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August 2010 Emails Between True Ott, Sherri Kane, & Len Horowitz That Got the War Started

[Editor's Note: Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane have been engaged in a continuing and viscous smear campaign against A. True Ott since at least August of 2010. Highly inflammatory and accusatory statements were apparently being made by Lenny and Sherri against True Ott, Don Nicoloff, Ted Gunderson (and others) via Horowitz newsletter, radio shows, and Sherri's blogs from 2010 forward. The wild accusations being leveled by Sherri (an unguided missile if there ever was one) and Lenny (a libido driven sap who's bent on publicizing his megalomania and destroying his career at the same time) against True Ott and Don Nicoloff alone, are stunning and incredible to read.

You would think that someone like Len Horowitz, who took so many years to build up his reputation as a "good guy," would be more cautious and sober in his public statements and rein in his top-heavy girlfriend to commentary that was at least somewhat believable, even in theory. The two of them are shouting to the whole world that Don Nicoloff MURDERED Christopher Story (also called Edward Harle), a British financial advisor and writer who ran a web site called and Don Harkins, the late editor and owner of The Idaho Observer (along with his wife Ingri Csssel).

Don Harkins died of cancer. (Read his obituary with comments from his wife, Ingri, and others)

Christopher Story died of cancer. (Read his obituary notice submitted by his wife Elizabeth Janet Story to the UK Telegraph)

You will notice that all news items for both men will report their deaths as due to "illness" and that they both died at home. Neither of them were murdered by Don Nicoloff who lives in Ohio and has never physically met either Don Harkins or Christopher Story while they were alive, although he talked to both of them on the phone on many occasions. It was Don Nicoloff who told Ingri Cassel that he was told by General Jeremiah that a weaponized satellite had been beaming high intensity, ionizing radiation at Don Harkins (who lived in a remote, rural location) for many months prior to his death and that it was this high intensity radiation that played the biggest role in the rapid advancement of Don Harkins cancer which led to his death.

Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane now take this information--originally provided by Don Nicoloff --to claim that Don Nicoloff was responsible for the radiation being beamed at Don Harkins and therefore Don Nicoloff had murdered Don Harkins.

They are also accusing A. True Ott of being responsible for Story and Harkins' murders as well!

Who, other than addle-brained nitwits, could believe such accusations? Yet, this is what Horowitz and Kane are claiming repeatedly over the radio, over the internet , and at conferences and Expos. Why would a seemingly intelligent, credible, and well known author and lecturer like Len Horowitz engage is such incredulous behavior? It's crazy, and yet the two of them are boring ahead full speed, trying to gain as much publicity and exposure as possible with these fantastic allegations from every web site and radio show that will give them the opportunity.

You will notice in the following e-mail exchanges that both Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz accuse True Ott of the very smear tactics that they themselves have employed and had initiated against True Ott, Don Nicoloff, Ted Gunderson, etc.

What I haven't emphasized yet is that Tim White has played a pivotal role in provoking both Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz into frenzied and emotion-charged attacks against True Ott, Don Nicoloff, Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, etc. Tim will e-mail Sherri or Lenny with the most foul mouthed, verbal assaults imaginable and claim to be "working" with Ted Gunderson or John DeCamp and in so doing, make it appear that Ted Gunderson or John DeCamp are aware of and/or approve of what Tim is doing or saying, and of course, nothing is further from the truth. Tim White has been calling Ted Gunderson on the phone for the past 11 or 12 years, pretending that he's some sort of big deal Insider and Confidant who is privy to the most amazing information about everything and everybody, but the reality is that Tim is a Loser of the First Magnitude, an individual devoid of any character, integrity, or honor, who simply revels in foul mouthed bickering and Peyton Place soap opera-like drama. He and his CIA counterpart, Barbara Hartwell, work as a sort of "opposing" tag team to stimulate arguments and dissension among people like Len Horowitz and True Ott in order to keep them occupied with name calling and personal feuding. It's CIA/NSA/DIA/DHS/FBI/military counter-intelligence 101. ...Ken Adachi Copyright 2011  All Rights Reserved.]

