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The Parcel Bomb Plot – Al-Qaedas Gift to Israel

[Editor's Note: Naturally, I knew the moment I heard the AM radio news report of the latest parcel bomb plot out of Yemen, caught in the "nick of time" by our fearless intelligence services, that we had another Zionist-created false flag op which would inevitably lead to greater restrictions and further intrusions into whatever is left of privacy and the rights of ownership for those who send anything by mail or private courier companies.

Since airport scanning of passengers with X-ray machines to see your body parts has removed the last vestige of privacy that flyers held, I guess the next step is to make any package that is sent by any means whatsoever, subject to inspection, disassembly, quarantine, etc., beyond the intrusions already enabled by the Patriot Act, DHS, TSA, etc.

I can envision how the soon-to-be-created-laws which authorize the threat of holding or detaining shipments of anything could be used as an extortion or coercion or intimidation methodology to achieve a greater degree of control over shippers and shipments. Remember, we are witnessing the Problem-Reaction-Solution gambit over and over again.

The US-British-Israel intelligence operatives who set up the "Christmas Day Bomber (actually, escorting him pass all airport secuity check points and putting him on the plane WITHOUT A PASSPORT) set up the Problem, the Zionist-controlled media prostitutes created the Reaction, and Usurper Obama announces the Solution with the "need" for X-ray scanning machines to be set up in every major airport in America.

This article posted at Yahoo News gives you the cover story that you are expected to swallow and following this and similar expressions of media Reaction, the Usurper's administration will soon announce the Solution to prevent the self-announced Al-CIAda terrorists from sending any more printer cartridge "bombs" to any synagogue in America. Undoubtedly, the new Solution will require that anyone who wants to ship anything must first establish his identity to the Nth degree with the shipper, whether post office or Fed Ex. etc. This will naturally require many IDs to be shown, forms to be filled out, and probably bio-metric ID tagging-just to play it "safe". You will likely then be issued a smart card of some sort that will "allow" you to ship things. No smart card? No shipping "privileges" is my guesstimate...Ken Adachi]

By Maidhc Ó Cathail
November 9, 2010

The Parcel Bomb Plot – Al-Qaedas Gift to Israel by Maidhc Ó Cathail (Nov. 10, 2010)

While Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) may have claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb plot, it’s worth considering how this latest Yemen-linked terror scare has been a gift to their avowed enemies.

A mere two weeks before the discovery of mail bombs addressed to “two places of Jewish worship in Chicago,” Rupert Murdoch sounded prescient as hereceived an award from the Anti-Defamation League for his support of Israel. “The terrorists continue to target Jews across the world,” declared the media mogul in his acceptance speech. “But they have not succeeded in bringing down the Israeli government—and they have not weakened Israeli resolve.”Equating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, the Fox News owner smeared the growing worldwide condemnation of Israel’s rogue behaviour as an “ongoing war against the Jews.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, a frequent London house guest of Murdoch and a likely recipient of his political contributions, was quick to make hay of the foiled plot. Briefing the cabinet on his impending address to the General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America, the Israeli Prime Minister told them that it would be “held against the background of reports about the attempt to attack the Jewish community in Chicago.”

Linking the parcel bomb plot to some of the most iconic terrorist attacks of the post-9/11 era, Netanyahu saidthat “it does not matter if the target was a synagogue in Chicago or a railway station in Madrid, London, Mumbai or Bali.” Deftly associating his increasingly isolated government with the victims of those attacks, the Israeli Prime Minister proclaimed: “We are facing a growing wave of terrorism by extremist Islam.”

Netanyahu, never one prone to understatement, offered this analysis of the unsuccessful attempt to use desktop printers as terror weapons: “It is growing in the scope and brazen gall of its attacks, in the weapons with which it is arming itself, and in the sweeping objectives of the leaders of global terrorism.”

He then assured his colleagues that “one of the main issues” he would be addressing in New Orleans with American Jewish leaders was “the steps that the civilized and free world must take in order to stop this wave that threatens us all.”

Needless to say, those “steps” are unlikely to include an end to the 43-year occupation and colonisation of the West Bank or a lifting of the 4-year blockade of Gaza.

An American apologist for Israel’s self-appointed guardian of “the civilized andfree world” took a similar line. Joel Pollak, a Republican candidate in the midterm elections, released a statement condemning the attempted terror attack, saying he would be spending the Jewish Sabbath in West Rogers Park “in solidarity with the people of the 9th congressional district who were the direct targets of Al Qaeda terror.” Sounding a lot like Netanyahu, Pollak attempted to rally his constituents by telling them, “We must not stop fighting to eradicate the twin evils of terror and hatred.”

Again, we can take it as read that the “terror and hatred” Americans are being urged to combat only applies to Israel’s enemies.

DEBKA-Net-Weekly, which describes itself as “the leading geopolitical newsletter,” has even attempted to implicate Israel’s current enemy number one, Iran. The next issue, for subscribers only, promises to reveal “how the al Qaeda air package plot fit [sic] into the selective partnership between Tehran and al Qaeda and homes in on the areas where their schemes dovetail.”

But how trustworthy is “the leading newsletter in this rarefied field”?

“Debka is prepared mostly by former Mossad operatives. A reliable stream of information,” Martin Peretz, the Islamophobic editor-in-chief of the staunchly pro-Israel New Republicassures us.

Ever since an Israeli firm let the Christmas Day crotch bomberslip through” security at Schiphol Airport without a passport, a few influential voices with close ties to Israel have been instrumental in making Yemen “the new buzzword.”

Appearing on Fox News two days later, the No. 1 pro-Israel advocate and leader in Congress, Senator Joe Lieberman, announced: “Iraq was yesterday’s war. Afghanistan is today’s war. If we don’t act preemptively, Yemen will be tomorrow’s war.”

Within a week, Bruce Riedel, a senior fellow at the Saban Center in the Brookings Institution, had an op-ed in The Daily Beast titled “The Menace of Yemen.” Touting the botched Christmas Day plot as evidence of “the growing ambition of al Qaeda’s Yemen franchise,” Riedel called for “significant American support to defeat AQAP.”

Riedel’s employer, the Saban Center, is named after Haim Saban, the Israeli-American media mogul, who in 2002 pledged $13 million to found the Saban Center for Middle East Policy. Two years later, Sabanadmitted tothe New York Times, “I’m a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel.”

“The US may be walking into a bit of atrap,” warns Gregory Johnsen, a Yemen expert and doctoral candidate at Princeton University’s Department of Near Eastern Studies.

That “trap” has been best described bya former CIA officer. “America’s misguided war on terror,” Philip Giraldi pointed out in a recent article, “is in fact a complete adoption of Israeli security paradigms without any regard for the actual threats that confront the US, making Israel’s many enemies also the foes of Washington.”

Israel must be very grateful indeed for this latest terror scare. If Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula did not exist, they might have to invent it.

Maidhc Ó Cathail

Maidhc O CathailMaidhc Ó Cathail is a writer and educator. Born and raised in Ireland, he has been living in Japan since 1999. In addition to writing a monthly column for a popular Irish language magazine, his work is regularly published in Foreign Policy Journal, Islam Times, Khaleej Times, Opinion Maker, and many more. To read more of his writing, see Maidhc Ó Cathail: Writing and Analysis.

He is a regular contributor to Opinion Maker and some other publications


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