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Ken Presner, the Ultimate Huckster of the Ultimate Zapper

By Ken Adachi, Editor
December 26, 2010

Ken Presner, the Ultimate Huckster of the Ultimate Zapper (Dec. 26, 2010)

I just received an e-mail from someone in Australia who wanted my response to negative statements made about me by Ken Presner, a Canadian who promotes a product called The Ultimate Zapper at

I first mentioned Ken Presner's unmitigated huckster-ism, and his pathological drive to put down anyone else on the internet who sells or promotes a zapper, when I responded to an e-mail I received from a man in Singapore in February 2009 who was initially asking me about obtaining a Beck blood electrifier. After a few back and forth e-mails, he eventually told me that he had purchased Ken Presner's Ultimate Zapper thinking he was getting the equivalent of a Beck electrifier (because Presner made the claim on his web site at that time that his Ultimate Zapper could accomplish the same thing as the Beck electrifier).

You can read the entire exchange here:

Beck Electrifier versus The "Ultimate Zapper" (Feb. 22, 2009)

I wrote back, after going to Presner's web site and reading his lengthy sales pitches, that he was making at least two claims that were not true:

1. Presner implied that his Ultimate Zapper could do what the Dr Bob Beck blood electrifier circuit did.

2. Presner said on his web page (at the time) that his Ultimate Zapper put out " 100% Positive Pulses " while the zappers offered by other vendors on the internet would put out only "50%" pulses, implying that his 100 % pulses were somehow supplying double the therapeutic effect of the puny 50% pulsed zappers offered by his competitors.

Many months later, someone sent me an e-mail saying that Presner had retorted to my criticism of his hype with his own rejoinder. I followed the link and read Presner's rebuttal aimed at me. The first thing that struck me was the incredible length of his response. He must have been re-writing and polishing it for a couple of months. I guess I struck a nerve with a man who can stridently dump on everyone else on the internet who sells a zapper, but doesn't take kindly to criticisms of his BS.

After going to his web site and reading his rebuttal, I immediately noticed that he had edited his web page to eliminate the things that I had criticized him about in my response to the e-mail from Singapore. Presner now re-configured his words and added additional text to make it appear that my criticism about the "100%" were unfounded and he could thus prove that I was a "malicious liar" (his words).

He now eliminates the "100%" part completely and re-casts his description of his output as a "90% Duty Cycle" These are the VERY words that I used when explaining to my readers that I could see from his oscilloscope pictures that his square wave output had about a 90% duty cycle. Presner never used the words "duty cycle" on his web site in February 2009. He only used the expression "100% Positive Pulses"

I explained to my readers that there is no such thing as 100% Positive Pulses (versus 50% pulses according to Guru Presner). 100% Positive Pulses, which refers to duty cycle, cannot occur as you would then be dealing with a pure DC voltage, and not a wave form. After I explained to my readers the meaning of the term "duty cycle", does Presner now incorporates those words into his EDITED web page. He now says that he was merely using the term "near 100%" (which is NOT what I based my criticisms on) and that I can't read English very well and that I'm a "malicious liar".

Simply put, I had caught Presner with his pants around his ankles and he knew it, so he now had to re-edit his web page description to make me appear to be a "liar."

A web site called keeps a record of web site pages. They have something called the Wayback Machine. The last captured page for Ken Presner's web site found with the Wayback Machine is January 2008

You can see the entire web page at the above link. I've copied and pasted below the relevant parts of Presner's statements to which I responded in my Feb.. 2009 e-mail reply. You can see that Presner repeatedly claims that his zapper puts out 100% pulses and there is no mention of the words "duty cycle" anywhere on that page.


Ken Presner's Ultimate Zapper web page, dated January 2008 from :


The Ultimate Zapper produces a positive offset square wave of direct current (DC) that conforms to the research of Dr. Hulda Clark. It has 10 features that create its unique winning formula. They make it the most powerful and effective zapper in the world.

