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By Philip N. Ledoux
February 6, 2005

I have a foster child in Nepal, courtesy of Plan International, the American arm is known as Childreach. It started in the 1930ies and later was absorbed by the UN. I have been corresponding with Dinesh Yadev for six years.

Nepal comes in dead last in every statistical game played. The king was educated in England and did study at Harvard. It appeared that he was leading his nation forward at a steady pace. (How do you bring a pre-Dark Age nation into the 20th and 21st century gracefully?) TPTB [The Powers That Be] have raped Nepal of her hydro-electric resources. Many dam/water power generating schemes have been built. Less than a trickle gets back to the populace.

In any "rape" scheme, kickbacks are the name of the game, and probably the king was on the take too. But how much largess does it take to live royally in the poorest country in the world. "Me thinks" that the king was taking most of his "take" and plowing it back into helping his people. There was a school building program that was systematically being built around the country for the past 15 years, and health clinics and small hospitals being built. "Me thinks" the king was financing this basic need from his take without TPTB knowing what was going on.

In recent years there was an insurgence of "Marxism" moving into Nepal from former Tibet, aided by a road system cut through the Himalayas in the last decade. This Marxist movement had two "faces"; one that the Nepalese saw and one reported in the world press; two different faces. According to most media (that the average person reads) the Nepalese are so poor and suppressed that they willingly help the Marxists take over the "outlying areas". I am very dubious about that, because in letters I received not a peep about "guerrillas" or Marxists. I wouldn't suspect an American child in high school to be very interested in politics, but in Nepal a young man of high school age would be at home on the farm toiling with his parents, and would be highly aware of what is going on, he would be considered an adult in our terms. I also luckily found a internal newspaper site who had a millionaire contributor who's life had been saved in the mountains by a native Napalese, and eventually adopted that man's child. The writer had a foot in both cultures. His opinion from the inside was that the Marxist push would fail of its own inability to deliver the goods. It wasn't making any headway except in the high mountain valleys.

Now let us look at approximately 2 1/2 years ago the events surrounding the king. The king is more than liked by his people. In most of their eyes he is a "God". He has gradually been among his people in less formal circumstances, and travels regularly around Nepal seeing with his own eyes what is happening. He created a royal shake-up when he ordered all of the country's officials to go out and check for themselves what was happening instead of relying on 4th and 5th handed information; under threat of loosing their "jobs". In my mind, the king knew where and how to create genuine change.

There were several dynastic clans vying for control of Nepal. In recent history it narrowed down to two clans, and the current one had been in power for 4 generations. The king had brought in (or mandated) electric buses for the capital city. It was smog free. Some 8 or so years ago, someone in the governmental inner sanctums had allowed diesel buses to be imported and that same area is like any metropolitan city with smog. The "agents of change" were hard at work undoing the king's wishes. The heir apparent Dipnendra was educated in England and outside news sources paint him as a lazy, hard drinking, indolent momma's boy. The king was grooming him for his upcoming role by taking him around the country with him on his forays within the country.

Now enter the unexpected plans of TPTB.

With an unusual interest in Nepal along with an analytical mind, I can see where the King was raising his people above the accepted norm of poverty mandated by the TPTB, and apparently discovered just how far and wide the king's plans were operating and how they were funded. Using the pretext of an unhappy heir apparent who wanted to marry the beauty of the opposing clan, the CIA sent in a sting operation (at least it has all the ear-markings of CIA). Supposedly Dipnendra had been drinking heavily and had a heated argument with his father the king, yet only 2 hours before he was stone-sober. He went to his private chambers, took several fire-arms with him, killed his father, mother, aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews; then went outside and committed suicide. All the while the palace guards did nothing; only one was experienced the others all new to the job. Dipnendra was known to hate cats, and would play the game of shooting cats at any hour of day or night. Enough high-speed lead was flying that night to secure a beach-head! And the guards think it is pinging at cats?

The special team had a lots of work to do quickly. They had to smuggle someone dressed similar to Dipnendra and a near look-alike, at least near enough in a panic; keep the guards at bay, kill Dipnendra and call it a suicide. The total country went into a fenzy and mourning. The Nepalese Army had quite a fight on their hands keeping the outburst from overrunning the palace! The King and Queen's funeral started the next day! Dipnendra lived for two days and then died. Therefore he was king for two or three days. "Fortunately" the king's brother was on the other side of the kingdom attending to some official ceremony and was not present at the massacre.

In their haste the killing team forgot a small detail that gives the whole thing away. The heir apparent had enough clout around the ruling and administrating portion of the government that 'most anyone who needed something to do with Nepal, courted Dipnendra. He was a sportsman and liked to hunt. As a result Dipnendra had a small private arsenal of all kinds of rifles, handguns and weapons all specially fabricated for him because he was left-handed. Now that the reader understands that, could you explain to me how a man who has left handed weapons designed especially for him, manage to kill himself by shooting himself in his RIGHT temple?

The only remaining heir to the throne was the King's brother who "miraculously" was away from the palace the evening of the massacre. In charity to the man, he is a "Casper Milktoast". It is only since "King Casper" has been ruling the country that the Marxist Menace has gained force and momentum. Along with this phenomena, recently employment agencies have sprung up in Nepal giving a quick training course and shipping Nepalese women around Asia to be housekeepers; actually in house harems for the rich. The women are trapped with no way out. Three months ago I received notification from Plan International that they were no longer able to forward and receive letters to my foster child because in that region all Plan offices had been destroyed by the Marxists Rebels. That means that the local school, built new only 3 years ago partly funded by Plan, is now rubble - the Plan offices were in that building. Is the same happening to the higher education schools and medical clinics? Highly probable. When you understand the bigger plans of TPTB, it is easy to conclude that the Nepalese people are going to become poorer and poorer. And TPTB will then be able to continue to rape and develop the hydro electric potential of Nepal to be "shipped" to the world outside Nepal.

Philip N. Ledoux

February 2005

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