From Dr. A. True Ott <>
June 11, 2011

August 2010 Emails Between True Ott, Sherri Kane, & Len Horowitz That Got the War Started (June 12, 2011)

A HoroKane – AKA The Perfect Storm

For the record, I am posting PUBLICLY the entire e-mail exchange between myself, A. True Ott, Sherri Kane, and Leonard Horowitz during August, 2010.

Despite numerous slanderous attacks and libelous posts targeting myself and others on Ms. Kane’s website and radio talk shows since this initial e-mail exchange took place, I decided to take the “high road” and ignore them. I reasoned I had many other more important issues to concentrate on.

Yesterday I learned that Leonard Horowitz himself has now posted his own vicious and baseless personal attack against me. He has even registered a URL – for the address of his infamous attack. This is quite shrewd [and indicative of the disgraceful LOWS to which Len Horowitz will descend ...Ken], actually.

Anybody searching for me and my website will be directed to his attack page. Strangely, beginning Monday, I have had all kinds of problems accessing and editing my own blog — and have found numerous respondents posts re-routed and re-directed from my personal e-mail account. Oddly, this has never been a problem before. I would be willing to bet these missing posts have likely ended up in Horowitz’ trash can – or perhaps in some NSA “domestic terrorist” data base. This can only be described as mean-spirited and full of pre-meditated malice aforethought. I am not an attorney, but I would think this is also very actionable. I simply ask: why would any humble, peace-loving TRUE CHRISTIAN as “Sir Leonard of the Hospital” claims to be, do such an underhanded thing?

In his attack, found at he charges me with “anti-semitic” attacks against himself and Ms. Kane. For this reason, in my own defense and for reasons of pure transparency, I am publicly releasing personal e-mail exchanges made last year – in August. I will let my peers decide if True Ott is really an “anti-Semitic Jew-Hater” or not. (It’s not only Ivy League, FreeMason-accredited colleges that can have papers “Peer-Reviewed”!)

The first posting – where I angrily weighed in on Kane’s charges leveled against Don Nicoloff where she publicly declared via HEARSAY ALONE, that Nicoloff murdered Chris Story and Don Harkins. I admit I was shocked and angry with this, because you see it was Don Harkins who introduced me to his “good friend” Nicoloff to begin with!! I knew Harkin well enough that I trusted his personal opinion and recommendations highly. He thought the world of Don Nicoloff. There is no way that Nicoloff, living in Ohio, had ANYTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH HARKINS' UNTIMELY DEATH.

On Wed, Aug 11, 2010 at 6:37 AM, True OTT wrote:

Sherri Kane, aka Cherie Caine:

You have lost all credibility — and you WILL be exposed for who you and Horowitz really are. (I checked, FOX News has no record of a “Sherrie Kane” ever working for them.)

Thanks for removing ALL DOUBT with your latest blog dribble and half-truth smears against Don Nicoloff and others. “Bonnie and Clyde” indeed. Who do you think you’re fooling??

FYI I was very close friends with Don Harkin – I was there with Ingri at his burial to offer my love and support — funny – I don’t remember seeing you nor “Clyde” anywhere around! How DARE YOU accuse Nicoloff of complicity in his death! How dare you attempt to smear me for what OTHERS have written!

Thanks also for finally admitting the truth about Lenny “the Shill” Horowitz and his Knights of Malta affiliation. Truth is truth.

“One of the concordant orders of Freemasonry was called “The Knights of the Order of the Hospital,” and they were called “Knights Hospitalers.” They were the Masonic Order that founded, organizes, directs, and finances Hospitals and health care, throughout the world.”— Jordan Maxwell; Matrix of Power

The Knights of Malta is a world organization with its threads weaving through business, banking, politics, the CIA, other intelligence organizations, P2, religion, education, law, military, think tanks, foundations, the United States Information Agency, the United Nations, and numerous other organizations. They are not the oldest but are one of the oldest branches of the Order of the Quest in existence. The world head of the Knights of Malta is elected for a life term, with the approval of the Pope. The Knights of Malta have their own Constitution and are sworn to work toward the establishment of a New World Order with the Pope at its head. Knights of Malta members are also powerful members of the CFR and the Trilateral Commission.
— Bill Cooper; Behold A Pale Horse

At the recent “Conspiracy Conference” – Horowitz was asked to comment on his “Knighthood” – and as usual, his narcissistic ego took front stage as he attacked the honest questioner instead of answering this most salient question. I was eager and willing to give Lenny the benefit of any doubt — hoping that he accepted his knighthood out of ignorance and swelled ego — but after this, I am convinced he is sleeping with the enemy. (Literally). Why would the Knights Hospitalier hierarchy ever wish to extend an invitation of “knighthood” to a valiant and vocal opponent in the first place, Ms. Kane — and why would such an honest “opponent” ever accept their overtures??? The answer to this is clearly self-evident! Lenny is very likely another “Hal Turner”.