  • 100% POSITIVE PULSES: Twice as long as other zappers click here
  • SUPER STABILIZED WAVE: Therapeutically superior click here
  • FOOTPADS: Greatly improve zapping results click here
  • AC ADAPTER: Produces 10.5 constant volts DC click here
  • PURE SQUARE WAVE: Undistorted by battery discharge click here
  • LOW FREQUENCY: The best frequency at 2,000 Hertz click here
  • ELECTROPORATION is FDA-APPROVED: This powerful therapy is also produced by The Ultimate Zapper click here
  • SUPERIOR HARMONICS: Better than any other zapper click here
  • FOOD ZAPPICATOR: The most effective available click here
  • TOOTH ZAPPICATOR: The most effective and its FREE click here

The Ultimate Zapper has a 3-month trial offer and a lifetime warranty. It is made in Canada by experts using heavy duty, top quality components housed in a rugged, compact ABS plastic box measuring 3.5" (9 cm.) x 2" (5 cm.) x 1" (2.5 cm.). It is built to last a lifetime. It can also be used with a 9-volt battery. The handholds, footpads, clips and wires are all made of solid copper. The instructions, with 3 photos and 2 diagrams, are online here.


The Ultimate Zapper is the only zapper in the world that has a perfect square wave with 100% positive pulses. As you can see in the oscilloscope views above there is no bottom side to the wave. The top side of The Ultimate Zapper's wave is twice as long as the top side of all other zappers.


All other zappers have a square wave with a top side only 50% as long as The Ultimate Zapper's top side. So, at best, their wave can only hope to be 50% as effective. Why? Because the top side of the wave is the therapeutic side. The bottom side of the wave is therapeutically ineffective.


The Ultimate Zapper's 100% positive wave penetrates twice as deep as other zapper waves to kill parasites, bacteria and viruses. It's wave produces full therapeutic effectiveness. You can't get any better than 100%.

The Ultimate Zapper's low frequency increases its penetrating power. It penetrates 3.5 times deeper into tissues than high frequencies. This is known as the "skin effect". So, The Ultimate Zapper penetrates a total of seven times deeper (2 x 3.5) into tissues than high frequency zappers while also killing parasites on the skin's surface and just under the surface.


You can see from his current web page, the he has edited his text to confrom to my criticisms. I haven't read it thoroughly yet, but I no longer see any reference to his Ultimate Zapper doing what the Beck electrifer can do. I also see that he has eliminated the 100% Posive Pulse claims and now uses MY WORDS of a 90% duty cycle.

You can find my name listed among a rogues gallery of 8 or 9 scoundrels posted at this link titled "Popular Zappers, Deceptive Marketing"

The only person who is engaged in DECEPTIVE MARKETING is Ken Presner, the Hype King of Insignificant 'Features' who depends on the reader's lack of knowledge in the field of electronics or electro-medicine in order to impress him (or her) with trivial and unimportant minutia. This guy will take a nothing attribute that's intrinsic to any Hulda Clark style zapper and turn it into a Star Spangled "unique winning formula" to impress the gullible.

Let's examine his 10 'features' individually:

1. 100% Positive Pulses. Already explained above as both inaccurate and nonsensical. It's completely obvious here that Presner is pitching to the uninformed. He wants to impress the reader with the idea that 100% is twice as good as 50%, but in this case, 'percentage' is referring to Duty Cycle and the percentage of duty cycle has NOTHING to do with qualitative percentage. It's not like 50% Duty Cycle is "better" than 20% Duty Cycle, nor is 100% (an impossibility) Duty Cycle "twice" as "good" as 50% Duty Cycle. That's RIDICULOUS, and anyone who has a basic education in electronics KNOWS that's absurd. But this is the 'logic' that Presner is appealing to.

2. SUPER STABILIZED WAVE. What does 'stabilized' mean? That it doesn't drift in frequency? Any Hulda Clark style square wave zapper will have the same exact frequency day in and day out because all of the components are solid state. Is that a Presner' 'unique feature' or do ALL solid state zappers possess the same 'stability' feature? Does 'stabilized' mean that it has a sharp 90 degree cornered square wave? Well, ALL modern solid state Hulda Clark style zappers have a perfectly right angle square wave output.

