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The Book "1984"


By Philip N. Ledoux
February 18, 2005

Anyone seriously researching George Orwell should look into the archives of The Boston Globe. George published "1984" in the year 1948; The Globe did an extensive eye-opener article around the 35th anniversary of "1984". It puts to rest all the propaganda about Orwell's life, education and writings. Whomever wrote the article(s) about Orwell was suspicious that most of his WW II propaganda broadcasts and/or writings for broadcast in India were hidden somewhere in the BBC files. There was much too little to be found directly under George Orwell. After 20 years of searching through the BBC files, he stumbled upon a lead; apparently all the materials had been re-filed under the names of those who actually broadcast the materials in India. This led to volumes of new material that seemed to have been purposefully hidden via a complex filing system.

I mention the above merely to help others who are interested in George Orwell. In this essay I wish to present some unique ideas about George's book "1984".

I was in my senior year in high school when "1984" hit the book stands in 1948, and I eagerly bought my copy. What a story, science fiction - something I had just recently been introduced to and I loved it. Some 21 years after the year 1984 and it suddenly dawned on me just how great writer, intellectual, and genius George was. I will try to explain and unravel what he was trying to tell us, and what he was probably privy to.

Most everyone is aware that the expression "Big Brother" was first presented to the world in the book "1984". Everything in this science fiction is a logical reverse of reality - War is Peace, Chaos is Order, Poverty is Rich and so on and on. I have read many current authors who credit Orwell with seeing accurately into the future because this is exactly what we are experiencing today - the truths about Iraq were a fabrication of lies; we are bringing democracy and peace to Iraq via war; the Iraqi people welcome American liberators with open arms. Orwell was in the propaganda branch of the BBC (British Broadcasting Corp.) and could easily have foreseen or heard others discussing how to make black white, left made into right, and war disguised as peace. Just how much foresight did Orwell have? Most great writers get their ideas for their stories from experiences within their own lives. Could Orwell have experienced everything written about in "1984"?

Orwell was hoping that once the reader realized the reverse logic throughout the book, the reader would apply it to the title. "1984" was published or released in 1948. We generally talk about years as '48, '84, etc. at least that was the common usage during that period of time. So, if we take '84 and reverse it we have '48 or 1948. This implies that everything written in "1984" was in existence in 1948. It is a "given" that government research labs are 40 years ahead of what the general population receive as "cutting edge" technology. George must have overheard or was privy to everything described in "1984". It may not have been perfected, but it was far removed from theory, it was on the experimental bench and proven workable. To an industry insider it would be easy to project the probability of its perfection within a few decades. Thusly, everything within the covers of "1984" were reality in the hidden world of government in 1948, not fiction.

My own personal research into world control, world manipulation indicates that Nations rise to greatness and collapse on a 520 year cycle of growth, greatness, destruct. That cycle is divided into 104 year segments. Also, every 104 years another country is picked to start on its journey to greatness. 104 years after a country is chosen to start heading to its "Golden Age" that country experiences a Blood Bath, 104 years after that it enters its "Lead Nation Phase" or "Golden Age" which lasts 104 years. The significant starting points or phase-change points are 1776, 1880, 1984, 2088. HEY! There is "1984"!

I have vivid memories of the events during the time-frame 1984, yet at that time the significance of World Manipulation key dates and the book title "1984" did not strike me. It took another 21 years for it to become reality within my mind. Guess I'm just a slow learner.

George Orwell had to have become privy to a major portion of the Master Planner's, the Master Manipulator's schemes to have chosen a major, significant date in their agenda, their calendar, their master map. And he had the courage to use it as the title of his book "1984". The courage to "leak" a secret to the people of the world! If one will keep this in mind as one re-reads Orwell's classics, we can see him telling all kinds of secrets about the manipulators, their modus operandi and their objectives. These "Master Manipulators" do not like it one iota to have a smidgen of their plans, secrets, deliberations broadcast to the public, the sheeple, the trodden masses; they just might wake up and revolt. Can you imagine what a blockbuster Orwell's "next book" would have been? He had to be eliminated before he could cause any more damage to The Powers That Be.

Philip N. Ledoux


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