Sherri: Why should anyone believe the writings and speech of a very vocal and shrill PETA activist who concurrently holds an exclusive membership in a preeminent world hunting club whilst promoting anti-hunting animal rights and raising donations from the ignorant masses? Clearly Lenny, and thus you by association, has a serious conflict of interest problem. As Lincoln said so well: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

In your “blog” – you attack Fulford for the “false Knights of Malta List” with Horowitz’s name attached – while you admit yourself in the same blog that Lenny is a Knight Hospitaler! How stupid do you think we, ‘The Goy’ are, or are you so mind-warped that you simply can’t grasp reality when it is sitting on your Khazarian face?

True Ott


In retrospect, I now admit I was incensed over this smear campaign, and probably wouldn’t have used the words “goy” and “Khazarian Face” in any other circumstance, because this is likely what touched off the “HoroKane Storm”. In response to my post, Kane began the threats as she wrote:

On Aug 11, 2010, at 8:48 AM, Sherri Kane wrote:

Thank you for your email. It’s so timely, considering just last night, I received a threatening phone call from your barking dog, Tim White. The light of truth has made you scurry from beneath the covert operation, that you administer, to reveal the cockroach you are! Thank you for exposing yourself, Ott!

You are done and shall be investigated in a murder and libel conspiracy for the assassinations of Edward Harle and Don Harkins and for libeling Dr. Horowitz, and now me, with your obvious Jew hating words.

Because your big lie is that I made the claim that Don Nicoloff was involved in the murder of Don Harkins–It was Edward Harle aka Christopher Story that urged Ingri to investigate Don Nicoloff, and the statement I published is a quote from Ingri, if you read it, you idiot! All we have done, is put the truth out on the table, and all the guilty parties, yourself included, are signing your own warrants for arrest. By the way, did your parents name you “True” “Ott”? If so, that might explain, your lameness, if not, you must have named yourself “True” to promote your lies.

Regarding the libelous “pillow-talk” threats made from both you now and your barking dog, Tim White last night, it is completely transparent, showing everyone, you detract from factual disclosure to apply the standard agent provocateur strategy of character assassinating the messenger, rather than refuting honest evidence-based reporting.

Respond to this question, who in Rockefeller’s organization, pays you?

P.S. You are hereby noticed that your emails are being posted, in an ongoing log of criminal conspiracy, as evidence, to be presented to “We the People,” and investigating officials. Present your evidence of me, changing my birth name, you liar! Your investigation of me defecting from Fox is as pee-brain as you have made yourself look. More of your distraction and delusion. You have nothing to say but libel, and every intelligent person sees it. That’s your game..the counter-intelligence game..libel..smear…degrade…creating dissonance and division. The old Illuminati game. We see you “False Ott”


Then, Horowitz jumps in to the fray — and I answer him directly back in RED INK [here in brackets and italics. I also deleted double and triple question marks or exclamation marks...Ken]. The reader will see that I purposefully kicked sand in the Good Doctor’s face. As in the the movie “Marathon Man” – where the deranged dentist keep asking Dustin Hoffman: “Is it Safe?” No, it isn’t safe to enrage the beast, especially when it’s hiding as one of the sheep.

From Len Horowitz, August 11, 2010


I am in receipt of your mail, and Kane’s reply. You have totally exposed yourself.

[That’s good — for unlike you, I am totally, 100% transparent! No mistresses meeting up in hotel rooms, no unseen hidden hands influencing my decisions and my rhetoric.]

Jordan Maxwell and I have always been on the same page. Last year I arranged to give Jordan a humanitarian award for his loving labors and truth-telling.

[Wow — I didn’t have any idea you were in charge of “arranging humanitarian awards” thanks for sharing that! ]

Your abuse of Maxwell’s disclosures to libel and defame me is the “icing on the cake” of your criminal complicity and provocative agency in conspiracy with Szymanski and White.