3. FOOTPADS. What do footpad electrodes have to do with a 'unique feature' of his zapper? It's irrelevant.

4. AC ADAPTER. What does the AC wall adapter have to do with a 'feature' of the zapper? I offer an AC wall adapter with my MST for those who want it. AC wall transformers (wall adapters) can have a regulated output or an unregulated output. AC wall transformers can either deliver an AC voltage output or a DC voltage output. In this case, Presner is using a wall transformer that has a DC voltage output of 10.5 volts. If the wall adapter has a regulated output (10.5 volts for example), then the output voltage will remain the same regardless of the load (up to the current limitations of the transformer). But that's a feature of the AC wall adapter, not of the zapper. And it's hardly 'unique' to the wizardry of Ken Presner. Regulated AC wall adapters are ubiquitous and used routinely throughout the electronics industry.

5. PURE SQUARE WAVE. Presner is touting a 'feature' that is common to all Hulda Clark style zappers, assuming that "pure" refers to a 90 degree corner, flat top square wave.

"Undistorted by battery discharge" is another misdirection. I presume that Ken Presner's 'Ultimate Zapper' is intended to be operated by plugging it into a wall outlet, and that it doesn't come with an internal battery for portable operation. Is this something to tout as a 'feature'? The simplest Hulda Clark style zappers use a 555 op amp which does NOT distort the square wave output as the battery voltage goes down. Yes, the overall peak to peak voltage of the output will diminish as the battery voltage goes down, but the squareness of the wave form output will remain prefectly square (undistorted) down to a low battery voltage level. That's the nature of 555 op amps. Again, Presner is depending on the reader's lack of knowledge in elecrtronics to impress him with insignificant and trivial minutia.

If you study the zapper output on an oscilloscope while it's hooked up to a person who is zapping, the leading right angle edge of the square wave output will round off somewhat due to something called body loading, but that's normal and is seen with most square wave generators (zappers). The leading edge of the square wave contains the highest upper harmonics contained within that wave form and seeing them rounded off when the zapper is hooked up to the user simply means that those upper harmonic frequencies are being absorbed by the user's body, and not that they are not present in the zapper's square wave output.

6. LOW FREQUENCY. Different frequencies have different attributes and different effects when applied to the body. Presner's Ultimate Zapper is operating at 2,000 Hz. So what? There's nothing particulary significant about that frequency. If you read Hulda Clark's books, she does not give any special mention or attach special significance to that frequency. That this frequecy is something of great 'therapeutic' value is Ken Presner's claim, and not Hulda Clark's. Dr. Hulda Clark ran a clinic in Mexico and saw thousands of patients in her years of research. She verified her observations by using the Syncrometer to prove or disprove a thesis. How many patients does Ken Presner see each year? Does he have the skill to use a Syncrometer in order to verify anything?

7. ELECTROPORATION is FDA-APPROVED. This is a completely screwy 'feature' to lay claim to. Dr. Bob Beck talked about electroporation in his lectures on the Beck blood electrifier. I went to the University of California Irvine campus medical library in 1995 and looked up Bob's reference papers on electroporation so I could understand completely what he was talking about. Electroportation is a phenomenon that sometimes occurs under certain conditions (with certain people) when applying bio-electrification devices. It is an undesired by-product effect of bio-electrification that affects some people and is not a desired effect. If you experience electroporation, it means that the cells in your blood stream will open up their gates to allow in whatever drug or alcohol might be in your blood stream at that moment and you will get a greatly heightened effect from that drug or alcohol. It's not something that you want to happen. However, this effect was discussed only as a possiblity when using the Beck electrifer which is a completely different device, using a completely different circuit, applied in a completely unique manner (using an alternating current wave form) than the Hulda Clark style zapper (such as the Ultimate Zapper). Millions of people have used Hulda Clark style zappers for 15 or more years and I seriously doubt if many of them (or any of them) have experienced the effects of electroporation even once. Electroporation is a phenomenon or an effect. It cannot possibly be "FDA - APPROVED".

