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Barack & Michelle Reveal Reptilian "Baggage" at London Airport
(Part 1)

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By Ken Adachi, Editor
April 15, 2009

Barack & Michelle Reveal Reptilian "Baggage" at London Airport (April 15, 2009)

I posted a story on September 16, 2008 titled Photographic Evidence that Barack Obama is a Human/Reptilian Hybrid, Part 1 in which  I enlarged a black and white photo of 10 year old Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama) sitting on a bench next to his claimed mother, Stanley Ann (Dunham) Soetore and her then husband, Lolo Soetoro. The Truth Media Ministry distributed this photo widely over the Internet and in newspapers on behalf of the Rockefeller campaign planners to show us what Barack looked like as a young boy. Don Nicoloff discovered that the photo was originally a color photo, but was de-saturated of color in order to make it appear black and white. Don was able to reintroduce the original colors by driving up an attribute of color photography called "gamma" gain. After reintroducing color into that shot, Don noticed that a number of anomalies in the photo became more apparent and called me to talk about it.


By greatly enlarging the bare knees, forearms, and hands of 10 year old Barack, I could see many unusual images of alien-looking and animal-like creatures. I titled the article Part 1 because I still have many other enlarged photo crops to post including his knees, between his legs, from the wall behind him, from Lolo Soetoro, and even from Stanley Ann's body, showing similar manifestations of alien-like creatures. After posting the article, I received e-mails from a few people tipping me off to other Internet posted photos of young Barack which may reveal reptilian anomalies, but I haven't had the chance yet to study those photos in detail using PhotoShop. .

Fast forward to April 11, 2009, and I receive this e-mail from Sonya:

Subject: Obama Reptilian Eyes
From: Sonya
Date: Sat, April 11, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

I wanted to send you a picture I saw of the Obamas' arrival in London. Instead of the standard "red eye" that can be expected from a camera's flash; both of the Obamas are captured with "reptilian eyes". I would like to send the picture to you. I'm going to include the link with the hope the picture opens. I found the picture on US Magazine's web site of all places. [Original source, but no longer online. The page is archived here but photos not seen; only text description of photos]

[This link from the same web site shows the same photo as seen on the right:
Archived here:



Barack & Michell Obama at London airport Here's the photo that Sonya was referring to. There is likely a bulletproof glass or a plastic shield in front of the photographer who took the shot. I'm only guessing, but I see reflections of shinny objects in the lower right of this photo, adjacent to Barack's left leg, that makes me think that the photo was taken looking through a see-through shield.

When this photo was greatly enlarged, cropped, and contrast enhanced, I could find numerous entities in the faces of both Michelle and Barack, as well as stunning etheric images on Michelle's legs. There are also entities manifesting on Michelle's dress, as well as the light colored background of the plane's door and the interior. It's possible that the see-through shield through which the photo was taken (assuming there was a shield), allowed the reptilian images to appear in starker contrast on the photo (which was likely a digital photo; also known to more easily capture etheric images than film photography).

Since Sonya was initially impressed by the strange appearance of the Obamas' eyes, I thought we could start our little exploratory journey there, with enlarged crops of their eyes and them move on to the images seen on Michelle's legs and on their faces. For the eye crops, you will notice that there is only black seen in what should be the white sclera of Michelle's eyes. The strange silvery, whitish band seen where the pupils should be, could be partially (or mostly) due to reflected light from the see-through shield or it could be a manifestation of "reptilian eyes" as Sonya had conjectured. I don't really know the answer, but the etheric manifestations seen on their bodies and in their auras and the surrounding space adjacent to them are undeniable and incredible in detail.

David Icke and others have reported that a partial manifestation of reptilian features have been observed when human/reptilian hybrids allow their eyes to manifest as solid black, instead of the normal appearance of a sclera, iris, and pupil. David Icke witnessed this phenomena himself while sitting in a television studio makeup chair right next to former British Prime Minister Edward Heath. They were alone in the makeup room and David was attempting to engage Sir Heath is light conversation, when suddenly Heath turned to look at David and Heath's eyes turned solid black. He didn't say a word to David while this was taking place, but only starred at him for a moment or two before looking away. Needless to say, David lost all interest in trying to engage the former Prime Minister in conversational banter.

Michelle's Eyes

Michelle Obama Eyes London airport

The reflection of artificial lighting is clearly seen in the central portion of the eye, but is the white banding adjacent to this reflected light also a light reflection or is it a reptilian manifestation?

Barack's Eyes

Barack Obama's eyes London Airport

Reflected artificial light is more obvious in Barack's eyes and he shows much less white 'banding' than Michelle. You'll also noitce that you can see a small corner of while sclera in both his left and right eye, however, you also see much more black in what should be the white outer sclera of the left eye. The images you see adjacent to his nose and the outer eye area give you some hint of the large number of entities manifesting on his face (shown in Part 3).

Michelle's Right Leg                                                                                                                                                                                                            Crop A

Michelle Obama's Right Leg ,  London airportBoth of Michelle's legs were manifesting numerous etheric images with the most striking seen in the area of her knees, such as this lovely creature (seen on the right) peering out from the inner thigh area of her right leg. If you look carefully at the full leg crop seen on the left, you Crop A from inner thingh of Michelle's right legcan see "Junior" on her inner thigh just below her skirt. To examine a much larger magnification of the crop of Michelle's right leg, click this link (Michelle R leg full 900w at London airport 2248.jpg)

Kneecap Etheric Faces

The etheric image seen below, which is centered over her right kneecap, appears to be a single entity when viewed at the smaller magnification seen on the left, but when enlarged and contrast enhanced, it reveals itself to be more than one image. Most manifestaton of reptilian entities tend to show 'entities within entities'. The "eye" of one entity will seem to share the same "eye" of another entity, for example.

