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The Power of Thought

By Bryan Farnum
April 18, 2005

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Message to all for the week of April 18, 2005:

The Power of thought is one's doorway to good health. The following are some tips for you to consider over the next week.

1) What you fear is what you will bring onto yourself; do not fear anything.

2) Always send love towards your enemy.

3) If you believe someone will not treat you fairly, in most cases they will not.

4) If you believe that negative events will happen; through the collective state of universal consciousness, they likely will happen.

5) If you believe you will get an illness; it likely will happen. The same applies to-if you believe you will not get a certain illness, it likely will not happen.


RATHER, the question should be, who are you? I often run up against people who are extremely critical and judgmental. One must be careful when asking another these questions. The truth is, through my gift of discernment, I know the 'behavior program' weaknesses of those who ask me. My approach is to have the individual asking the question, "Are you born again?" for them to tell me who they are. Meaning, I will tell them how many times within the year, they have,

A) Not spoken the truth.

B) Have broken promises.

C) They have judged or criticized others.

D) They have made fun of others with ill intent.

E) They have not helped others when they were asked.

F) Whether or not they seek religion to mostly help themselves, or mostly help others.

G) Whether or not they truly wanted a child, and if they still want the responsibility of raising children.

H) I would know if they are truly able to express true love.

I) The surprising truth about those individuals who asked the question "If one is born again? is that most of these individuals are connected to God through their intellect and not through their heart. In fact, not more than 15% of Christians truly love themselves.

The question is, "How can one love another, or even have love for God, when one does not truly love themselves?" Can the world be saved by those collectively who do not love themselves? Does the enemy remain outside our physical existence, or does it remain in one's own heart? There is a big difference between someone who is religious; someone who is spiritual and the highest; and someone who is Godly. Who are you?

The truth shall set us all free.

All Glory to God. Amen.

Bryan Farnum

Psalm 105:15 "Saying, touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm."


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