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Pope Ratzinger Displays the Satanic Hand Sign
February 23, 2009

Pope Ratzinger Displays the Satanic Hand Sign (Feb. 23, 2009)

Forward courtesy of Rich Morton

Pope Joey the Rat (Ratzinger) was photographed giving the sign of the horns.

Pope Ratzinger flashes Satanic hand signMrs Obama is photographed doing likewise on a magazine cover recently displayed on the Internet. The Bush family has been photographed doing the same thing as well as numerous leaders of political parties and governments including the president of Iran and Russian leaders.

Why do they all like being photographed with that hand signal? Keep in mind the M5 segments about the Orion Empire and the sequentialization of Earth, as well as the competition between various Empire factions for power on our planet.

The hand signal indicates that they represent one of the factions of the Orion Empire and that they are doing their part in the sequentialization of Earth. Old Bush did it and talked of the “new world order” in the early 90’s. Since then, it’s become more and more overt due to the success of Earth sequentialization processes.

Few resist sequentialization. It’s the old frog in the water trick: as long as one slowly turns up the heat, the frog won’t know it’s being cooked till it’s too late. Add to that, the comparison of crabs in a bucket: if one tries to escape, the others pull it back down. As long as the majority of Americans have their TV sports, drugs and alcohol, they will let things pass.

The group that plans to be the main cog in Earth’s planetary rule, in the name of the Empire, is the Ashkenazi jews, primarily the Rothschild family. The zionists are their front and the excessive use of the term “anti-semitic” is their main verbal weapon. Using that term, to any who challenge their rule, pulls crabs back into the bucket when they dare to examine what really happened in Germany during WWII or the numerous war crimes that Israel is guilty of. This group has cowed much of Europe and Canada. It is attempting to do the same to the United States. They are the great victimizers masquerading as victims.

The Ashkenazi jews are not a semitic group. The Arabs and the Sephardic jews are semitic. It is the Ashkenazi who are “anti-semitic” since they are rabidly anti-Arab. Yet, Earthers love to make dark seem light and up seem down. It’s all part of EndGame in particular. The zionist jews are masters of that deception.

EndGame is rapidly accelerating. Alien craft are being regularly seen all over the world. A Siberian city of 300,000 witnesses and photographed one today, but you can find unending reports of these craft. I hope the Alien Wild Card will be played. I’d really enjoy that one.

The Greater Depression is getting worse in America and, hence, the rest of the world. Planetary Spirit activities have been increasing also with chaotic weather.

Keep observing and never forget, no matter what happens to trust in YOUR Higher Self.

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