 Crop A2 (Two faces seen below, which each possess their own unique color distinction)

Crop A2 central kneecap of right leg.


The crop seen below marked A4 is taken from the outer portion of the right leg from just below the kneecap to about the mid-shin area. The image looks very faint and barely discernable in the above full right leg photo, but will reveal itself in greater detail when magnified and adjusted for enhanced contrast, brightness, color saturation, or shifts in hue. I drew a white separator line between the upper and lower images and then further contrast enhanced each image so you could more easily recognize the details in each. The upper image, A4A, seems to show two entities, one looking to its left and the other purple-ish looking entity looking right, in almost full profile. The lower entity seems to have teeth and a major goiter problem in its left eye.


                     A4                                                                  A4A

Right leg crop A4  below knee to mid-shin area     Crop A4A       

   Crop A4B


                  Crop H                                                                                                                                         Crop AW

Crop H, mid shin areaCrop AWThe green fellow on the right was taken from the white background of the plane's door, adjacent to Michelle's right leg, about mid-shin level. You can see it if you carefully look at the right leg full leg crop photo shown above, about mid-shin level. After cropping this image, I simply increased the contrast to allow the image to stand out with greater relief.

The ghostly looking entity of the left was taken from the inner shin area of the right leg, about midway between her kneecap and her ankle.

There are many more entities on Michelle's right leg beyond the few that I've posted here. Anyone who has a photo-editing program such as PhotoShop can download the orginal image posted at US Magazine (and above) and crop these images yourself.      


                  Crop J
                                                                                                                                               Crop K

Michelle right leg, crop KMichelle right leg lower shin Crop J

Crop J seen on the left , reveals an entity that may have horns protruding from its forehead area, but I'm not sure. This crop is taken from the inner shin area about halfway between the ghostly entity seen in Crop H and her ankle

Crop K on the right is the lowest image seen manifesting on the right leg shin, just above the ankle. It almost looks like a dog with its head canted, or you might see it as two heads sharing the same "eye".






Etheric Images Seen on Plane's Fuselage in the Lower Right

Crop A

The photo on the left is a cropped enlargement of the fuselage of the plane seen to the lower right of Obama's left leg in the above photo with Barack and Michelle. The silvery looking rod-like structure is probably a reflection of the handrail of the de-boarding stairway. The contrast enhancement of the middle photo shows greater detail of the lower etheric image, but also reveals multiple etheric images in the tan/brown area just above the lower entity. The next photos on the right shows even more contrast, while the enlarged crop is seen in greater relief with color. There are many etheric faces in the tan area just above the large face entity seen in the lower panel. I've enlarged the tan/brown area further below to full screen width so you can more easily see the etheric images, some of which I've cropped out as separate images seen further below.

Fuselage Crop A normalFuselage Crop A darker contrastFuselage Crop a Darest contrastLondon Airport fuselage etheric face enlarged

Crop B

By increasing the contrast and magnifying the crop, it's easer to spot the etheric images. I've cropped out a few of these images and posted them below this panel.

Fuselage Crop B images

Shown below are enlarged crops taken from the above panel: Subcrops A, B, C, and D

 Fuselage crop B,  Subcrop A  Fuselage Crop B, Subcrop B Fuselage Crop B, subcrop C Fuselage Crop b, Subcrop D

                  Subcrop E                                                                                                                                             Subcrop F

Fuselage Crop B, Subcrop FFuselage Crop B, Subcrop E The  image on the left is a skull-like image that shows up in many enlargements of etheric manifestations.

The "double" heads seen on the right appear to be sharing a central "eye". A common aspect of these image manifestations is the blending and melding of 'images within images' as mentioned above. Note, however, that the color of each "head" remains separate and does not blend or bleed, one into the other.



If you have PhotoShop, you can see the word "Images" in the upper Menu bar. After clicking "Images", you will get a drop down menu that includes the word "Adjustment" This is the tab I use most often to enhance contrast and intensify faint content. You can click the "Image Size" tab (under the "Images" Menu bar) and adjust the magnification to any size desired. There are limits, however, as the image becomes more de-focused and pixilated as you increase the magnificiation.

I'll post more enhanced crops from Michelle's left leg in Part 2 and from the faces of both Obamas, which are loaded with etheric images.

I realize that some people find this information extremely hard to believe and a few self-proclaimed "experts" in PhotoShop have accused me of magnifying "low resolution noise", but "noise" does not organize itself into fully symetrical, highly defined, highly detailed, gargoyle-like, demonic-looking entities with eyes, nose, cheeks, teeth, jaw lines, horns, and crowns. However, human-looking reptilian aliens, capable of masking their reptilian appearance by drinking enough human blood loaded with adrenalchrome obtained from terrorized sacrificial victims, can and do manifest etheric entity images under certain conditions or special circumstances. It's posible that the Obamas human-appearance "masking ability" had decresed following fatigue from the long flight to London or perhaps they needed to be "fed" again to re-establish the full cloaking obtained with human blood/ adrenalchrome.

to be continued...

Ken Adachi

All cropped, magnified, and contrast enhanced images shown above are Copyright 2009 to Ken Adachi and . All Rights Reserved. Use without permission and full attribution is strictly prohibited


Professional Photographer Questions Obama's Reptilian 'Baggage' Photos (June 7, 2009)


Subject: Obama and michelle airport picture
From: Pete (Australia)
Date: Sat, April 18, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Hi there mate,

I was checking your article on Michelle and Obama getting off the plane and showing wierd anomalies in their greeting photo, I just looked at
the pictuered and notice the very strange hand of michelle obama, I noticed you didn't mention anything about it, it looks purplish and looks as if it has been burnt or seomthing, hope you update the article, cheers


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