that the dark side of the moon was also being used as a source of raw materials (e.g. barium, aluminum ) and as a parking/maintenance depot (underground) for the chemplanes-which are using older looking airframes-but outfitted with hyper-dimensional Jump gate technology that allow the planes to blink in and out of third dimension time/space and re-appear again in another location-almost instantly. It takes about one minute for one of these specially equipped chemplanes to hyper dimensionally jump from the moon to the earth

Due to the sudden attrition of the UFO style chemplanes in early March (and loss of AI central computer coordination), piloted chemplanes were then re-activated to give the impression that no let-up in chemtrail activity had occurred, but even these planes were now encountering a stepped-up neutralization effort from those who I will describe as "friendly forces".

Our Etheric Resistance team went into chemtrail neutralizing mode again on the weekend of May 8-9, 2010. They first took a look at Air Force bases around the world  where an attempt was made by the Air Force to compensate for the unexpected de-activation of the traitors' underground, super secret, super high tech, antigravity "drum in a tube" design AI control computers by jury-rigging PCs with a supercomputer and fly their chemplanes manually. The Etheric team is sad to report that the Air Force's 'Plan B' chemtrail computer control systems are now also experiencing "technical difficulties" :-)

Next, the Etheric team returned to the moon to re-assess the damage control effected there since their previous visit and proceeded to de-activate additional antigravity Artificial Intelligence (AI) chemtrail computer system. On this occasion, the AI was described as having a:

"teardrop head in white shiny metal with red lights on, body tapers to a tip, the body is covered in circuit-board design in what looks like gold. This AI sent out commands to floating receiver computers stationed around it by firing what looked like laser beams of blue light which were encoded command signals. Quite swish.

I grabbed it, tore it out of its moorings and burst out the roof of the moon base. I then drop-kicked it into the Sun. For good measure I then created a kind of explosion (except without fire, more with gravity - an implosion perhaps?) in the moon crater that houses the chemplanes."

They next paid a courtesy call to Mars, where it was discovered that an exceedingly advanced computer system, described as a  Stanley Kubrick style "monolith" design was beaming chemplane command information using a group of clam-shaped antennae located in a quadrant array around the monolith. The Etheric team leader described the scene as follows:

"I went to Mars and found their chemplane AI there - the Martian base (one of many) had a small topside section with a large underground facility which broke through into Egyptian/Mayan-esque ruins below ground. Archaeological dig sites all over the place. The AI was even more swish than the moon base one - a nine foot high black monolith with a thin green strip of light going down in the center of each side. On one face it had a circle of crimson that pulsed with energy about the size of a grapefruit.

The monolith had the processing power of all the earth-side AFB supercomputers and AI's put together. It was sending invisible signals to four "receivers" (looking like oyster-shell shaped metal speaker systems six feet high, one on each side, with a gap of about five feet from the monolith). Unlike the moon base AI there was no visible "laser ray" sending info, let alone a clunky metal tentacle. The monolith just pulsed and sent out commands, steering the entire chemplane fleet single handedly.

I punched it repeatedly until it broke. Victory for brute force."

(This field report also contained other interesting anecdotes which may be revealed at a later time, but this is the part that commented on chemtrail de-activation activities.)

As I mentioned in the March 9 article linked above, I understand that many people will find this unusual information hard to accept, since it reads like a Superman comic book, but I remind you that reality is far stranger than fiction. What we've all been told by the media propagandists and what we are taught in school is a far cry from the reality that exists on planet earth today. There is a small handful of individuals now alive on earth who possess extraordinary abilities. The Creator allowed these individuals to incarnate at this time in order to provide a remedy for the plight of billions of innocent and defenseless people who would otherwise perish from lack of knowledge and technical capabilities to overcome the Illuminated Beast's genocidal agendas.

Isaac Newton was not correct in all his postulates, but he was correct in this one: For every action, there is and equal and opposite reaction.

This rule not only applies to the physical world, but the spiritual dimension as well. Through thousands of years of Machiavellian machination and plotting, the Illuminati has now arrived at a level of power and technical advantage, that mankind-alone- would have no chance whatsoever to survive, without the assistance of extraordinary helpers who have leaned how to bend reality to their will in a higher dimension. If you want to look into this special arena of etheric resistance, then carefully study Jack London's tutorial,

How to Fight Monsters and Win (A Guidebook to Defeating Human, Alien, and Demonic Oppressors) July 4, 2009)

and learn what it takes to get into the game. We need a few more Good Men ~ and Women!.

Ken Adachi


----- Original Message -----
From: Rosemarie (Sydney, Australia)
To:Ken Adachi
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Subject: Your article "Noticing More Blue Skies of Late" - Update for Sydney Australia

Hi Ken

It was interesting to read your article this morning. I had thought about emailing you a couple of days ago to let you know that in Sydney, Australia we have had the most extraordinary Autumn days with about 8 days straight of Blue Skies & not a chemtrail or hazy ripple in sight. It's been wonderful. Even some of my work colleagues who don't believe in Chemtrails have commented on how it's been such a long time since the sky has looked so clear and bright.

