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From Ken Adachi <>
March 23, 2003

I don't have to tell you that virtually every major AM radio talk show is dominated by propagandists from the Ministry of Misinformation. It's disgusting really. At least on FM, you find a few voices of Light here and there. The loudest voices are coimng from the five radio stations owned by Pacifica Radio ( Here in southern California, I listen to KPFK on 90.7FM out of Los Angeles. The quality of the interviews and the guests are without peer. You can listen and tape record these shows from the internet or listen directly if you are within broadcast range of the five Pacifica stations listed below. Check out the outstanding essayists and speakers on Pacifica. It's like a breath of clean mountain air after the smog and deceit of AM talk shows.


Listen To Pacifica Radio Over the Internet

1. KPFA listen live · visit online (Berkeley, California 94.1FM)
2. KPFK listen live · visit online (Los Angeles, California 90.7FM)
3. KPFT listen live · visit online ( Houston, Texas 90.1 FM)
4. WBAI listen live · visit online (New York, NY 99.5 FM)
5. WPFW listen live · visit online (Washington DC 89.3FM)

Affiliated Anti-war stations:

1. KFCF listen live visit onliine (Fresno, California 88.1 FM)


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