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British Gals Will Stage Anti-NWO Paris Protest Dec. 6-10, 2008
Nov. 13, 2008

British Gals Will Stage Anti-NWO Paris Protest Dec. 6-10, 2008 (Nov. 13, 2008)

For Immediate Release:

Women’s Legal Partnership Ltd

Double Decker Bus  Hercules, Battle for New Britain and The UK Column News are leaving for UN in Paris, FRANCE from December 6th till December 10th 2008 to unveil the Corruption and Fake Democracy in Great Britain.

 Contact: Carmen SEMASKI at WLPLtd. <>

Phone: London (0)2073289967

October 30th 2008

HERCULES, our Double Decker HR’s Warrior is going to UNESCO in Paris on the 60th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights: 1948-2008

LONDON 30 October 2008: The 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is being commemorated in a year-long campaign by the UN. The motto of this campaign is “Dignity and Justice for All of Us”.

Particular attention will be paid to new ethical and social challenges linked to Human Rights, notably in regard to four rights which are within UNESCO’s direct competence: 

·        Right to Education ( Art. 26 )

·        Right to take part in cultural life ( Art. 27 )

·        Right to Freedom of opinion and expression, and including

·        the Right to seek, receive and impart information (Art. 19 )

 HERCULES and its Coalition of warriors for a new Britain. The Coalition formed by several groups of Victims of the British Legal System is an initiative born on August18th. when on board of HERCULES we establish a network of groups in different English cities, all sharing experiences in order to improve and fight against the “Absolute Power” in the hands of Corrupted, unethical Judges in Great Britain.

 The ultimate objective is to involve the society in a common struggle against the A B U S E S of “D” Legal System in Great Britain through an International Coalition and support.


Departure: December 6th on route to Paris

           Dec 7th.: Mega Protest at “Notre-Dame”

           Dec 8th: Barroque’s Concert and Demostration at Champ de Mars at Eiffel Tower.

           Dec 9th:Protesting through Paris and…

At UNESCO: On December 10th to Present UN with a Testament of Violations and unethical Judgements from GB’s Judges.

 Our Demands:  

·        The Lord Chancellor to be RECUSED and for the Queen to be accountable and liable for all miscarriage of Justice.

·        The Return of thousand of children taken away from their families arbitrarily.

·        For a Response for Jersey’s Historical Genocide.

·        For Tony Blair to be tried for crimes against humans during his time in office.

·        Removal of the Doors at Court’s Room which are use only to protect the “M A F I A “that operates inside the Court Rooms in GB.

·        For the liberation of thousands of mothers, parents and grandparents detained in Prison or Mental centres for voicing their Injustices.

·        For financial compensation for all the victims of this decadent, medieval, barbaric Legal system in GB.

·        For devolution of Respect and Dignity expropriated from all of us by the ones who are suppose to protect us:

Police, Social Services, Lawyers, Counsellors, and Judges.

Carmen C. Semaski

Women’s Legal Partnership Ltd

London. England. UK


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