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Planetary Initiation Offers an Electromagnetic Shield
Against Dark Alien Mind Influencing

From Willy and Andy
February 20, 2007


I don't know if this info. is too spiritual but here it goes-

Golden Ascended Masters Planetary Initiation Technique

There is an initiation for the planet that will create an electromagnetic shield at the level of the Causal Body that will broadcast a signal of freedom to all of those that have been affected by low extraterrestrial transmissions. This initiation is given by the Interdimesional Golden ET masters and is designed to awaken within the mind structures of any individual, a chain of information that will counteract mental manipulation at the lower levels where the grays ET operate.

This transmission will commence a sequence of transmissions every year until 2012. This shield will resonate magnetically against all other transmissions from the grays. The wonderful thing is that the Golden Et uses the human aura as a device to resonate this energy patterns that will disrupt all Alien energies and metal waves, wherever any person with this initiation is located, affecting not only his environment, but also his relatives and his friends.

In addition, this initiation will create a big shift in perception for all who receive it and have been manipulated by this force and will open a channel to the Conscious Self to become aware of the subconscious patterns that the lower ET transitions create. In short, this initiation is the solution to many cases of mental ET mind control used on unsuspecting people.

The wonderful part is that anyone that asks for this initiation can receive it just by asking for it: Just close your eyes, relax and think these words:

" It is my intention to receive the Golden Inter dimensional Bands of Love and Light right now -and so it is"

The transmission will last 30 minutes and can be repeated once every new year to get an update and a more powerful version until 2012.

That's all.- I guess the only way is for you to try it and if it works and you feel like placing it in your web page, go ahead

Much love... Andy

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