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Philip Ledoux, E-Y Contributor, Passes Away at Age 82
September 4, 2011

Philip Ledoux, E-Y Contributor, Passes Away at Age 82 (Sep. 4, 2011)

Sept. 4, 2011. Tim HIcks called me today to tell me that Phil Ledoux, whose commentaries nd essays have been featured at this web site for many years, had passed away a few days ago at the Veteran's hospital in New Hampshire. He was 82 years old. Phil had been living in New Hampshire with his daughter, Sylvia, in recent years. I don't know the exact cause of his death yet, but Tim said that Phil's organs had been shutting down and it appeared that it was his time. I plan on calling his daughter tomorrow and hopefully find out more.

Tim told me there was a memorial service yesterday, September 3, and that Phil was buried this morning, September 4, at St Mary's cemetary.

Phil had a long career in the US Navy as a submariner and had extraordinary experiences while in the Navy. He was no stranger to the paranormal and Way Above Top Secret Naval projects and operations. He was a top notch dowser and a humanitarian to the core who always wanted to share his insights and knowledge to the betterment of mankind. A true blue American in the best sense of the word. He had lovingly tended to his wife until her passing a few years ago.

God Bless Phil Ledoux, a wonderful human being. May he find happiness and joy re-united with is wife and loved ones.

Ken Adachi

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