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Another Mental Rambling by PNL

By Philip N. Ledoux
April 11, 2005

I recently completed reading a synopsis and analysis of David Yallop's

"THE MURDER OF POPE JOHN PAUL I" by the Abbé de Nantes of the Alpha-Omega organization. Through the Abbé's skillful logic I can now understand why the outright lies, cover-ups and associated sub-assassinations that occurred with JFK, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, JFK Jr., WTC and the Iraq-Afganistan fiascoes, all of recent history; and of the "necessary" equivalents to occur in the near and distant future. I will try to share my understanding so that you too will be able to make sense out of the senseless.

I have heard it said many a time that a man should never be allowed to use an inheritance until he is 35 or 40 years old. I probably first heard it when I was in my teens from my parents. It didn't make any sense. I never could see where I would have any expected inheritances, yet I knew that I was mature enough to handle any inheritance however large that might come my way. As I approached the end of my teens I became aware of many a young man (and not so young) taking over his father's business and literally pissing it all away. Yet, it wasn't until I passed that magical 35 year mark that I began to realize the wisdom in never allowing an inheritor to manage their own inheritance until at least 40 years old. What had happened to bring about this change in attitude?

It might seem complicated, yet it is utterly simple, and as you read try to think simply - it will then easily make sense. It also helps to "think like the enemy" to understand the enemy's actions.

The nerves in the brain are quite unique; nowhere else in the body do nerves develop tendrils. Tendrils are those little curly things on peas that wrap around twigs and other plant stems used to help the plant climb successfully. Grape plants have these same grasping or entwining things to help in the climbing process, seen more vividly in "the wilds". The brain nerves have these tendrils that reach nearby and sometimes all the way across the brain; they are properly called "dendrites". We can also make an analogy to a single transistor. Let's make believe we have a transistor that will "fire" or start to operate at 12 volts D.C. The device will do nothing until the voltage is increased from zero to somewhere around 9 volts at which voltage it will "try to do something", and the closer to 12 volts it gets that "something" will get stronger and stronger and then it "fires". When nerve "A" fires in the brain, it also puts a potential on all its dendrites. Let's say that it raises nerve "D" a little bit, not enough to fire but gives it a little push. Nerve "B" fires and also has a dendrite attached to nerve "D" thusly Nerve "D" is nudged a bit closer to firing potential. The nerve is "activating", not enough to fire, but like the transistor example, it "doing something". This is when we have a hunch, intuition, or suspicion. When nerve "C" fires and its dendrite connected to "D" is finally enough to actually fire "D" all by itself. This is when we "connect the dots".

The above is more properly called points of reference. Life experiences give us these strong interconnections these strong hunches and/or knowings, these accumulated points of reference. Now when an individual reaches the age of 40, there are enough reference points developed that when the decision of should I buy that sports car I've always wanted or buy some new machinery for the factory; enough past references are invisibly called upon to make wise decisions.

Likewise the solving of the mysteries of life, the understanding of the confusing world scene, the making sense of the senseless; all depends on how many, how strong, and how diverse our points of reference have accumulated. Obviously, some people accumulate them faster than others, and some stay naively under-developed into old age. Have you lived through JFK, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, JFK Jr., WTC and the Iraq-Afganistan fiascoes? What is there common about them all? Here I am in my seventh decade of life, asking such a question of people half and probably many one-fourth my age! I couldn't have connected all the "obvious" dots at those ages; it has taken me most of my life to begin to make sense out of the confusion called life. Yet, there is a common thread.

The exceedingly logical Abbé de Nantes states "David Yallop sinned through presumption when he over-hastily attempted to understand and sum up in journalistic terms the complex thought and personality of his saint. He was not up to the task". To which I might add that Yallop only needed more points of reference to do the job to the Abbé's satisfaction. Each and every book Yallop writes is a step closer to journalistic perfection; each is a "best" when it is published only to be outshone by the next.

Because of the unusual financial windfall for the "loss" of the Papal States and the official recognition of the Vatican, "The Vatican Inc." became bedfellows with strange characters. This was nothing new, only the industry involved - banking. Like Topsy, it just grew and grew until it was the largest "laundry" in the world, affecting the world of finance. To be a "laundry" implies all the muck, murky dealings and mafia-solutions is part and parcel of the total operation.

Here is the crux to connecting the dots that the Abbé does admirably well: "There is the Bolshevik crime, . . . . There is also, although it is never spoken of, the Masonic crime. It is murder made to look like suicide, an accident or natural death. In this case, however, an alibi, a scheme of explanation is pre-established, in case some blunder should allow the criminal hand to be detected: an implausible scheme, without proof or witnesses and preferably scandalous, which, when thrown to public opinion at the first sign of distress from the crime's authors, will create doubt and confusion. The power of the lodges is such that they can impose this suggestion on journalists, on various police forces, on magistrates, STIFLING THE TRUTH JUST LONG ENOUGH for life to continue, AND FOR THE PUBLIC TO BE ABSORBED IN SOME OTHER NEWS TOPIC. Later, some Yallop or other can reconstitute the crime point by point and denounce its authors. BUT BY THEN IT IS ANCIENT HISTORY, and doubt allows everyone to keep to his position." (emphasis added PNL)

For those of you who are still gathering enough points of reference, here is the common thread. JFK, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, JFK Jr., WTC and the Iraq-Afganistan fiascoes were all imperfect crimes therefore the truth was stifled long enough for the public to be absorbed in some other news topic, by then it is ancient history and nobody can gather enough signatures, outrage or backing to change this outcome of history.

Philip N. Ledoux


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