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Soetoro Produces Certified Long Form Birth Certificate Copy
(That Clinches it Folks, Case Closed!)

From Ken Adachi, Editor
April 27, 2011, Update May 2, 2011

Soetoro Produces Certified Long Form Birth Certificate Copy (April 27, 2011)

At 4:10 pm today, I just heard a lengthy news segment on National Propaganda Radio (NPR) which "put to rest" what the NPR reporter said"they knew all along", that Barry Soetoro was born in Hawaii because -thanks to Illuminatus Donald Trump's windy media campaign- the Usurper's BS Team had finally "petitioned" the phony sell-out governor of Hawaii to "release" a CERTIFIED COPY of Usurper's supposed long form birth certificate which is held--we are told--in some kind of "vault" in Hawaii which apparently only the Hawaiian governor, God (and maybe the Pope) can ever get to see.

But the COPY is CERTIFIED, by God, by the lying pond scum who currently disgrace the state health records office (with the able assistance of the governor, of course), so there's no longer any justification to be harummping on and grousing about with demands for the Usurper's long unobtainable birth certificate, because a CERTIFIED COPY has now --2.5 years later and 2+ million of tax payer money spent on Obama lawyers to keep this glorious information from the people of the United States- been uploaded to the Usurper's White House web site for all to see and breathe a long sigh of relief. .

Thank God! It's been a long, long struggle for recognition.

You see? Persistence does pay off in the end!

Now I can sleep so much better knowing that an Indonesian national, born in Bali, is safely certified by the state of Hawaii as a natural born American citizen

It's too bad that the supposed Kenyan father, Barack Obama, Sr (who bears NO physical resemblance to Soetoro) was NOT a US citizen --as required by the Constitution. But hey, ONE battle at a time.

Ken Adachi

Update, May 2, 2011:

Youtube video examines Photoshoped "certified" long form birth certificate:.

Uploaded by RestoreConstitution8 on Apr 27, 2011


This video proves the purported long form birth certificate produced on April 27, 2001 is a fake. It has multiple layers. Just download a copy and open it in Adobe Illustrator. They should have flattened the document.

You can get a copy of the document with the layers (assuming they haven't already flattened it) from:

You can download a free trial version of Adobe Illustrator from:

NOTE: If you can't find the layers, it may be because the whitehouse fixed the problem. You can get a version from 4/27/11 by going to

Courtesy of MrFalseLeader with video at

This is documented evidence that Obama's Certificate of Live Birth was forged.

Hi-Res Pictures:

The download link(s) for this file are:

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Barack Obama: The Pictures Speak A Thousand Lies by Don Nicoloff (April 25, 2009)

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