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Defeating the Dark Side with Positive Intent Thoughtforms

By Grey Wolf <>
February 18, 2007

One of Vianna Stibals books, I think its Go up and work with God, has a section on clearing out implants, in 1-5 minutes. And she knows nothing of Don Croft or anything about orgonite. One of your messages talked about the Draco home planet being covered with DOR. I have used thoughtforms to transform DOR, they aren't quite as effective as TB's, etc., but I get good results.

Thoughtforms are basically just intent in form. One gets into a relaxed state, using maybe Jeffrey Thompson's Theta CD's, and then think about the intent of the thoughtform, really a feeling-form. Feel the intent already real. It needs a name- let your subconscious assign something with say 1,000 characters, from all alphabets ever used, a lifetime, a mission, and a location. Roving is a location. You can also make them replicate virally. Of course this is all metaphor, then again all language is metaphor. Just for kicks, I set up a thoughtform reader on one of the portals to the Draco home world. I was staggered at the number of viral thoughtforms coming from our planet, to there. They have no idea what they have gotten themselves into.

They may be doing sacrifices, drinking blood, and so on, but it's like Cocaine for them, it's not healthy, and they can't give it up. What addict ever sees self as others do? They always think they are cool. One class of thoughtforms was enlightenment thoughtforms. See, unless you work with angels, thoughtforms have karma, but there's no karmic burden with wishing enlightenment, full blown enlightenment, on a Draco. If you read David Hawkins book Power vs. Force, you realize the Dracos and their supporters are all working well under 200, on his scale. If you get yourself above a 500, you are almost invisible to them, and above 600, they cannot see or perceive you in any way.

Don is seen because he is still combative, and wants to be seen. A thoughtform conceived from a 650 level not only cannot be seen by any Draco or any of their psychics, it is also degrees of magnitude more powerful than anything they have, something like comparing a red giant sun to a candle, only 10 to the billionth to the billionth power more. Humanity recently crossed the bridge of 200, the average level of humanity is now positive, which means positive events will spike no matter what is done. So you could say the Dracos may have their fangs in humanity, but it's more like a grappling hook, they will be pulled along with us into the higher energy levels. Don talks about civilized Draco communities, this may be related.

I have only been using thoughtforms for maybe 10 years. Many people are way ahead of me.

Tired of implants? Create your own implant thoughtform, so that any time anyone puts implants in you, they get a dozen, that replicate, causing their physiology to begin enlightenment.

Tired of vampire tubes being attached to you? Heh heh. I love it when I find those. I put a firehose worth of high energy orgone back through the tube, and put it on constant action. I don't need to cut those tubes, whoever is attaching them wants to cut them, badly, because they are drinking from a fire hose.

I was in the Army at one of the bad places Don mentions, and yes, they do have bad ritual stuff. But its not the majority of people. Those people wanted to attack me, when I knew far less than I know now. Due to who I am, I short circuited their wiring, without even knowing it, one of them did her best to insult me as I left, because that's all they had left. These people all have like a huge dam holding back their karma, just like in the 2nd Lord of the Rings movie. Weaken their karma dams just a little, cut out say 2 supports. They won't have any energy to mess with you, they will be fixing that dam, with a white face, and I guarantee you they won't mess with you again.

My wife used to be bothered by these people. I started putting blue spears in them, more than a pincushion, and making them permanent, including espcially the chakras, and removing the blocks so their soul could shine through. You always have the right to defense of self, family, and community. I have a massive thoughtform set up, in case I am ever hurt, but they leave me alone now. Hide your thoughtforms above even 500, on Hawkins scale, and they cannot see them, and there are no countermeasures for them. Nothing. Even a thoughtform at level 300 that is cloaked, that it has the intent that they can't see it, is very hard for them to find.

