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Will NWO Traitors Kick off Bird Flu 'Pandemic' Ruse in Ohio?

{Editor's Note: The Imposter Obama Team is moving fast to install the scaffolding to erect the New World Order in America and turn this once grand country into a nation of freightened children who will obey their fascist masters' every command. The only "pandemic" you have to worry about is the contrived hoax being planned by our NWO fifth columnists. The danger will lie in the VACCINE, which you should avoid at all costs. There will be NO Bird flu pandemic with millions dying in the street. It's NOT going to happen...Ken Adachi]

by Jimm Motyka
March 29, 2009

Will NWO Traitors Kick off Bird Flu 'Pandemic' Ruse in Ohio? (Mar. 31, 2009)

Forward courtesy of Lady Ed

Signs Pointing To A Pandemic Outbreak In Ohio (JOTS) has learned some pretty startling info, which can be validated by our sources and appended links, regarding a possible pandemic outbreak.  The info was vetted and everything appears to be pointing to the possibility to northeast Ohio being a possible launching pad for a pandemic as early as this April 29th.

In February of this year, we were informed about pandemic training occurring at First Energy in Akron, Ohio.   This would not have seemed a big deal, since we're aware of pandemic training (namely for bird flu) being common at some corporations.  What raised our flags about this training was the fact that we were informed that First Energy was touting that they had the vaccine for the "possible" outbreak, for the employees and for the family members of the employees.  Certainly, it caused raised eyebrows when this was learned, not only to us, but also the source who was disclosing this information.  The power point presentation of the February meeting is included here. (

The unsettling questions remained.  When is the pandemic outbreak to occur, which First Energy already has procured enough vaccinations for its employees and employees' families?  How could they be certain of a pandemic and who was giving the information that this is going to occur?  And which pandemic did they happen to purchase the vaccine for?

We were updated on the info about the First Energy pandemic training, this past week.  According to the same source, First Energy is expected to meet with 1200 employees, over the next two weeks, gathering medical info about them.  We also know that First Energy is "encouraging" its employees to get the vaccination that's to be offered to them.  This source has told me that some employees already commented that they would quit first, before they would give up any medical information and take the vaccine.  JOTS would encourage the employees who do choose to leave First Energy to contact us and fill us in further on First Energy's pandemic plans.

The next question is how did JOTS come across the possible launch date for a pandemic in Ohio?

We did some investigating, regarding information on Obama's mandatory service proposal ( (which was making its way through the House and Senate last week, passing overwhelmingly in both).  The rabbit trail led to how Ohio is going to be tied into this mandatory civilian service.  It made us recall a commercial that's been running on local TV, regarding joining the Ohio Citizen Corps (  The commercials encourage volunteers to sign up, to help in times of disasters and civil emergencies, citing 9/11 in the commercial as a reason to "volunteer" (

We believe it was nothing short of an act of God that led us to the following info.  While trying to find more info about the Ohio Citizen Corps, we ran across a training and exercise session to be occurring in Summit County in April (which is the county First Energy's Akron headquarters is located).  Digging further brought us to the following link, which mentions FEMA classes being held locally and a training exercise to follow ( PREPAREDENSS/subsub_mrc_trainings.htm).  Listed under the training area of the link, volunteers are encouraged to take FEMA courses ICS 100 and ICS 700, both which are linked into the medical training area of the FEMA site.

The most telling item on the site ( PREPAREDENSS/subsub_mrc_trainings.htm) was the fact that FEMA was asking for 200 "victims" for an exercise that is to occur on April 29th.  History has shown that exercises can turn into the real event, as recalled on 9/11, the London bombing, and the Madrid train bombing (to cite a few).  Each time the mainstream media is "amazed" that the emergency response teams were in those areas, running exercises for the exact event that was occurring.

We backtracked and noticed that the FEMA training was going to occur at the Church in Green (local mega church).  Ohio has had it's share of Christians kowtowing to government and this has the appearance of another example.  For those who are unaware, Clergy Response Teams ( (set up, in cooperation with FEMA) have been put in place to "quell dissent" during national emergencies and disasters.  After the 2008 Presidential election, there's an incident of an Assembly of God church (in Ohio) was telling its congregation tosubmit to Obama and the government.(  In both cases, the pastors and clergy present a twist on Romans 13, where they commonly state that submitting to government is a Christian thing to do and that Christiansshould lead the way in submission. (

When asked about FEMA coming into the Chapel in Green (for training), the pastor responded to a concerned church-goer (paraphrase) that "it's no different than working with Red Cross".  The major difference is that the Red Cross is not a federal agency, whereas FEMA is.  So, apparently no one is having a problem with the infamous argument about the separation of church and state issue, that's commonly debated.

Will anything happen in Ohio in April?  The only thing we are assured of is FEMA needing 200 "victims" for a training exercise on the 29th, and another Ohio church allowing the blurring of lines between church and state.  As for the pandemic in Ohio?  We'll have to wait and see what First Energy's next move is.

Meanwhile, JOTS wishes everyone the best.  As a side note, we appreciate Alex (Jones) and everyone at for posting the original story about the church in Ohio and Romans 13.  JOTS has a direct connection to the story reported by Prison Planet and will be including additional information (in a future article) about the actual sermon of submittal to government.  And of course, thanks to you, our readers.


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