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3 Short Videos on Patriot Acts I, II, & III

[Editor's Note: Always bear in mind that 911 was an Inside Job committed by the traitors within the government. There were no 19 Arab hijackers as identified by the FBI because 11 of them were found alive and kicking in the Middle East after 911. There is certainly no "War on Terror" except the War of Terror which these domestic satanic jackals are committing against we, the American people.

These Nazi-inspired NWO fascists want to eliminate the US Constitution, so they needed a pretext to establish that dismantling process. That pretext was 911 and the dismantling of the Constitution began with the ramming through of Patriot Act I, within one month of 911.

Watch these videos and UNDERSTAND the depth of treason we are experiencing and demand of your federal legislators to REPEAL the Patriot Acts (and Homeland Security, and FEMA). Better yet, kick the current congress out on their ear and find a new congress who WILL repeal the Patriot Acts without the need for arm twisting. ...Ken]
July 26, 2008

3 Short Videos on Patriot Acts I, II, & III (July 26, 2008)

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"PATRIOT ACT - Parts I, II, & III" is 3 short videos added 7/26/08 as a Saturday update to the

page of the Truth Quest (multi-page) website. The 1st is a 10 minute video titled: 'The War On Civil Liberties'. The 2nd is: 'Ethnic Cleansing Begins', and the 3rd: 'US Citizen Jailed Without Evidence'. All 3 can be viewed in less than 30 minutes. Without 9/11 our government would not have the control OVER it's citizens that it has today, and there's more to come. Keep the 9/11 investigation alive, and check where your Representatives stand on this issue.

Best wishes, Bob

07/26/08 * PATRIOT ACT - Part I -- 'The War On Civil Liberties' (1/3) 10 min. video

07/26/08 * PATRIOT ACT - Part II -- 'Ethnic Cleansing Begins' (2/3) 10 min. video

07/26/08 * PATRIOT ACT Part III -- 'US Citizen Jailed Without Evidence' (3/3) 8 min. video


Who Voted in The Patriot Act?

911, The Greatest Act of Treason in American History (index of free on-line videos exposing the 911 hoax)

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