Create parasitical thoughtforms to parasitize the negative stuff they do, turning their negative energy into positive, better yet doing so at random, so they won't know what's going on. Put a chaos thoughtform into their ritual sites, to increase the chaos of what they are doing by just 1%, and have good energy show up. And these are only a few of the thoughtforms I have queried.

I have a relative in college who is far ahead of me in this. From a manifesting point of view, I could see Don and crew as showing up to reify what I was doing with thoughtforms, from my perspective. The Universe always reponds to intent. I happen to like working with the Archangel Michael, who does as much for me as Mr. Skull does for Don. If you aren't sure how to do this, you can simply turn the task over to your angel team, and/or Michael. You don't need religion, just lay out your intent, and they do the work.

You can set up blessing thoughtforms so that whatever Lizards say comes out as positive energy, all the time, or at random intervals, or only when it is most embarassing to them. Did I mention that many statues are hollow, and orgonite can be poured in, and you can use like plaster for the last inch. Some candleholders have a hollow bottom, which orgonite nicely weights. Did I mention that they make this epoxy concrete repair stuff, that you can mix metal dust in with. If you use latex rubber, say about 10 coats, on a vaseline covered pebble, then remove, you have a pebble shaped TB, which with paint, is very difficult to discern from a regular rock. You can "repair" rocks, with orgonite, and paint an earth color.

I make my TB's small, say an ounce or so, and put out more, so they are harder to find. Set a tube up to God, via an angel, and you have a flamethrower that will reach out as far as you like, for those who like playing with tubes. The current regime is doing its best to wipe out our economic system, which will actually have the effect of releasing human potential, its as if they want humanity to shed its limiting skin so it can grow into something much more. If Bush and crew had any idea what they were doing, they would do their best to keep good jobs in this country, with great pensions, so people would stay drugged up with the familiar. Cutting the bottom out brings out the survivor in humans, and they will birth a Renaissance bigger than anything ever before seen, as they make themselves totally obsolete. Don't believe me, remote view for yourself.

College getting expensive? More people than ever before are accessing the Universal Consciousness directly, and running businesses with intuition. College is getting obsolete. If you don't like terrorists, create a stupid cap thoughtform, so terrorists make stupid mistakes. Have you seen some of the stupid things Qaeda folks have done, the little they've shown in the news? I won't say anything about Bush. I'm not afraid of these people. Why? Because I see the hunting parties of those way above my level going into say (under) the Mormon Tabernacle, looking for bad energy, and wiping it out, but maintaining the appearance of the bad energy, so the bad folks won't know what's going on for a while yet.

One person operating at a level 500 counteracts 70,000 people below 200, according to Hawkins book. The bad folks are doing their best to counteract what is happening. The Secret, the DVD and book profiled on Oprah, Ellen, and Larry King, is a very watered down version of manifesting, which they are putting out to try to counteract people who are waking up to their abilities. Keep putting out your TBs, HHGs, and so on. Just know that there is a lot more going on than you see. II Kings 6:16 talks a little about this. I have some special news for the people doing nasty things at Fort Huachuca. You have some very special thoughtforms, that go to bad energy like moths go to light. If you people want to do your negative rituals, you just keep right on doing them, you will find your negativity draining away faster than you can replace it, and you will find your negative rituals having positive effects. You will find an angel of healing waking up inside you, and you will find yourself surrounded by some very bright light. If you plan to be doing negative stuff on Ft Huachuca, you will need to do it somewhere else, unless you want some remarkably positive things to happen to you, and you plan to be a very powerful healer and servant of the light. And for you Satanists on Ft Gordon, and Ft Leonard Wood, there are even more surprises waiting for you. Everything waiting for you is designed to work outside of your awareness, until the right moment. I was only a minor participant in what was set up for you. You see, negative people serve a purpose, but only to a point. When that point is reached, they simply vanish, just like with anything else that no longer serves a purpose.

You are free to post this, if you want to, consider it being in the public domain, and not copyrighted, which means anyone else who wants to post it can.

Grey Wolf

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