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"October 25, 2009 - America's Date with Destiny"!
October 21, 2009

"October 25, 2009 - America's Date with Destiny" (Oct. 21, 2009)

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From: Kanya
Sent: Oct 21, 2009
To: Editor
Subject: October 25, 2009 ... Obama Assassination Attempt? False-flag Terror?

I hope this ain't right!!!!
October 25, 2009 - America's Date with Destiny ... Obama Assassination Attempt? False-flag Terror?

[see forwarded message further below]


Hi Kanya,

You buy too easily.

Yes, the Fed is printing money like crazy and the dollar is declining, and China and Japan switched to Euro as reserved, yada, yada. Yes, the dollar is being undermined, however, the one thing that Gerald Celente and Alex Jones, and Statmiller, and numerous other web sites that preach the impending"collapse" of the dollar is that THEY ARE SELLING GOLD or pitch the "need" to buy gold.

These guys are HYPING the story to make gold sales . And what will you be using to buy the gold from them with-assuming you wake up in time to bypass the impending "collapse"? The US dollar, of course, the very thing they keep telling you is about to drop through the floor.

1. If the dollar is going to "collapse" in 4 days from now, October 25, 2009, why on earth would anybody want to SELL gold and ACQUIRE dollars which will soon be nearly worthless- if we are to believe Celente, etc.? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

If they were so damn SURE of their forecasts, they would be KEEPING THE GOLD, and not try to sell it for "worthless" dollars. Doesn't that appeal to your sense of logic?

These guys are FEAR mongering in the interest of SELF GAIN.

2. The web site you forwarded is called "HeroOfChrist" ( and is composed ONLY of Youtube links. I went to that web site and found these words from its author:

"My purpose is to create the most comprehensive, multifarious, and centralized omnibus of videos relevant to Christian theology, Biblical eschatology and prophecy, ufology, globalist conspiracy theory, and the New World Order agenda.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gabriel,[Right] I'm 26 years old, and I live in Columbus, Ohio. I've recently been Red Listed by FEMA (now a branch of the Dept. of Homeland Security) for disseminating various damaging materials exposing the New World Order and their schema. Despite residing in a townhouse community, black helicopters flying directly overhead are regular occurrences. However, despite this continuous monitoring (my phones are also being wiretapped), intimidation tactics by authorities (like entering residential premises without a warrant), and assuredness of eventual detainment and extermination, I'm trekking forward, attempting to awaken as many people as possible before the imminent generated international crisis unfolds, materializing into Martial Law, unconstitutional imprisonment of nationwide dissidents, and inevitable eradication of approximately 90% of the global human population (see: Georgia Guidestones). What does this all mean? It means that time is short, and we must prepare physically, cognitively, AND spiritually for the imminent Great Deception and I went to some of the links Great Tribulation."

Sounds to me like a 26 year old 'Christian' fundamentalist who's been brainwashed into accepting the British Israel scenario hook, line, and sinker. Is this the guy whose words you are reacting to in forecasting a catastrophic collapse of the US dollar four days from now?

Have you actually viewed any of "Gabriel"'s Youtube links?

Like this one? titled: "Nuke 10/25/2009? What Do You Guys Think?"

This man, who identifies himself as "MaKaElectric" on YouTube, admits the following in this video clip in the course of dispensing his 'thoughts':

1. "I won't dispute the fact that I'm in need of therapy"

2. " I have some mental issues. I won't deny that. And I don't care what anybody thinks about that!"

3. " I'm definitely bi-polar"

4. "Some people have told me that I'm schizophrenic, but I don't quite believe that. I don't hear voices or anything"

5. " I had a big depression issue a couple of year ago, but not so much anymore"

6. "I did hit a suicidal level a couple of years ago. Anybody who knows me... pfffff.., I crashed. I crashed into the floor, like man.., like Silly Putty hitting the wall. Yea, I'm not ashamed to admit that stuff"

But he does have family, he says, and as far as needing friends, well, his girl friend is his best friend (besides "Kev" in Iraq: "I love you man"). As far as meetings friends on YouTube, "hey, I'm damn happy that I found this community on YouTube" He says he's "..not trying to be another Alec Jones" as his critics sometimes accuse him of. In fact, he doesn't watch Alec Jones, not "nearly as much" as he used to, because he's too busy now viewing so many different videos and the "Copenhagen thing.....has had over, just on my channel, 49,660 views!" He continues: "Man, I've had a video go VIRAL. Thank you for everybody who put the word out! I certainly didn't add that to my channel with the intention of getting that many views", he adds with genuine humility.

This man, apparently, has a lot of time on his hands, since he said he used to watch Alex Jones "all night." Perhaps he's unemployed and collecting Social Security Disability due to his bi-polar and depression "issues". Now that he's got a headset, a video cam, and his own YouTube channel, he's found a New Life, it seems, and he's "damn happy" with it.

It's been my observation that alarmists and Internet Doom and Gloomers fall into two broad categories: One category is composed of people like "MaKaElectric" here (or "Gabriel", the guy who put up the video links) who has a lot of time and a YouTube channel to "get the word out". The second category are people like the distinguished "economist" Celente who wants us to know the Sky is Falling in four days or so and we better get our gold NOW before it zooms to a "forecasted" $5,000 an ounce (see

In a matter of weeks, no doubt.




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Six independent sources suggest October 25, 2009 is a critical date for the United States of America: 1) Timewave Zero 2) Web Bot Project 3) Colombian Boy Prophet 4) Russian prognosticator 5) FOX ...

Six independent sources suggest October 25, 2009 is a critical date for the United States of America:

1) Timewave Zero
2) Web Bot Project
3) Colombian Boy Prophet
4) Russian prognosticator
5) FOX & CNN News Reports
6) Pastor Vincent Xavier

Possible outcomes include:

1) Dollar Collapse or Death
2) Obama Assassination Attempt
3) Atomic Bomb Detonated in Washington D.C.

October 25th 2009 America's Date with Destiny Barack Obama assassination attempt US President Dollar death economic collapse Pakistani Taliban Pakistan CIA terror attack Washington D.C. DC nuclear missile strike atomic bomb capitol "New World Order" al-Qaida Al-Qaeda 9/11 inside job false flag terrorism USA "Martial Law" FEMA "Timewave Zero" Web Bot Project WEBBOT Colombian boy prophet Russian prognosticator FOX CNN News reports Pastor "Vincent Xavier" 10/25/09 10/25/2009 Oct 25 09 United States of America Bible Prophecy World War III WWIII Great Tribulation Apocalypse Armageddon End Times Doomsday Afghanistan Iraq Iran Russia "News & Politics" HeroOfChrist


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-----Original Message-----
From: Kanya
Sent: Oct 21, 2009
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Re: October 25, 2009 ... Obama Assassination Attempt? False-flag Terror?

Thanks for your Feedback, Ken - The Gold Rap doesn't concern me, but what about the predictions of Atomic bombs and assassination?

That would truly be a CATASTROPHY!

I got my fingers crossed.



Hi Kanya,

The astral possibilities for an assassination and false flag in October were over viewed by our vedic astrologer, Janos

The greater dangers presented themselves in the first two weeks of October. We got an indication of Chicago as a possible false flag site, but I mentioned that 3 or 4 weeks ago. If somebody is predicting it on the internet, they're not going to follow through. I have the feeling that The Indonesian Imposter will be around for a while to come. A nuke in a major US city would be stopped from going off, in any event, I believe, by "outside friends".

Regards, Ken

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