8. SUPERIOR HARMONICS: Better than any other zapper. Another moronic statement. A square wave output has a 90 degree, right angle square to its leading edge. The harmonics are contained within the leading edge of the waveform. If I produce a perfect right angle square wave at 2,000 Hz from my frequency generator, I will get the SAME quantity and quality of harmonics as Ken Presner gets from his Ultimate Zapper. NO different. A square wave is a square wave. The only way to increase the quality and quantity of harmonics in a square wave is to increase the leading edge voltage of the wave form into a pulse or spike that overshoots the right angle and then comes down to flatten out. Anyone who has basic knowledge in electronics knows this, but the average reader visiting Ken Presner's web site is not educated in basic electronic theory and is being deceived with wholesale malarkey delivered by a used car salesman, which is why I keep referring to him as a huckster.

9. FOOD ZAPPICATOR. Read Hulda Clark's books and she identifies 1,000 Hz (precisely) as the only frequency to use for food zappication; not 1,001 Hz, not 1,500 Hz, and certainly not 2,000 Hz.

10. TOOTH ZAPPICATOR. At last, this single claim may be the only legitimate claim of the lot. Zappication involves the use of the single, positive output terminal from the zapper applied to the single "plus" terminal of a magnetic north speaker. For tooth zappication, the frequency is not terribly significant, but for food zappication, according to Hulda Clark, it is.

There you have it. The ten item 'unique winning formula' of the Ultimate Zapper boiled down to one insignificant claim that holds any legitimacy. .

If I find the time, I'll add more comments to this page about this guy's bloated view of himself and his supposed discoveries. Ken Presner makes Phineas T. Barnum look like a monument to modesty and understatement.

Ken Adachi


Subject: Ken Presner, the Ultimate Huckster of the Ultimate Zapper
From: Chad
Date: Sun, December 26, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Believe it or not, I've actually examined the evidence stated by both parties based on the evidence provided from both sides. In all honesty, the only partially true statement made by Mr.Presner is apparently you're both trying to market a product. Pretty much every other assertion Ken Adachi makes on this matter has been verified. And I can attest to its truthfulness.

I've decided not to send a letter to the other individual because he tends to slander any individual in which he disagrees with. It was once said "one should not entertain the foolish nor cast their pearls before swine"

I truly do not believe my opinion would matter much to Mr.Presner therefore I will refrain from giving it. By your words you will be justified or condemned. It's up to us as individuals to decide which individuals which.



Subject: Ken Presner
From: Karlis (Eastern Europe)
Date: Mon, December 27, 2010
To: Ken Adachi

Hello, Ken,

Reading about Presner, calls from my memory sometimes said by famous Mark Twain (?): - Sometimes hen, layed the egg, cackles as she layed a small planet. (Pardon, if grammar isn’t perfect).

A couple of his ideas are interesting. Several years ago we have proven to shorten the pulses, with goal to economy the current. The results were negative. But we didn’t try to extend pulses. Obviously, it will raise the current, but it can have positive effect, – adding harmonics. Let us prove this!

Added diode & resistor, no more. I think, for effect would be 75/25% enough. 10% for discharging the bio-capacitor may be enough only with diode-shunting of output resistor, – and very low frequency.

Very funny is his powering method! But the most laughable is raising the effectivity by “higher conductivity” because of non-lead solder (for mA currents!). A great KINDERGARTEN!

Still laughing – Karlis


Hello Karlis,

I didn't even notice that he took credit for "increased" conductivity by using lead free solder! Holy Cow, the guy is even more ridiculous than I had thought.

I wanted to talk to you about this area anyway. I've tried 20% duty cycle out to 80% duty cycle and I think there are benefits and deficits to both extremes. For a long time I zapped with 80% duty cycle pulses, and yes you get more current, of course. But these are special electro and magnetic attributes to narrow pulses that go beyond saving current.

The narrow pulse produces UNUSUAL and REMARKABLE results. Pulse zapping is a separate area of science all by itself.

And there is also something to be said for the 50% SYMMETRICAL duty cycles as well.

There is MUCH MORE to zapping than most people realize. You can obtain a host of interesting therapeutic effects with each and every alternation or variation of your application parameters. For instance, Rife had the idea of GATING the output of his Beam Ray device to 50 Hz or so. It seems to me that gating the output of the zapper to match the person's heart rate (E.g. 72 Hz, or whatever it measured at that time while at rest) could have a tremendous effect in boosting the effectiveness of zapping. Hulda Clark did a tremendous job to open up this field of investigation, but there is much more to be learned.

Happy New Year, Ken

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