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Eight Incontestable Photographic Facts That Show the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" and
the Hospitalized "Jeff Bauman" are Two Different Individuals

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 10, 2013

Eight Incontestable Photographic Facts That Show the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" and the Hospitalized "Jeff Bauman" are Two Different Individuals (May 10, 2013)

Question: Is the "Jeff Bauman" seen in the hospital (A), and on the Jeff Bauman donation page (B & C) the same "Jeff Bauman" seen in the wheelchair at the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013?

(A)                                                                                                (B)                                                                                                              (C)

Bauman in hospital Bauman from donation page photo D1 Bauman from donation page photo D2

The April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman"                 Army Lt.. Nick Vogt

Boston Marathon Jeff with center hairline jogLt Nick Vogt center hariline job
Photographic Discrepancies Between the April 15 Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" and the Hospitalized/Donations Recipient "Jeff Bauman"

1. The Widow's Peak Hairline Jog

I was wondering why the hospital bed version of Jeff Bauman shows him wearing some sort of head covering when he had no injuries to his head. Perhaps it was intended to conceal the difference in the kinky hair of the Boston Marathon version of 'Jeff' and his counterpart in the hospital bed. I did notice a similar hairline jog at the center of the forehead in both the Boston Marathon Jeff and this photo of the short haired Lt Nick Vogt. Those pesky hair growth patterns in both the moustache area and the widow's peak of the forehead can reveal interesting clues for "inquiring minds who want to know."

2. Kinky, Curly Hair of the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman"

Notice how much more kinky and tightly curled is the hair of the actor who played "Jeff Bauman" at the Boston Marathon versus the "Jeff Bauman" who's collecting the donation money and playing 'hero' for the news cameras. In all the Internet photos I've seen so far of the 'donations' version of Jeff Bauman, his hair is not kinky at all. It's relatively straight and fluffy versus the tightly curled hair seen on the April 15 version of Jeff Bauman at the Boston Marathon.

3. "Jeff Bauman" of the April 15 Boston Marathon parts his hair on the RIGHT side of his head, while the hospitalized/ donations-recepient "Jeff Bauman" parts his hair on the LEFT side..

4. Comparing the Eyes

The eyes of the guy collecting the donation money look softer, gentler, and more doe-like than the eyes of the actor seen in the wheelchair at the Boston Marathon on April 15 (in fact, the eyes of the "Donations Jeff" have the slightly distant. vulnerable look of people who have undergone mind control programming, as seen in photos of Brice Taylor's children in her book, Thanks For The Memories). I see much more similarity in the eyes of Lt Nick Vogt and the Boston Marathon "Jeff" than I do in the Donations 'Jeff'

5. Darkened Circles and More Pronounced Under-eye Bags on the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" (and Lt. Nick Vogt)

Every photo of the April 15 "Jeff Bauman" and Lt. Nick Vogt show the same darkened under-eye bags, while most photos of the Donations "Jeff Bauman" show no under-eye bags, or in the case of the Bruins photo seen below, only reveal a slight puffiness when smiling, but NO darkened under-eye circles.

6. Moustache Hair Growth Shadow Extends Below The Corners of the Mouth on the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" and on Lt. Nick Vogt

It's obvious from the Boston Marathon photos of "Jeff Bauman" that his moustache hair growth pattern turns sharply downward at the corner of the mouth and extends below the mouth, while the moustache hair growth shadow of the "Donations Jeff Bauman" terminates substantially above the corner of his mouth. Look carefully at the photos of Lt. Nick Vogt and you will notice the same Fu Manchu style moustache hair growth pattern as seen in the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman."

"Jeff Bauman" actor at the Boston Marathon                  Photo of Jeff Bauman posted at his donations page                                     Jeff Bauman being cheered at May 4, 2013 Bruins game                    

Bauman wheelchair2 arrows and textBauman from donation page photo arrows and textJeff Bauman at Gruins game 













7. The Pointy Left Ear of Lt Nick Vogt and Its Sharp Corner Bump

Lt. Nick Vogt has a sharply pointed left ear apex with a distinct inward indentation towards a "corner bump" seen on the outer edge of his upper ear. You can see a similar indentation and "corner bump"
on the left ear of "Jeff Bauman" photographed at the Boston Marathon on April 15. The courageous, heroic, media-feted, $752k donations-recipient "Jeff Bauman" has a perfectly round left ear apex with no distinct indentation leading to a "corner bump" as seen on the Boston Marathon version of "Jeff Bauman."

      Lt. Nick Vogt                                                                   Lt. Nick vogt at Medals Award Ceremony                                            "Jeff Bauman" on April 15 at the Boston Marathon

Nick Vogt Left ear distinct indentationLt ick Vogy at Army Medals Ceremony "Jeff Bauman" Boston Marathon left ear bump                                                                       

"Donations Jeff" visits teen Sydney Corcoran in hospital                                Jeff Bauman at May 4, 2013 Bruins game   

Jeff Bauman givers birthday gift to Sydney CorcoranJeff Bauman Bruins game left ear  "Jeff Bauman" at Boston Marathon left ear     














8.. The Missing Left Hand Pinky Finger of the April 15 "Jeff Bauman" (and Lt. Nick Vogt) versus the Left Hand of "Donations Jeff Bauman"

The most damning evidence proving that the Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman" and the "Donations Jeff Bauman" are two different people is the absence of the left hand pinky finger discovered in one video frame capture posted at and identified as "V7px8wa." On April 27, 2013, I posted an enlarged photo of this incriminating video frame capture as well as cropped enlargements of the left hand of Boston Marathon "Jeff Bauman"

Breakthrough Photo Enlargement: ... (April 27, 2013)

You can see the original video frame capture at the above link (or at the bottom of this page), but I'll reproduce the enlarged left hand crop here, along with photos of Lt. Nick Vogt's missing left hand pinky finger, and the very much intact left hand fingers of our valiant hero/bombing survivor 'Donations Jeff.'

Enlarged left hand of "Jeff Bauman" at Boston Marathon staged bombing hoax                               Lt. Nick Vogt holding red banner flag                                                               Missing pinky finger

Left hand enlargement of "Jeff Bauman" at Boston Marathon staged hoaxNick Vogt reveals missing left han dpionky fingerNick Vogy left hand enlarged 











"Donations Jeff" has all of his left hand fingers.      

Jeff Bauman Donations page Pun As of May 9, 2013, 'Donations Jeff" has raked in "$752,174 raised by 16,087 people in 23 days."

Bucks for Bauman

Of course, the sign is intended as double entendre mirth for the treasonous louts who are participating in this highly lucrative hoax. Even a child doesn't print an "R" as poorly as this one. No, they are sending the message of "Pun" to all of their pals in the military, DHS, and government who are involved in this deception.









.This incrinminating, smoking gun video frame capture and other video frames can be downloaded from this link:

Boston Marathon video capture frame showing left hand of "Jeff Bauman"

Ken Adachi


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Subject: Boston bombing
From: Julane
Date: Sun, May 12, 2013
To: Ken Adachi


I appreciate all you are doing to uncover the truth, not that it makes any difference to those enslaved by government handouts. Apathy is a powerful drug

I have a question about amputee guy

Their noses look very different. One has a wider nostril flare The other has a sharp, pointed, down turned nose. I don't put anything past our government. I think the last Pres who actually would have exposed the Feds,
for who they are , was Kennedy. Kennedy stated as much, dead a couple days later. Since that time, I believe we have a one party Government, They just " play" good cop/ bad cop. To keep US distracted


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