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Fighting Back: Ohioans Against Experimental and School Vaccinations
November 5, 2009

Fighting Back: Ohioans Against Experimental and School Vaccinations (Nov. 5, 2009)

From: sayno2flushots <>
To: Ken Adachi
Subject: Pandemic Pyramid in Ohio
Date: Nov 5, 2009


Thanks for getting back to me. My research might be interesting to you. When I first contacted you I did not have a web site, so I could not send you links. Finally, I set up my first web site

Recently you discussed the swine flu "agenda". When I tracked what has gone on in Ohio, I found it pretty easy to document.

If you scroll down on this page, you can see by the chart, how this was constructed and what the goal is: "a quarantinable pandemic of influenza-like illness".

The Pandemic Pyramid

Memorandums of understanding were signed by someone in Ohio agreeing to accomplish something for the federal government. Then cooperative agreements (contracts) were entered into. When the legislation was passed and the public health policies were put into writing, the money was paid to Ohio - $13.8 million. This is likely how this structure has been set up in nearly all of the states. (Almost all of them got money from the fed.) One of the best way to defeat this charade is to expose the lies of both the World Health Organization and the CDC BEFORE a statewide public health emergency can be falsely declared. We must expose the public health fraud, as they have been illegally granted permission to enforce a quarantine.

As you will see on my web site, I am also trying to expose the CDC's School-located Vaccination program.

Best to us all,

For Ohioans

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