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Patsies in the News Today: As One Goes Down, Another Bobs Up

From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 10, 2009

Patsies in the News Today: As One Goes Down, Another Bobs Up by Ken Adachi (Nov. 10, 2009)

I heard on the radio this morning ( I no longer watch TV since they changed over to digital, Quad S mind control technology on June 12, 2009) that today, November 10, is the scheduled execution date of the "DC Beltway Sniper", John Allen Muhammad. I heard one news commentator report that Muhammad "has never confessed to the crimes or has shown any remorse" and was "muttering" something about "deep conspiracy", which "no one seems to understand." I can certainly understand the latter comment since government mind controlled patsies rarely turn out to be the most articulate of pedagogues when burdened with the task of explaining the intricacies, methodology, and motivations of those who were responsible for setting him up as a patsy. I also heard another radio station report that "there never was a white van", and only Muhammad's blue Chevy Caprice was involved in the shootings.


That's roughly equivalent to the main stream news reports in the past few days that echo this mantra: "there were no other gunmen involved in the Fort Hood shooting as first reported". It should also be kept in mind that an Army General told reporters on the day of the shootings (November 5) that the "Fort Hood Shooter", Dr. Nadal Malik Hasan, was DEAD and a day or so later, he turns up ALIVE and breathing on a ventilator, and as of yesterday was "able to talk".


Let's start with the "DC Sniper" patsy. Was he involved in any of the shootings?

I don't know, but he was set up to LOOK like the shooter, so perhaps he was programmed to shoot one of "his" victims, but I doubt it. I somehow have the feeling that they couldn't depend on his marksmanship to do the job in any event (ten people died and three were wounded), so I doubt that he was responsible for any of the shootings. There was a TEAM of PROFESSIONALS involved in these sniper shootings (ergo the the vanishing "white van" story).

Who, you may ask? Again, I don't know, but I'm going to guess that the CIA was involved, since the Nazi International are in control of the CIA (and always have been since its inception) and these guys have a thing for sensational street killings of innocent people (or perhaps intended marks; it's hard to know). Eric Orion, who wrote a very interesting on-line book called The Bush Connection, talked to ex-Nazi Commando Otto Skorzeny in December of 1999, and Skorzeny told him that the mysterious "Zodiac Killer" was none other than a very well known Nazi by the name of Dr. Josef Mengele (Yes, I know. We've been told that Mengele died on a beach in Bertioga, Brazil in 1979 and his body was later exhumed in 1985 and forensic tests demonstrated with a "high probability" that it was Mengele. There's even a lengthy book written by a CIA contract writer that lays out all the details. Mengele's identity was finally "confirmed" in 1992 with DNA tests, according to his son Rolf. It's a very nice story, but unfortunately, none of it is true. Mengele is still alive today and living in the United States. His last known alias was Steve Rabel according to Eric Orion via Otto Skorzeny).

Muhammad's ex-wife was likely killed to cement the cover story that Muhammad did it to get custody of his kids.

The younger man, Lee Boyd Malvo supposedly killed an FBI analyst by the name of Linda Franklin outside a home in Fairfax, Virginia and she might be part of the the reason for the set up. Malvo was obviously given a deal to spare his life: rat out Muhammad. He told the jury whatever prosecutors told him to tell the jury.

Why the set up? Maybe taking out people like FBI analyst Franklin was part of it or maybe it was a psyops to get us all shook up about how "unsafe" things are in American in the wake of 9-11 or maybe it was another case of running up the body count to get gun control installed, since most instances of "lone nut" (or "nuts" in the case of Columbine) shooting sprees in America are the result of mind control programming.

I found John Muhammad's letter to the judge, dated May 8, 2008, telling. Here is what he said using his spelling, without corrections:

" May-8-08 1- of - 1 Time 1:00 PM

My name is John A Muhammad and I'm writting this letter of mine own free will- I've talked to mine new lawyer Mr. J. Connell (in the same law office of Devine, Connell + Jon Sheldon P.L.C) and Mr. Connell has inform me that the appeal will Reflect all the "Exculpatory Evidence" (that you'll in Va. didn't give Peter D. Greenspun and Jonathan Shapiro + Christie A. Leary, to prove mine innocent and the Judge in Maryland didn't let mine lawyers use it even though they had it) of mine innocent and what Really happen and what you'll knew and know-But lied to the America People about-So all you Police and Presecuters can stand-down - !!Rashing!! [probably meant Rushing, but seems to use an "a" in the spelling] to murdering this innocent Black man-for something he nor his son (Lee) had nothing to do with, you'll will have more than enough time to murder this innocent Black man (without me giving -up-the fight for mine innocent). Once you'll get these Judges to say no to all mine appeal - no matter what the facts are that you'll knowingly lied on two innocent Black men-so until then Lets fight some more about you'll know, Lies [wavy arrow line] Muhammad innocent and Back to the fight-and still on Death Row!

