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Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers: I Have Some Concerns

By Ken Adachi, Editor
October 15, 2009

Stewart Rhodes and Oathkeepers: I Have Some Concerns by Ken Adachi (Oct 15, 2009)

I just read an e-mail from someone who asked me if I would be interested in joining the Oathkeepers ( I heard of the group, of course, when it first came on line and I mentioned it in a few commentaries as being the sort of Constitution-abiding organization which every loyal American involved with police or military work should be interested in. After all, people who do what I do are interested in preserving the liberties of this republic and the articles found in the document upon which those liberties rest, the U.S. Constitution.

The statements of Constitutional support expressed on the home page of the Oathkeepers is exactly what I would hope and desire that ALL in law enforcement, peace keeping, intelligence agencies, the military, etc., would embrace and advocate. So far. so good, but patriotic web site titles and high minded intentions expressed on the home page, aren't the reality of a group's function or its usefulness to the preservation of the republic. It's the ideas you embrace and what you do, and what you accomplish through your words and actions that count, and not the rhetoric.

In reading over the statements posted to Stewart Rhodes' web site, I was disturbed to see that he had removed a statement from one Eric T Orseske of Iraq Veterans Against the War (, which Stewart only identified as "IVAW". Apparently, Stewart thinks that everyone in the world is expected to know the meaning of every acronym under the sun and felt no obligation to first inform the reader of the full name of Eric's organization. Or maybe that was Stewart's intention?

In reading Stewart's explanation for the reasons he removed Eric's posting, I was even more disturbed because I could now see that this guy is functioning more as a gatekeeper for the Right. He's condemning Eric and the Iraq Vets Against the War (and its predecessor Vietnam Veterans Against the War) as supporters of a "radical" element which has "collective" designs and wants to ditch the Constitution if favor or a revolutionary overthrow.

Right. (I suppose readers are too fragile to come to their own conclusions, eh Stewart?)

Here's a direct quote from Stewart (

"IVAW in particular has direct connections with some radical left collectivist individuals and organizations, who would scrap this Republic in a heartbeat if they could, to replace it with their own collectivist vision."

In other words, Herr Rhodes, Iraq Veterans Against the War and Vietnam Veterans Against the War are actually COMMUNIST sympathizers who are seeking to overthrow the Republic in favor of a communist "vision"? Is that it?

Stewart references two articles in his "explanation" mentioned above, which, after reading them, infuriated me even more. One article was written by Denis Keohane and posted on October 9, 2007. It's titled " Investigate the Winter Soldier Investigation". Keohane is a smear artist, a contract hit writer who was given an assignment to make the extraordinary revelations of the brutality and MURDER inflicted upon innocent Iraqi citizens by U.S. soldiers who had the guts to tell the truth, look like a subversive nest of liars and commie agitators. He even went so far as to smear and defame 12 year veteran Marine Jimmy Massey, whose boots Keohane isn't worthy of licking to provide the lubricant for a spit shine. And then putting up the word of an EMBEDDED reporter, Ron Harris of the St. Louis Dispatch , as a RELIABLE counter to the "lie" of Massey's "widely distributed claims"!

No, no, no, I'm not buying this garbage. Koehane is an attack dog for the Pentagon.

The other referenced article is written by another right wing attack dog, this time a female name "Robin", who uses a photo of herself holding up her middle finger in the "About me" box on her blog. What a blowhard. (

The fact that Stewart's surname is that of a major Illuminati blood line (as in Cecil Rhodes) and that he got his law degree from Yale (as in Skull and Bones) doesn't make me feel any better about his intentions and credibility.

What's clear to me is the intent here, by Stewart Rhodes, Denis Koehane, and "Robin", to make veterans who have come out against wars, against the Pentagon Killing Machine, against atrocities committed by US troops upon innocent civilians who were simply trying to live life in their own country - which we had unjustifiably invaded- and make them all look like liars, wackos, and "radical" commie kooks who were mostly exaggerating and making things up as they went along.

These people are GATEKEEPERS. Maybe that's why they keep using the name "keepers' in these gate keeping front organizations, like "The Promise Keepers", which was exposed years ago by Fritz Springmeier and others as a mind controlled cult.

Caveat emptor.

Ken Adachi


Subject: Eric Orseske's Thanks
From: Eric Orseke
Date: Wed, November 11, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken Adachi,

I just wanted to thank you for cross examining my situation with Oath Keepers. It has been very disturbing dealing with Stewart Rhodes and I am beginning to know more about why, thanks to your article. It also leads me to question a lot more in regards to the information that is available to the public. Regardless, I just feel like sincerely thanking you for your insights into the Oath Keepers organization.

Kind regards,
Eric Orseske
OIF/OEF Veteran

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