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Oklahoma "Truth" Convergence Infested with 9/11 Gatekeepers

by Lisa Guliani
January 11, 2006

On January 21, 2006, key members of the 9-11 Mafia and OKC Bombing gatekeeper group will appear together at the University of Oklahoma's Memorial Union Building to present an eight-hour long dog & pony show for the public, which is being promoted as the "Oklahoma Truth Convergence." The event has been micromanaged from its inception by notorious 9-11 Gatekeeper Queen Janice Matthews (executive director of, along with her containment crew. So, if you plan to attend this event, brace yourself for more of the same regurgitated shinola pointing the finger of blame at "international terrorists" rather than the true perpetrators of the OKC bombing event. (see: The OKC-Elohim City Connection )

Also, expect to hear the familiar strains of "LIHOP" bouncing off the walls of the ballroom because gatekeepers are masterful at covering-up acts of state-sponsored terrorism by planting the idea that it was all due to 'government incompetence and negligence.' The fact that Cruella D'eville herself (Janice Matthews) gets top billing as one of the featured speakers at this event speaks volumes. Other confirmed speakers will be OKC gatekeeper and former Oklahoma state representative Charles Key, who managed to screw up the previous event in OKC (April 2005) by embracing CIA spin-meister Bob Barr and his pro-government line of BS; as well as Key's ever-faithful lapdog, Chris Emery.

As many of you may recall, the OKC event of April 2005 was the brainchild of WING TV, and we were honored to be a part of that historical time of truth telling. Unfortunately, the inclusion of Bob Barr and the strange behavior of Charles Key left us (as well as many others in attendance) with strong suspicions before it even ended; and subsequently, we witnessed the even more distressing infiltration and manipulation of the OKC bombing investigative committee by individuals in the 9-11 containment crowd. Despite the fact that there will be elements of truth presented at this Norman, OK conference, mainly by OKC bombing survivors V.Z. Lawton and Jane Graham, and a speech by former federal grand juror Hoppy Heidelberg, the writing is (sadly enough) already on the wall.

The reality of the situation is, when truth is mixed with disinformation, all you end up with is disinformation. That is standard fare at any gatekeeper event, and those of us who have already witnessed their government-infiltrated cover-up performances in the past are already cringing. It's unfortunate that Hoppy Heidelberg isn't the man in charge of this event, because we know where his heart is. Another speaker making a repeat appearance is former Texas attorney Harmon Taylor, who should, in all honesty, perform a citizen's arrest on Charles Key for being such an unabated stooge of the federal government.

The announcement for this upcoming forum states that there will also be a few "surprise" speakers as well. The release claims that due to the "sensitive nature of their presentations" these unknown speakers' identities will not be publicly revealed, so we're left to wonder why they're hiding. We know from firsthand experience with this crowd that if left to their own devices, nothing "sensitive" is likely to be revealed. Maybe they don't want to deal with the inevitable bad press that will undoubtedly occur if head once again. What the public and the OKC survivors don't need is more of the same old tired government apologist schtick with an "Arab terrorist twist" that he regurgitated back in April 2005.

Another glaring red flag is the mention of Pacifica Radio's Bonnie Faulkner in Chris Emery's press release. For those of you unaware of what Pacifica Radio represents, please check out the following link where you'll see a long history of contributions to this organization by the Ford Foundation and other well-known New World Order think tanks.

(see Pacifica Radio Gatekeepers Sponsored by Ford (CIA) Foundation

In addition, Pacific Radio is also the network which carries Amy Goodman's Disinformation Now radio show, which has gone out of its way to conceal the truth about what actually happened on the morning of September 11, 2001. Another one of the event promoters - Cerebellum TV - has an interview link on their homepage to - guess who - yup, Amy Goodman. How convenient!

Lastly, take a look at the following flowchart and you'll see Pacifica Radio right in the middle of other well-known NWO luminaries like George Soros, the Carnegie Foundation, the Carlyle Group, and the Rockefeller Foundation (as well as many others).