Kind regards



----- Original Message -----
From: Rosemarie
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010
Subject: RE: Your article "Noticing More Blue Skies of Late" - Update for Sydney Australia

Hi Ken,

Happy to report, still no sign of chemtrails - I'm not sure though about the rest of Australia. Something positive must definitely be occuring over Sydney.

Kind Regards


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From: Sibyl (Seattle, Washington)
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Subject: premium gifts

Hi Ken-


Also I wanted to let you know there are still lots of chemtrails over Seattle. Sat was blue skies and puffy clouds and then Sun was full of chemtrails and a complete blanketing haze by the end of the day. Monday too. So I want to build a generator. Are you aware of a lot of Seattleites who have already done this?

Anyway, peace in our time, Sibyl.


Hi Sibyl,

There must be CBs up there, but adding your own can't hurt. There's a lot of negative vibes to overcome in that area. The Illuminati practically own Washington and Oregon it seems. Tons of MC and dark stuff (satanism) taking place there., so you need lots of orgone generators and positive intentions. It's been quite nice in this area. I'm about 45 mins south of LA.

Regards, Ken .


Subject: Your article "Noticing More Blue Skies of Late"
From: Tom (Portland, Oregon)
Date: Sat, May 15, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Ken, just wanted to give you a heads up. Portland, OR skies are sickly white today, May 15th. Hope the intel helps.



---- Original Message -----
From: Chiemi
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010
Subject: RE: Noticing More Blue Skies of Late?

Dear Ken,

Kyoto, Japan May 15 2010Just a quick note to let you know that “they” still spray heavily here in Kyoto, and perhaps the rest of Japan as well. The photo attached was taken by a friend of mine in Kyoto in the morning of Saturday, 15 May 2010. It was just a beginning; later on the sky was overcast by the poison-laden fake clouds. Although I believe in sylphs and always call in them, there seems to be not enough of them helping us in my area, which makes me sad...

I hope that chemtrail spraying will cease altogether within a year-or less, as you speculate, and I believe that we will be able to achieve this with our power of intention.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards,

Chiemi from Japan


Hello Chiemi,

Thanks for your note. I do see chemtrails over Japan from videos sent to us of Japanese TV programs. Spraying over Japan has been MUCH lighter and less obvious than in Europe, America, or Australia, for instance, but it certainly takes place and appears to be increasing in recent years. There are two simple ways to increase Sylph activity and help mitigate chemtrails:

1. Help more Japanese people become AWARE  of chemtrail poisoning and to THINK about bringing in Sylphs (or other friendly forces) to neutralize them. As a group, and intelligent as they are, Japanese people have VERY LITTLE  awareness of the NWO takeover agenda in general and almost zero awareness of chemtrails (I was really so outraged to see so many Japanese school kids being lined up for that poison-laden, microchip Swine Flu shot last Fall).

2. Distribute small orgone generators in the vicinity of every cell phone tower in your area and set up chembusters to change the atmospheric DOR into OR orgone energy. See my January 2002 article titled Goodbye Chemtrails, Hello Blue Skies

If you have the time to translate some of my Chemtrail page into Japanese, that would help tremendously. Or write a synopsis of your own in Japanese and send it to me and I'll post it. Another idea is to send a Japanese posting on chemtrails to various blog forums in Japan. MUCH more has to be done by Japanese who know about the NWO, chemtrails, etc., to help enlighten the vast majority in Japan who are totally in the dark about these things.

Hope to hear from you, Ken


----- Original Message -----
From: Jim Stearns
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Subject: chemtrail spraying update (Bay Area, Calif.)

Hi, Ken:

I don't like being the bearer of sour news, but the aerial spraying activity remains heavy out on the West Coast. Given the fact it's already May, this year has in fact been one of the worst I can remember. One of my friends remarked that the spraying appears to be occurring every other day, which would appear to be a relatively recent development. I often wake to clear blue sky minus a couple of isolated trails, and by the late morning half the sky (or more) is occluded with the garbage. It's amazing how much we've developed as a race yet most can't properly utilize their senses and unite against this monstrosity.

J. Stearns


From: Koen (The Netherlands)
Date: Sun, May 16, 2010
To: Ken Adachi


I think this will absolutely interest you:

And by the way, here in the Netherlands, the skies are still clear since May 8.

Regards, Koen


From: Koen (The Netherlands)
Date: Mon, May 17, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Yes, controlled disinfo makes sense, this can hardly be accidental.... I live in the west and travel daily from the Hague area to Breda area which
covers the entire south west. Today I also was in central NL and we are seeing blue skies and real Dutch clouds as before the year 2000. The spraying really got off here between 2001-2004 and has intensified over the last 2 years. I have also lived in Italy and China between 2002 and 2009, and over there it was all zero..... our govt are really the lackeys of the cabal. The funny (or actually SAD) thing is that the majority of the population has not got a clue what's happening to them, and simply do not notice or understand chemtrails.

Best regards, Koen


Subject: clear skies
From: Duncan ( London, U.K.)
Date: Fri, May 21, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Just fyi, no c-trails at all here over London U.K. for the last five days. I have a chem buster in north central London, and have seen the blue hole effect ever since i had it, about 3/4 yrs now, but they have always sprayed. Now, the skies are pristine and its lovely.

All the best, Duncan


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