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"The Black Box"

By Philip N. Ledoux
February 14, 2005

The Black Box that is referred to are random generators that spit out zeros and ones; they are located around the world and connect to a central point which averages out the “numbers” and prints a graph of a deviation from the expected null (equal amounts of ones and zeros). This analysis makes reference to the discovery of spikes on such graphs relating to traumatic world events.

Let me delve into a side issue to start answering the puzzle of The Black Box that sees into the future.

I dowse and consider myself good at the art. I’ve had a few experiences that left me very puzzled. I have a very good friend who doesn’t believe in anything other than what he can put his hands onto. A hunk of anything on a thread or string isn’t going to be able to tell us anything, is his philosophy. We were renovating an antique grinding machine and had to recut a new thread of a long rod. The trick was to fit the thread to a worn nut and make it “snug”. The next day when I had returned, he had lost the nut and we needed it to do some checking. We hunted around and came up empty handed. So, I grabbed what I used there as a pendulum, rather coarse, but it worked. After the standards “What is my Yes? What is my NO? etc.” I asked where is the lost nut in question. The pendulum changed from a circle to an oval and then to a back and forth motion. Very similar to drawing a line on a map. I then changed location and asked again. This gave an intersection. My friend looked where it was indicated and came up empty handed.

So, I tried again. Is the lost nut on the lathe bench? No. Is the lost nut on the floor? Yes. And on I went for awhile. Nothing of which was finding anything. I was puzzled. We ended up doing a house cleaning that should have been done a month or year prior. We kept coming up empty handed, although we had a very clean area around the lathe! Eventually we found it! Right where the pendulum first intersected lines.

What went wrong? Was it one of my “off days” and shouldn’t have been dowsing? Well, I’ve had a few other incidents in similar circumstances with my friend and this is what I conclude: Usually I will be “pretty close” on my first try with the pendulum. After that, everything comes out false readings. My friend’s skepticism forms some kind of mental field that affects me, probably draining all of my dowsing energies, or over-riding those abilities with negative thoughts.

So, here we have a “mental field” or “thought forms” or “thought messages”. In the above experiences my friend’s override my abilities. Now let’s see if we can apply this to The Black Box that sees into the future.

September 6, 1997: Everybody who is watching Dianna’s funeral; most are highly emotionally charged! Under those conditions (high emotions), the mind bypasses all restraints and learned suppression and does what it was designed to do, give off strong thought forms that can affect others. But most of the others are felling the same way, so their thought forms accumulate and multiply and it is highly probable that it becomes exponential is final summation. If fact, if you look at those print-out graphs it is almost an exponential spike that occurs.

The “scientists” per usual are reading more into the results that exist. All those millions of people who were watching are all in the same highly emotional state, all doing something mentally, and all unconsciously doing the same thing. The results affect even electro mechanical devices. A car engine would not respond to it, but an isolated chip, in an isolated room, inside a black box, would be highly sensitive; definitely much more responsive than block of iron, granite or body of water. Although these last mentioned objects might “ring” sympathetically from the energy and add to the total output. The scientists miss the emotional factor, sort of like what many preach: Thoughts Create.

The next factor mentioned is NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. Did the researchers ever stop to consider the magnitude of mental output when the mind is directed via highly charged emotions? If you were on the receiving end of a bombing run, your emotions would have blew a fuse if there was one to blow in the human system!

The Kursk submarine tragedy was mentioned next. Wasn’t that the disaster where a Russian submarine went down in Sweedish waters? There was extensive TV coverage. Can you imagine the emotions going on in that sub alone? Multiply that by the terror in command central as one after another respond to the reality “I could have been assigned to the Kusk!” And add to that all the Navies in the world as they too in receiving the news realize “It could easily have been us!” And, you don’t need to be a sailor to unconsciously realize the terror that the trapped men must be experiencing, which in turn triggers your own emotions as it is viewed or heard on TV!

And the “hung” 2000 American election. But let’s consider that more carefully. The Scientists say that the Black Box responds BEFORE the actual occurrence. For those of you who read this and are not aware of fraud, allow me to introduce one provable fact: In Ohio in one county alone there were 80,000 more votes for Bush than there were registered voters. Hmmm. That says that there was collusion on a grand scale, and outright crime committed. Let us assume that you were one of the people who rigged a voting machine to vote differently than the actual vote, or added votes as people voted; any criminal has an adrenalin rush on the job; you too would have an adrenalin rush and your emotions would be at their maximum, whether you are trained or not. High emotions = unconscious triggering of the mind to make some kind of output. How many thousands of such individuals were involved in the scam? And, as election hour approached the whole “fraud” system is engaged; this created a compounding of emotional output probably into the exponential range, and add to that the outrage emotions of part of the electorate as the fraud discloses itself! Enough to shake the leaves off a dormant tree, to say nothing about a spike on a graph.

As the scientists had already discovered “but the characteristic shift in the pattern of numbers had begun four hours before the two planes even hit the Twin Towers.” Someone said that there was over 2,000 people involved in executing 911. Another said that the total scenario had been rehearsed every other day, twice a day for 6 weeks prior to 911. And another insider said that a crew of 12, disguised as maintenance men, had worked 6 months to place the explosion charges and wiring to implode the Twin Towers. Put yourself into the position of any of the lesser players needed to pull the scam of 911 off; about 4 hours before the event is to take place (5 AM NYC time) you receive the call: “Ready, this is the real thing” whether in the open or in code, wouldn’t your adrenalin start to run, and if not a genuine adrenalin rush, at least the heart to beat faster. Your emotions certainly are not turned off. Take the combined high emotional state and thus mental signals of 1,000 to 2,000 people, wouldn’t this make a crecendo for 4 hours to the count-down to zero? When the public at large is shocked by “Pearl Harbor II”, these people all get highly emotional, whether they see it as planned or as a terrorist attack makes no difference; being highly emotional, the brain automatically kicks in and mental fields combine to continually affect anything attuned to “subtle energies”

We have to forgive those scientists a bit; they cannot be conspiracy enthusiasts and still keep their jobs. There was a conspiracy behind Dianna’s death, there was a conspiracy behind the 2000 elections and a conspiracy behind 911. Just as there is a “countdown” to the launching of a space-rocket at the Kennedy Space Center, all the mentioned events have a “countdown”. There are enough emotions involved and the resultant mental energies broadcast that the Black Boxes respond. Even though the scientists might actually correlate the conspiracy response which is the “pre indicators” of the actual events; the Scientists have to retain their jobs by “being puzzled” “with no explanations” to the strange graphic outputs.

Philip N. Ledoux

P.S. I didn’t include the 26 December 2004 Tsunami. I read where it was highly probable that it was man-made or man-caused or man-triggered. All the above about “conspiracy” pre-reaction apply in this case also.




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