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What's in a Name? Hidden Significance of the Horowitz/Kane Smear Attacks

From Dr A True Ott
July 11, 2011

What's in a Name? Hidden Significance of the Horowitz/Kane Smear Attacks (July 11, 2011)

Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011
Subject: Dear Dr True, I am a listener to your prog.
From: Robert H (UK)
To: Dr A True Ott <>

Dear Dr True,

Thank you for your programme. Have listened for 3 years. I am in shock for two reasons. The attack on you is horrid ( used the right word I think). And the info about the wolf thing (incredulous).

One of your callers said WOLF BLITZER, also KANE-CAIN-CAINNINE. SYRIUS is the DOG STAR, worshipped by Freeze Matrons. I thought it was the Lizards shapeshifting, but now it's also Wolfs. So are there different bloodlines with different animals, and is this interbreeding/or possession coming from spiritual beings. My head is spinning a bit.

The symbol of the Fabian Society is the WOLF in SHEEPS clothing.

Yahweh Jesus be with you and protect. Love and true light, Bob from Englesland. Be seeing you, in the Village.


From: Dr. A True Ott <>
To: Robert H
Subject: RE: Dear Dr True, I am a listener to your prog.
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011


Indeed it is all interwoven. The Babylonians of ancient Sumer worshiped the dog and its star "Sirius" - and the Egyptians worshiped the jackal-headed shape-shifting god which was the bloodline of the Royal Pharaohs who later ruled Palestine as puppets of Caesar - (the bloodline of King Herod the Great and his "Pharisees" - another word for 'Pharaohs' in the ancient texts.) The Canaanites are this ancient bloodline, and is the very origin of the word canine meaning dog or wolf DNA.

According to researcher Sabine Baring-Gould in his 1865 book of "werewolfs" - the ability to shapeshift into these forms by specific human bloodlines of the "mystery schools' appears to be by means of a black magic "apron" known in the ancient texts as a "Hure" --- and the soul or innate intelligence of man was called "Witz" - where we get the modern term 'wits'. So the Hure captured and altered the Witz you see. Those who had perfected the "craft" were called by the "Gentiles" (the GEN-UINE seed or bloodline of the Creator) === Hure-Witz - and thus we get the surname Hurewitz and eventually Horowitz.

I know. It's mind-blowing actually. Again, we have been programmed by the Seed of Cain's "Hollywood" to believe all of this is strictly make-believe fiction. That none of it is factual or true.

We need to think again, I submit.

Be well.



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