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Major US Cities to Protest Bush Iran War Mongering, August 2, 2008

From Ken Adachi
August 2, 2008

Major US Cities to Protest Bush Iran War Mongering, August 2, 2008

There will be several large demonstrations in several large US cities today, Saturday, August 2, protesting the Bush regime's attempts to create a pretext for War against Iran. It's better to have protests against Bush's war mongering ways, rather than not to have them, regardless of the near zero coverage they will get in mainstream media or the lack of influence they will have with the criminals occuptying the White House.

The annoying part is that many groups are card carrying members of the American Left who actually think that Barack Obama is going to do something different than George W Bush when it comes to Iraq, Iran. Afghanistan, or any other Illuminati-driven agenda. I can only hope that there are enough speakers who will address the NWO takeover of America, the dominance of traitors in congress, the absurdity of political party "differences", and the need to elect Consitutionalists in place of the NWO sell-outs. should have a listing of the meeting locations in Los Angeles and other major cities in America.

Ken Adachi

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