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"The Greatest Fear We Have is FEAR Itself"

By Philip N. Ledoux
February 8, 2005

There are so many "messages" out there that seem so logical. We have abused mother earth, we have to return to the sacred ways, etc. all of which make solid, logical sense. As I read some of these, there are, what appear to me to be, inconsistencies. If these superior beings, or merely advanced others trying to help us, they should be in a position to know what is normal and abnormal on earth.

For example: When Gorbechev was pounding his shoe on the podium at the UN he was hurriedly interrupted on his American journey by an earthquake disaster back in the USSR. BUT, rescue workers said that all the Government workers were outside in the fields when it happened and all the buildings collapsed in one direction, which had never before happened in the entire history of the earth. Mother nature wasn't cleansing herself! It was "earthquake war", whether civil or international is not the question here. External observers should have recognized that this was not Mother Nature (Earth's aura if you will) in action; it was all man-made. Allow me to introduce a clip out of a series of posts that could be found on almost any internet board.

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July 2, 1999

". . . If you see strange things happening -- what you might call "miracles" -- you will know that we are at work behind the scenes.

"The weather patterns have already shifted dramatically, You can see this in the droughts, floods, hurricanes, and odd seasonal weather. However, that is nothing more than the planet's expression of ridding herself of all the negativity she has absorbed from the actions and thoughts of the humans who occupy her. She is merely "shaking herself loose" of the accumulated debris of human activity so that she can herself rise in frequency to meet her own appointment with destiny."

Forty inches of rain in a day in south central Africa. Even in her wildest torments, and "ridding of negativity" Mother Nature never did such a thing - except by intervention when Noah floated his ark. This last year alone, how many hurricanes were spawned? Never has nature spawned one in the Carribian, and that one had all the markings of man controlled. And you mean to tell me that Mother Nature in ridding herself of negativity through three hurricanes that hit every county in Florida that voted for Bush in the 2000 elections?

If these "do gooders" from out there are so concerned about us, have been observing our bad behavior and predicting Mother Nature's responses, how come they ignore these "little things"?

On the other hand, should these pseudo-do-gooders be part and parcel associates of TPTB and are privy to what is on the planning boards, and given free rein to mind-influencing technology, then "She will begin to 'shake' in others ways, too" starts to make sense. "There will be eruptions of the volcanic and geothermal type" doable therefore predictable. "There will be earthquakes as the Earth shudders herself free of the accumulated strains" á lá Gorbechev-USSR-(US delivered largest electromagnet ever fabricated); certainly doable and thusly predictable. I could continue like this for a few pages; I'll spare the reader the agony of reading.

Let's take another factor into consideration. Remember reading about the "Golden Age" of Holland? That coincided with her "Lead Nation" status via the planning board of the "Master Manipulators." Being small in size, it was a turkey shoot for the planners to bring France in as the next "Lead Nation." To swap world leadership from France to England required France to bankrupt herself aiding the American Revolution, and an internal (fabricated) Revolution where literally the "streets ran with blood". England reigned supreme for 104 years, and then America had the dubious honor of being the "Lead Nation of the World". That phase is all done, and if you didn't notice it, Japan now holds the "title" albeit temporarily for another 83 years (of this writing 2005).

Let us stand back and look at America! The greatest nation in the world's history. We have more natural resources, and people potential than most of the world combined! Look at our industrial might, admittedly slightly gutted. Look at all the mechanical talent we have, admittedly most out of workers "recycled" or "retrained". Somehow we still have gigantic potential; if we could only somehow "turn things around"! We can all recognize this; even the supposedly blind can see it.

To be able to see our way through the fog, through the smoke and mirrors, through the deceptions we have to THINK LIKE THE ENEMY. And the enemy is/are the underlings of the Master Manipulators/Planners of planet earth. On their drawing boards, America is 21 years into her destruct phase. If you look around carefully, we can see the physical destruction - the largest steel complexes in the world (American) are gutted and rubble, Waco, Oklahoma City, the World Trade Center all are rubble; the Los Angeles Naval Base and Installation is no longer and now a base of import from and controlled by China. Yet the American people themselves are not rubble, nor gutted, nor defeated! That is why the next phase of destruction most likely will come as mind-control and "blood running in the streets". You might ask "why that?" France was a mighty nation; but is a puny brother compared to America. Look at what happened to her in her destruct phase (starting with the end of the American Revolution). If it took all that to bring France to her knees, think how much more severe the actions needed to reduce America to its knees per the time-table of the Master Manipulators.

And what better method to keep the American masses from genuinely revolting, especially the active thinkers, than "Messages" from those who observe us and want to help us? All of it done with either willing accomplices or honest though duped targets of mental messages á lá mind influence/control technology that targets individuals.

The toughest, largest, most perplexing problem is sorting out what is genuinely from the Almighty, what is from the pseudo-helpers-of-the-Almighty, and the money grubbers posing as helpers-of-the-Almighty! I too am in the middle of the jungle with you, my compass has leaked and hardly works, I can't see the stars to know where I am, and my machete is dull. Most of us probably feel a bit like this at times. Allow us to swap information freely and without condemnation, maybe, combined, we can figure out where we are.

Philip N. Ledoux

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