Left Gatekeepers (

Now before we proceed, let me ask you a very simple question: do you feel that any of the above-mentioned individuals or groups want the truth to be known about the OKC bombing? The answer, of course, is no. So, it's logical to wonder: what are Charles Key and Chris Emery doing with them other than covering-up the truth?

Be wary. It has been our experience here at WING TV that unless absolutely pushed to do so, the OKC Gatekeepers will not hammer home the truth about unexploded bombs in the Murrah building. In the past, without constant pressure from us, the supposed OKC "truth" faction has been more inclined to suppress, downplay, and de-emphasize the controlled demolition of the Alfred P. Murrah building and the crucial Elohim City government connections involved in this state-sponsored terrorist attack. Instead, they seem to continually peddle a bizarre brand of neocon-inspired "international terrorist" fiction rather than the truth.

We have warned the OKBIC, and particularly members Charles Key and Christopher Emery, about hooking up with Janice Matthews and her legion of liars who have caused such damage to the 9-11 truth movement over the last four years. Regrettably, our warnings have gone unheeded, as is evidenced by the total infiltration and intertwining of the OKBIC by - a group that has done everything in its power these last few years to suppress the truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001 from the American people. There is one thing I am reasonably confident will happen at this Oklahoma "Truth" Convergence. Expect to see doing what they do best: tabling donations and sucking the money out of the public's pockets as they exploit yet another venue to sell their LIHOP bullshit to the world.

If you seek a day of truth, then follow the path of truth, not the road to hell.


12 Jan. 12, 2006 from Craig Roberts <>

I don't know where the WING TV duo gets the burr in their saddle, but I do know that Charles Key and Chris Emery and others have devoted a lot of time and money out of their own pockets to get to the bottom of the OKC bombing case. I also have a problem with Lisa and Victor failing to recognize the Nichols/Philippine/Abu Sayef/al Qaeda connections that have been confirmed and documented--and we have the documents from government sources to prove them.

They support JD Cash's disinfo regarding Elohim City and all of the old diversion stuff, and totally ignore eye witness accounts at the scene that saw the "middle easterners" and all of the evidence that we dug up "back in the day" showing the Iraqi POW/resettlement characters who were involved and present.

The key is that instead of extolling the OKBICs policy of having difference of opinion and giving others a chance to air their theories/evidence, they stamp this as "disinformation' if it doen't support THEIR pet theory--which actually goes no place but in circles of government informants watching government informants.

Of course the government had foreknowledge. But to leave out many facts and players is not a way to investigate a case. Conan Doyle (writing as Sherlock Holmes) in "A Scandal in Bohemia" said "It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit
theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

I spent ten years investigating this case and to try and trumpet only the Elohim City/Strassmeir connection is to blame only one water-filled compartment on the Titanic for the sinking. And to begin name calling and ranting about "disinformation" is very unprofessional.

I have seen this same thing happen to the JFK research community. It has broken down into cells with each having their own "theorie" about whodunnit--and the other groups who believe a different villain is involved is obviously working for the CIA, FBI, or the Devil himself. Let's not let this effort on the OKC case get fragmented in the same manner. We ALL need to take all the pieces of the puzzle and put them on the wall to see what picture is formed.

Craig Roberts

From: "Daniel Marvin" <>
Sent: Thursday, January 12, 2006 7:35 PM


I am at a loss as to who or what got into Lisa and Victor's inner court to influence and no doubt corrupt them in what they now portray. I was one a couple of their early programs and I have tried to get back on when I too noticed a trend toward theories that did no more than take the attention away from those who have seriously attacked the cause of the OKC bombing. I know that my first reaction regarding the OKC bombing was that it was indeed an "inside job" ...using people trained as myself and employing "dust initiator" and "earmuff" charges to take that building down to the extent that it was.

Please keep up the good work and know I pray for you.

Dangerous Dan

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