[Since when is using Maxwell’s quote on the Knights Hospitaler secret society “libeling and defaming” you – unless you are indeed guilty as charged?? Methinks thou protesteth WAY TOO MUCH, Brer Horrorwitch. ]

(I am cc’ing Jordan on this for his comment on my position that the current state of the Hospitaller organization is in practical stagnation, primarily due to the dissonance that people within the North American organization that operate like you generate. True humanitarians have little chance to advance loving labors through this, or any organization, because of the agent provocateur infiltrations by people of your ilk.)

[ So, are you saying that Mr. Jordan was DEAD WRONG in his characterizations of the Knights Hospitaller and that they are nothing but a charitable bunch of do-gooders and humanitarians??? Oh yes, I see — the Freemasons don’t worship the “God of the East” – (Lucifer, the “light-bearer” according to Albert Pike) either, do they Lenny?]

As far as Nicoloff, he has a lot of explaining to do, THANKS TO YOU! You engaged him in this matter; Kane didn’t, and I didn’t.

[Oh yes, I see! This is ample reason for you to accuse him PUBLICLY of murdering Don Harkin and Chris Story!]

The truth is now out-pouring.

[Yes indeed, thanks to me! ]

Don Nicoloff owes me more than an apology, and he knows it. I have never been anything but kind and professional with Don, until YOU engaged him in your personal dialogue Sherri Kane. Now YOU, via your agency of provocation intending division and dissonance among us, have brought Nicoloff, White, Eric Jon Phelps, besides Szymanski, into the spotlight whereby the world shall watch you scurry, as Kane wrote, like a cockroach running from the light, spreading dirt in your wake.

[ HUH? Look closer at Ms. Mossad Kane’s “e-mail chains” and perhaps you will see that it was Mr. White who forwarded the communications to Phelps et. al. Again, more false character assassination on YOUR part. ]

How stupid of you to expose yourself in your e-mails to Kane, as a Jew-hating man.

[ Didn’t know that Khazars are truly blood-line, racial Jews! Nope, as a true Christian, I agree with Christ’s teachings to John found in Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 — i.e. the Khazar Race is the “Synagogue of Satan” and are merely MASQUERADING as racial Jews to control the world. Like Christ said, I too, “Know their abominations” – their rituals and their crimes against innocent children. Are you saying this is YOU, Lenny?]

What percentage of your hate for Jews, in general, tainted your relationship with me?

[That all depends on your covert actions and ties to the secret societies, Lenny!! You are the one who attacked me, not vice verse. I trust nobody, especially you and Kane! ]

How self-loathing and stupid of you to hate Jews

[your words, not mine — I only dislike and abhor liars and deceivers as the snakes they are! ]

and claim to be Christian; especially when our Messiah was a Jew who came to enlighten the Jews.

[Wrong again, bubba — Christ was an auburn-haired, blue-eyed Galilean – not a racial Sephardic Jew – and MOST DEFINITELY NOT a member of the Synagogue of Satan- the Khazars. The Galileans attended the synagogues – but were of a different race altogether. ]

You and your gang, White, Szymanski et al., are slurring Jews like the Jewish hypocrites did to Jesus.

[How convenient for you to use the ADL’s proven method of crying anti-Semitism whenever TRUTH is exposed. PLEASE — try again! Or are you, in your ultimate narcissism – claiming to be as important as Jesus?]

YOU ARE EXPOSED, as an agent provocateur, turning tables on truth and light to create deception and darkness by the only ammunition you have–defamation and libel. Everyone shall see what you do. Keep the e-mails coming with revelation you sick man.

[You can bet on it - revelation is synonymous with empirical TRUTH, Leonard. ]

Sherri raises a great question. Who pays you to spew your venom. “True Ott”?

[That doesn’t even warrant a response. That is such a typical “intelligence operative” pat accusation that it is laughable!]

