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Pleomorphism, Its Discovery and Suppression

[Editor's Note: Dave Cowan of Canada is a skilled operator of a computer based radionics machine developed by Bill Nelson called the QXCI machine. Skillful use of such a machine allows the operator to obtain infromation about the body from a distance and can even send "adjustment information" through the ether to help the body recover from its lowered energy state and disequilibriums generated by disease conditions. If interested in more information, you can always contact Dave by sending him an e-mail at: Adachi]

By Dave Cowan <>
November 16, 2003

When Louis Pasteur (1822 – 1895) went public with his Germ Theory of disease, Europe continued to be ravaged by waves of infectious plagues, including Cholera, Typhus, Pneumonia (‘consumption’) and Tuberculosis; not to mention the not-too-distant memory of the Black Death. Pasteur’s discovery was due to the invention of the microscope.

The officials and public of the era were ripe for a simple and direct explanation from the emerging world of the Natural Sciences for these tragic and decimating diseases. However, at the time Pasteur was formulating and publicizing his work, a quiet, much more qualified and experienced researcher, Pierre Bechamp, was also looking at the new frontier-world of microbes, and came up with a more complex, but thorough, understanding of these miniature marvels.

He identified a fundamental unit of microbiological life, named the ‘microzyma’, which he said was critical in supporting the life of cells, but could be triggered into pathogenic states, depending on specific changes in the state of the internal (particularly the blood) environment. Therefore, the bacteria and other micro-organisms; viruses and fungi, that were being blamed as the cause of disease, were viewed by Bechamp as being part of Nature’s ‘clean-up crew’, breaking down sick tissue and ultimately decomposing a no-longer-occupied body. Bechamp also viewed these micro-organisms as ‘changing forms’ (pleomorphic): from seed to bacterial, viral and fungal states, rather than being seen as discrete species unto themselves.

Once these bugs have done the job, they revert to the ‘seed’ stage once again ready to support new life. The very ground we stand on is teeming with these fundamental biological units. I once saw a video of a microzma expiring and emitting a photon of light in the process. Perhaps these units represent the transitional point where Light becomes living Matter.

The consciousness of the era, however, was, as noted, looking for a simpler, more linear explanation for disease, and as Pasteur was more of a PR man than Bechamp, he won the recognition of academia and society. Also, the simplistic notion of ‘kill the bug, cure the disease’ was very appealing for the emerging Pharmaceutical trade, and continues to provide a major illusion in support of one of the newest ‘plagues’, the overuse of antibiotics.

Pasteur’s conscience, however, moved him to say on his deathbed, “Bechamp was right!”. As Bill Nelson, developer of the QXCI machine likes to say, "the Germ theory proposes you get rid of the flies, while it makes more sense to clean up the garbage attracting them."

As a result of the entrenchment of the Germ Theory in the western mind, other research pioneers who (often independently) corroborated Bechamp’s work, operated on the fringes of mainstream science and did not receive the financial support that would have promoted their findings.

One of the reasons there is some confusion about the concept of Pleomorhism is the language used to describe the various forms was drawn from different researchers who each used their own terminology, unaware of their colleague’s work. Thus, the "Micozyma" of Bechamp is also referred to as a "Protit", "Bion", or "Vion" by other researachers.

The QXCI machine
The QXCI machine, on the Pleomorphic Panel in the Dark Field Blood area, uses the terminology of "Enderlien" from Germany. We can also consider the work of Gaston Naesson of Quebec, Wilhelm Reich, and of course, Royal Rife.

With the creation of Rife's Universal Microscope in the 1930’s, Rife was able to observe and prove the reality of pleomorphism. He was able to do this partly because of his advancements with optics, but also because he used light frequencies to highlight his samples rather than chemical dyes. Using dyes kills the specimen, so tissues cannot be viewed in the natural living state. Studying dead samples is a dumb as studying cadavers to understand living processes. Further, Rife was able to isolate the particular viral form involved in all forms of Cancer, and discover a frequency signal that would neutralize it.

Maurice Fishbein, representing the AMA at the time, wanted to ‘buy into’ Rife’s discovery for personal gain. As Rife said ‘no’ to his offer, the once-supportive AMA establishment henceforth vilified him in print and his discoveries were driven underground. Government goon squads attempted to physically destroy all the evidence of Rife’s work. There are a handful of Rife’s Universal Microscopes in existence, but none of them complete and functional. Instead, mainstream science uses the Electron Microscope, which kills the sample with radiation in the process of viewing the sample.

Factors for us to be aware of that create disturbances in the Pleomorphic chain of states include: low blood oxygen (arising from any variety of reasons…see the article on Low Cell Vitality on this topic); ongoing imbalances in PH; overgrowth of bowel-based Fungi (ie: the Candidas); and Emotional trauma.

If you see numbers over 90 on the Pleomorph page, use the Blood Treatment panel for Pleomorphic Balance. We do not want to ‘zap’ each phase, as we may be upsetting the delicate balance the body is attempting to create. Most importantly is to address the causal factors.

Using the frequency 66.5 in the Manual Rife function balances the Pleomorphic counts, as does a drop of Essential Oil of Peppermint in each glass of water and using Grape Plant Extract.

For more insight into this fascinating topic I highly recommend Nina Silver’s book, ‘The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing’. As the Pleomorphic Theory illustrates, life is incredibly complex and ordered. We must help our clients appreciate this complexity, and thus foster a sense of wonder and respect for themselves as expressions of creative intelligence.

Dave Cowan

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