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Orgone Adventures in India, England, and the NY Fed Reserve

By Christan Hummel <>
May 20, 2007

Orgone Adventures in India, England, and the NY Fed Reserve (May 20, 2007)

Orgone Pyramid Field Reports

Pyramids in India

The first opportunity to try the orgone pyramids in a city was in India. The first batch went to an area behind Sai Baba's ashram which was reported to be practicing black magic. Others were dedicated to going under a new cell phone tower that was erected near the ashram in Puttaparthi. There is a group there who will be making more and placing them where needed. It seems that where there is great Light there is also great darkness side by side. So oddly enough the Ashram had some fertile ground for the placement of the pyramids.

When I went to Bombay, we discovered a ley line running through a place called Elephanta Caves which are ancient sacred caves with Shiva statue
carvings in them. When you look out the entrance of the caves in a direct line of sight there is a nuclear power plant across the harbor on the other side. Coincidence? We checked in to see if there was any obstruction of the energies of the ley line and received a yes, so we did a puja and meditation and buried one of the orgone pyramids there by the temple. By the time we went back on the boat to the city of Bombay, the atmospheric pollution had cleared up by 50%! (We had also been playing the harmonizer, but I feel that the results were greatly amplified with the use of the pyramid.) A few days later there was a report in the newspaper that there was unlawful chemical dumping near Elephanta Island. So this was immediately exposed to the public after leaving the pyramid there!

Then we targeted the financial area of Mumbai, since it is like the NY of India. We placed one near the Stock Exchange, and the Federal Reserve Bank. There was certainly a heavy energy charge on the latter. By the next day, the energies were changed. The last one in Bombay went between
the Chief of Police (their law enforcement is heavily infiltrated with mafia influence) and the main train station which is a hub of the city. We asked Nature for an appropriate place and we all three saw a tree that seemed to beckon us. When we got to the tree, there was a picture of two Hindu deities in holes of the trees. We felt this was auspicious and so found a natural hole in the ground where it would not be disturbed and put it there. It is interesting to note that most of the"resistance" and interference that I usually experience prior to a workshop was not present in Mumbai. I attribute this to our doing this work with the pyramids prior to the workshop. I think they knocked out a major  negative activity allowing the workshop to proceed smoothly and without a hitch.

Pyramids in England

The next stop was England. And was I was glad to have them there! They were absolutely essential to the work in London. We put one opposite the
House of Parliment by Westminster Abbey, (site of another ley line) and the group felt the difference in the energy immediately! It was so heavy
at first that almost the whole group of us were sick and dizzy just standing there for a few minutes. Once we buried the pyramid, the energies shifted within seconds. Then we put one in the garden at St. Paul's Cathedral. It is on the intersection of two ley lines which run through England, one of which goes to Stonehenge. These ley lines are under heavy attack by the government and military which try and use the energies for their purposes. The deva there revealed to us a perfect place right in the hollow of a tree where it would not be disturbed. After placing it there I felt such gratitude from the deva/angel of the Cathedral as it seemed to be struggling to hold its own. St. Paul's seemed to be like the heart chakra of London.

Another woman took two pyramids with her as she works for the European Parliament and was going to place one in Brussels (head of the EEC) and place the other at the headquarters of the European Parliament. So they were put to good use there. Another one was placed at the world
headquarters of Scientology which was seen/felt to have psychic energy projecting from it influencing much of the spiritual activity in the community where it was located. That town happened to also be the headquarters of the Rudolf Steiner school. So that one did double duty as the Steiner movement had experienced much interference which I think stemmed from the Scientology energies.

An unexpected placement was at the workshop in England in a town called East Grinstead. It turned out that right outside the seminar facility there was a park where the Greenich (Green witch) meridian went through. So a group of 12 of us went there and did a meditation with the deva and
tuned into all the manipulation of humanity with time. It opened quite a pandora's box when we got into it and found that Earth's time line has
been manipulated from many different sources, Montauk, Romans, etc. So the mediation turned out to be on a sacred time of the year (Feb
1, 2002) a cross quarter day, and was all about man's artificial time being imposed upon Earth's natural time. We placed a pyramid there in
the park to anchor the energies of the meditation. As it turned out synchronistically when the coordinator took me up to London, she realized
that she used to live near Greenich in London. So on her way back home she placed a pyramid there on that part of the meridian as well. So if
our clocks start running backwards, oops we went too far!

The Pyramids and the Devas

I was really pleased with how the devas took to the pyramids. They fit in so nicely with the work and it was great to leave something in place so
that the work done in key areas could not be disturbed at a future date. They seem to work best in key targeted area of manipulation, control or
black magic. For whatever reason the energies of the pyramid shuts down those portals or vortexes making the work to do much easier for the

New York Federal Reserve Bank

One of our field workers in NYC reported using an orgonite cone and placing it near the Federal Reserve Bank. This was done just after three cones were buried surrounding the NYSE on March 23rd. The following day, the stock market took an unprecedented hike of 100 points. Two weeks later it made the front page headlines of the paper that the DOW hit a record high of 13,000 and as the headline said"despite economic indicators."

Since the stock market is so heavily controlled and so strongly tied to emotions, these cones have done alot to help transmute the DOR
around these locations.

Thank you to our NYC friend.

With love and blessings,

Christan Hummel

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