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"Pandemic Flu" News

[Editor's Note: In reading this important story, there's a few things to keep in mind:

A) The so-called Bird Flu, like ALL newly 'emerging' and mysterious diseases of the past two decades are LABORATORY PRODUCED BIO-WEAPONS and are NOT natural events. The purpose of pumping up the hysteria about "pandemics" (a media/government brain washing campaign that began in 1974 under Illuminatus Gerald -Detroit Porn King- Ford and his wholly contrived Swine Flu "pandemic" hype) is to frighten, coerce, or mandate that the entire population be vaccinated against a disease that was lab-created in order to create the PRETEXT for a mandatory vaccination program. What you have to be concerned about-and to avoid at all costs-is the VACCINE, not the so-called Bird Flu disease. The priority pecking order that's being promoted by the government about who will FIRST receive their wonderful, life-saving vaccine is being pumped in order to create the DESIRE to be vaccinated among our pathetically dumbed-down citizenry. Don't fall for it.

B) There will be NO Bird flu pandemic-with millions of people dying in the street- for the same reason there was no SARS "pandemic" in 2004, although the Illuminati had sorely hoped that such an event had transpired. There are unseen, unannounced, and and un-heralded "forces" at work -behind the scenes- that prevented the SARS 'pandemic' from taking off, and similar forces will prevent the Bird flu -or any other bio-weapon- from taking off and decimating millions. Awarerness itself, of the genocidal intentions of these lab-created bio-weapons will set up a cascade within the mind and the body to install an immune response which will temper the severity and lethality of any who may become infected. The entire effort is 99.9% HYPE and fear mongering ....Ken Adachi]

by A. True Ott, PhD, ND
January 15, 2009

"Pandemic Flu" News by Dr. A. True Ott (Jan. 16, 2009)

As part of the Obama transition, HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt and DHS director Mike Chertoff presented a 50-page "report" on the "status of Pandemic Flu preparations" to the Obama transition team - i.e. the President-elect's "Homeland Security Council".  The verbatim report can be downloaded at
In this report, BOTH Leavitt and Chertoff issued a joint statement; declaring that "the pandemic threat is real and continuing, irrespective of how the perception of the threat may wax or wane over time." (Report, pg. 3).  Clearly, from information presented in this report combined with an accompanying press release, the pre-meditated, human-created global pandemic is very much still a viable option on the globalists' planning table as a genocidal tool to eventually be used.  Here is the increasing evidence as to why this is true.
In this "status report", each individual state and U.S. Territory is given a "preparedness grade" -- as if this is some sort of grade-school course of study.   The report then establishes "top priorities" for the Obama "Homeland Security Council" to address.   Not suprisingly, the number one priority recommended is the manufacturing and stockpiling of millions of BIRD INFLUENZA VACCINES.  Furthermore, American citizens are then divided into high priority groups, which determines who will receive the vaccines first.  Top on the list, of course, are the very individuals who manufacture the vaccines in the first place.  (They are obviously the most important people to be protected in a "pandemic".)   Next come the government politicians, and highly placed bureaucrats, (government MUST continue you see) followed by the MILITARY BRASS, then the health care workers, and THEN the private police force.   Only after these "high priority groups" are vaccinated, will the GENERAL PUBLIC be allowed to partake.
Significantly, concurrent with the release of his "status report" HHS Secretary Leavitt also issued a press release announcing a "$487 million dollar contract to build the first U.S. manufacturing facility for cell-based influenza vaccine."   The lucky company receiving this wonderful windfall?  Novartis Pharmaceutical headquartered in Basel Switzerland.  Where is this new facility to be constructed?  In the great state of North Carolina, of course, - which just happens to be home to the world's greatest concentration of FACTORY FARMS such as Tyson and Circle 4 Farms (who somehow convinced then Utah Governor Mike Leavitt to expand HOG FACTORY FARMING into pristine Utah in the 90's).  

To understand the inherent problems with this "new construction" one needs to understand the history of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Inc.   First, though, we need to explain what is not being said about "cell-based" influenza vaccine.  As the press release above divulges, these "new" vaccines indeed do not need to use chicken eggs harvested from factory farms.  No indeed.  The "cells" used for the new "cell-based" vaccines, are in fact HUMAN KIDNEY CELLS - harvested from poor, indigent CHINESE PEASANTS.  These human kidney cells are unnaturally, chemically preserved before finally being injected with the weaponized 1918 "BIRD FLU" pathogen -- where the virus grows until harvested and placed in a syringe earmarked for "Vaccination".  

Keep also in mind that Leavitt, using his "Emergency Powers" authority as head of the FDA has already licensed this vaccine for production and use.  This was done despite the normally stringent requirements for safety testing that most pharmaceutical drugs endure.  (Why would $487 million dollars be spent on an "unlicensed" completely experimental vaccine?)

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Novartis "was created in 1996 from the merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz Laboratories, both Swiss companies with long histories."  Let's take a quick peak into these two companies' "long histories" and see what we find.

Both companies (Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz) were originally German entities and integral pillars of the massive Rothschild and Rockefeller "Syndicate of Dyestuff-Industry Corporations" (German title - InteressenGemeinschaft (Syndicate) Farben (Dyestuffs) - or I.G. Farben for short).  Scholars of Hitler's rise to power have long credited massive corporate capital transferred via I.G. Farben's Swiss Corporate banking accounts as the primary vehicle that funded the Third Reich into power.  In fact, it was Sandoz Lab's Swiss accounts that enabled investigators to successfully convict George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush under the "Trading with the Enemy Act" in 1948. 

Furthermore, it was established that in 1938, a new "wonder drug" was developed at Sandoz labs and tested by Dr. Josef Mengele et. al. in German concentration camps.  This 1938 "wonder drug" is known today as lysergic acid diethylamide, aka, LSD and with the expatriation of Nazi scientists to the U.S. under "Operation Paper Clip" in 1945 - experimentation into LSD and human mind control techniques continued in America under the CIA's "MK Ultra" program.   See   Interestingly, MK Ultra and LSD "apostle" Al Hubbard was a close friend in the VietNam era with Yale Bonesman and Senator John Kerry, who in 1988 authored the government's movement to replace ANALOG TV with Digital signals for no apparently coherent reason

Could it be possible that the eugenics of a bird-flu constructed pandemic and digital tv signals/frequencies could somehow be connected? 

Could this also be a reason that Barack Obama is promoting the idea of requiring DNA samples of all American citizens to be placed in a national DNA data base? 

One should also never forget that it was/is the NAZI dream of Eugenics --- or planned extermination of "worthless" humans -  that fueled much of the I.G. Farben research for and on behalf of the Rothschild/Rockefeller NAZI cartel back in 1938.  Why should it be surprising, then, to discover that an I.G. Farben multi-national corporation is once again the DRIVING FORCE behind the United Nations' BIRD FLU PANDEMIC hidden agenda?    One just has to do a little digging for the right puzzle pieces. 

What will it take to STOP this insanity once and for all?  Wasn't the genocide of MILLIONS thanks to the warped NAZI agenda during WWII enough? 


A. True Ott

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