P.S. So if you'll can pass this on to the Judge in mine fereal appeal I will be Thankful!"

You can view the original letter here:

Muhammad was probably programmed while in the military. News articles about him that describe him as a Gulf War veteran with a "gentle personality." People who ruthlessly shoot down strangers in the street usually don't have "gentle personalities".

Whoever takes the time to pour through all of the early articles about the shootings and carefully reads the court transcripts and the testimony of people who knew Muhammad will find enough clues to point to this guy's set up. There's little question in my mind that he's a patsy. Of course, that won't help him, I'm sorry to say, but the truth may eventually be known. We should say a prayer for this man. It's bad enough to face an execution, but if you're innocent, it's a heavy burden to carry into the next life.

Ironic that they should execute one patsy today, while we have yet another government patsy being blamed for the Fort Hood shootings in just the past few days. I'm just guessing, but I have to assume that an Army General knows the difference between a man who is dead and one who is alive and would not go on national TV to explain what happened at Fort Hood unless he knew the difference. While a gas station attendant might get the facts wrong, I don't think an Army General who has the responsibility to relay the story to the media would get such an important "fact" wrong. Either the original Hasan was killed and we are now dealing with a double (or a clone), or we may be dealing with a dead man who they are now telling us is alive and "talking", but who may soon expire (a week, a month, two months?) from "complications" due to his "medical condition", yada, yada.

Every factoid about the Fort Hood shootings reeks with cover-up. Don Nicoloff revealed the most likely scenario that happened there during his November 5 , 2009 radio interview with Drew Raines. Don read a hot-off-the-press story from Christopher Story in England that tells a completely different story than what we are being fed from main stream. It seems that a great deal of gold was removed from Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. The players involved the Bush family and there was evidently a gun battle. The "confusion" and chaos of the Dr. Nadal Malik Hasan "lone nut" shootings was a necessary diversion to conceal what really happened.

Here are a few notes from an e-mail Don Nicoloff sent to me yesterday about Dr. Nadal Malik Hasan:

" Nadal Malik Hasan graduated from VIRGINIA TECH earning a Biochemistry Degree at the Center for Applied Behavior Systems, a US Psychological Warfare Training Center. Remember the VIRGINIA TECH Massacre?

He received his medical degree from the military's Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda , MD. , in 2001, home of MK-ULTRA, the USA 's Mind Control covert program.

He was a researcher at the Military's US Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress. The center's web site disappeared off the Internet THIS MORNING. (Scrub,scrub,scrub)

He was researching Radio Hypnotic Antra-Cerebral - Control Electronic Dissolution of Memory (RH IC-EDAM), a CIA Project. Nadal Malik Hasan was dead yesterday and is alive today, the news is revising the story by the minute. Alleged cohorts are released.

The mainstream media is lying about EVERYTHING.

This is a Psyops. Hasan is most likely a patsy. Just like Columbine, Virginia Tech, and all the rest."

The facts will emerge over time..

Ken Adachi


Subject: Fort Hood
From: Jerry R
Date: Wed, November 11, 2009
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Ken,

In light of the recent events at Ft. Hood I found this article appearing to originate from a website in the UK.

There is ALWAYS a reason behind the “why” things happen. In this case it is worldly riches & Gold.

I was alarmed to uncover this article you won’t hear anything about in the mainstream media (ministry of “truth”).

What do you make of this article? There seems to be a large number of articles that are written about the Evil NWO players and I am curious if you were aware of the publisher and their credibility.

Lord help us.

Jerry Raymond


Thanks Jerry,

Yes, this is the Christopher Story article that Don read part of over the air on November 5. linked above : November 5 , 2009 radio interview with Drew Raines..

Christopher Story is usually way ahead of the curve in getting out the story. Most people find it hard to accept his info because it seems so difficult to believe, but the shenanigans and THIEVERY going on among Illuminati insiders are off the chart. The purpose of the Wall Street bail out and the Stimular bill etc was to buy time to cover up MASSIVE theft of money by the Bush Gang mostly. There is money laundering taking place in this country by thousands of insiders on an unprecedented scale using aliases and using the money to fraudulently acquire real estate holdings--using STOLEN money. The Madoff thing was a only cover/patsy story that represented barely the TIP of the iceberg of the true numbers involved in this thievery.

Regards, Ken.

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