Len Horowitz


In response to my remarks to her “associate” Len Horowitz, Kane then fired this shot showing her special gift of reasoning:

Kane wrote on Wed. August 11, 2011:

If the illuminati has an agenda to divide we the people, why would you be a jew-hater and play right along with the illuminati’s game?
Your friend and allied jew hater, Greg Szymanski, put Horowitz’s on that phony “Knights of Malta” list, that was linked to another murder beyond Harle’s, reported at Cloverdale Bibleway, that your gang member Greg Szymanski is allied with. This church, spews the same propaganda that you do, with the same hate, and is linked to a murder of a young man and financial profiting from 9/11 terrorism. You and and your cronies are being exposed in the light.

No matter how much you trash me or harass me or Dr. Horowitz, the light of truth is now prevailing!

And finally, here is my last and final communication to Sherri Kane nearly a year ago. IS THERE ANY REASONABLE PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO BELIEVES THIS CONSTITUTES “CYBER-STALKING”, MURDER, AND A “THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY” as Kane and Horowitz charged me pursuant to a restraining order?? I submit that it is only a threat to those who would seek to keep their lies intact and never exposed.

On Wed. August 11, 2010 A. True Ott wrote to Sherri Kane:

I am NOT a “Jew-hater” Sherri — not any more than Sephardic Rabbinical Jews are when they expose the crimes of the “Rothschild elite’s” Khazarian crew (Israeli zionists) to their synagogues around the world. Is this not what you and “non-citizen” Jane B. (and by his own admission, Lenny) are supposedly trying to do??? Are you and Lenny not “jew-haters” as well when you expose these vipers??? How would you feel if I publicly called YOU a “jew-hater” for attacking Rothschild and Goldman-Sachs so viciously???

Oh, I see — it’s ok for “jews” to expose other jews, but “gentile goy” like A. True Ott had better not touch the subject? Or is it your belief that Rothschild and the Illuminati he created is not Khazarian dominated? Is that what you’re telling me now? Are the Sephardic Jews who did the film documentary “The Ringworm Children” “jew-haters” as well?




Sherri Kane's Restraining Order Against Dr. A. True Ott Is Riddled with Improprieties: Is It Legally Tenable? (June 10, 2011)

Setup: Horowitz & Kane Obtain Restraining Order Against Dr A. True Ott Over Alleged "Death Threats"(June 8, 2011)

Horowitz Gone Wild ( June 7, 2011)

Open Letter to George Noory of Coast Radio on the Slanderous Accusations by Len Horowitz Against Ted Gunderson (June 5, 2011)


Defending Ted Gunderson; Incoming Planet Psyop; Fukushima 'Radiation' Psyop; more; Ken Adachi, ZS Livingstone, & Don Nicoloff in Conversation May 26 2011 (1 hour, 47 minutes)


Subject: Re: Season of Deceptions!
From: Richard (Ireland)
Date: Sun, June 12, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Just seen your latest post re Mr Ott. Christopher Story was only known as and only promoted himself as Christopher Story. As far as I can see or make out is that 'Edward Harle' was put out there after his death by the 'disinformation and confusion' purveyors of the lacking of 'intelligence' agencies, primarily on the US side of the Atlantic. I don't altogether understand why they did this except for pure disinfo and confusion purposes with a view to somehow discredit Mr Story at some stage, whether it was then or sometime in the future.

The headcase, Tom Heneghan was one of the people who were first to use this aka or vice versa. He had a company called 'Edward Harle......Ltd, from which he sold or published books. Edward Harle were his middle Christian names, and he specifically noted this on his website. As you know from our conversations, I knew Mr Story personally, having spent time with him at his home and office, and in the local pubs near his office where we had an occasional pint of Guinness!

He was an incredible man, one of the most pure that I have known. He certainly was Christian, a firm believer in Jesus Christ, knew of His spirit and was touched and graced by the Spirit also. He had an incredible understanding of the Bible, and I feel that had he lived another few years that his greatest and most valuable works to come would have been in this field. I understand that he had met Don Harkins on occasion/s and he had, if I remember correctly, a very high regard for him. Sometime, I must gather some of his commenting and essays on Biblical topics. He was an 'open book', did his reporting in best belief and discernment, and when he was misled would correct and acknowledge same, very very often exposing by naming the liars.

He was a tremendous man and is very sadly missed

Very best regards

Btw, I have never followed or read Kane or Horowitz, but they have all the signs of being brain washed nutters, being the front for other brain washed and evil nutters behind the curtains as usual.


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