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Draft (Universal Conscription encouraged)

By Philip N. Ledoux
March 5, 2005

I gave some of the best years of my life to the US military because I was drafted. Thusly I think I qualify to comment of the draft. Frankly I wouldn't want to do it over again, ALTHOUGH . . .

The military uses primarily the best of the best that our country "raises" and educates. Most of those in the military, although hidden from view and contact and thusly are unknowns, are the prime breeding stock of our nation. If this were a commercial operation these "best of the best" would be pampered, kept in prime condition and encouraged to raise large families. But us old foggies are the exact opposite; that joke about "The Golden Years, My ass" is so true. We are the excess baggage, we are the useless eaters, we are the economic burden to the nation, to our communities and to our country.

Why should TPTB dream up many a devious scheme to kill off the useless, the elderly, the excess baggage of the nation, when there is a very simple solution to the whole problem. Just think how much would be contributed to the Gross National Product, by eliminating all those hidden programs to eliminate the useless?

What could this "program" be that is so utopian in scope, at least to the planners? Utter simplicity: Make it national law that no one under the age of 50 be allowed to serve in the military. Get the UN to mandate that universally. At 70+ I can still drive a heavy truck, a tractor, and heavy equipment; I certainly should be able to manage maneuvering a tank around the landscape. Granted, my mechanic might take longer to repair the engine, etc. but that would be no problem. The industrial/military complex would gladly supply extra tanks.

And as for the argument that us old foggies might not perform as well as younger men, it would not affect the outcome of the wars because both sides would be equally handicapped. No question that there would be a higher rate of combat and related "non-combat" deaths, but isn't that what wars are all about? Kill, kill, kill? So, the halt, the lame and the useless would all be killed off patriotically with no need to conceal the special agendas.

The other necessity is UNIVERSAL CONSCRIPTION. No deferments, no special treatment, no "my family" leaves of absence. Being universal, wives would be conscripted too. By 50 years of age, all the children have left the nest, so children should be no problem, besides you would eliminate the dilemma of booting them out of the old home so they can fly on their own. And make it loop-hole-less so that the rich cannot be on vacation overseas, none of this not showing up for training because we would be right there on the base 24 hours a day and/or off fighting 24 hours a day and/or in transit to or from the battle zones.

Nothing complex at all. No need for hidden agendas. Utter simplicity.

Philip N. Ledoux

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