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The Great Depression II: Are We Being Played?

by Ken Adachi <Editor>
December 3, 2008

The Great Depression II: Are We Being Played? (Dec. 3, 2008)

I'm getting too many indications from mainstream media and from the internet that the coming "Great Depression II" is being excessively hyped and I can't help but feel it's part of a planned covert psyops intended to demoralize and depress the public into believing that it's going to be FAR worst than the Great Depression and there isn't a damn thing that anyone can do to stop it. So the subconscious signal is to pull up the gang plank and hunker down and spend your remaining money on storable food and ammunition.

We all know how Illuminati minions like Greenspan, Paulson, Bernanke, Bush and the NWO sell-outs in congress worked hat in glove with their pals in the international banking industry and Wall Street to manipulate the economic collapse into place, with the 850 Billion Wall Street bailout only being the latest straw added to the break the back of America, but the looming doom that's being played to the hilt on radio and TV strikes me as being too coordinated and too orchestrated.

It's similar to Al Gore's Oscar winning performance recently on TV explaining to billionaire Oprah Winfrey how the Illuminati hoax known as Global Warming is going to bring us all to calamity and ruin unless we willingly yoke ourselves to the carbon footprint millstone and throw away those damnable incandescent light bulbs and instead fill our homes with the faux glow of high voltage, mercury filled, compact fluorescent lighting twisted into a cylinder shape and fitted with a screw-in base (and maybe a few other things they won't tell us about). Or the equally orchestrated maneuver to put up Sarah Palin as McCain's Vice Presidential running mate. Do you suppose that the Illuminati planners who saw to it that she was chosen as McCain's VP didn't know that the vast majority of America was going to reject that incompetent, unseasoned boob who would have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency in order to guarantee the Obama win?

With the exception of Bank of America (or more accurately, Bank of the Illuminati), just about every bank I pass driving around town here in southern California has now folded as an independent bank and has been absorbed into a larger bank, like Washington Mutual's absorbtion into JPMorgan Chase (as in JP Morgan/Rothchild and Rockefeller family owned). It's not a natural unfolding of history when so many banks just fold up their tents without a peep -and overnight- become absorbed into a few top dog banks. The world doesn't work that way. These "failures" and bank acquisitions are planned and orchestrated to consolidate economic leverage into fewer and fewer hands. It's so obvious that a child could see it.

It's unfortunate that so many Americans are so pathetically dumb and blind. If American voters had kicked out of office say 50 or 60% of the NWO sell-outs in the House who voted for the Bailout, we would have set back the Illuminati's takeover agenda by at least a decade, perhaps longer. If we had simply replaced a majority of the NWO House incumbents with whoever ran against them and kicked out key NWO Senate sell-outs like Pat Roberts or Lamar Alexander, we wouldn't be talking about the Great Depression just around the corner. We would be talking about new bills being introduced to cut off funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and possibly be talking about indictments against the top honchos in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who simply took their multi-million dollar golden parachutes and virtually disapperared from public view overnight.

Americans who continue to pin their future hopes and dreams upon the various top corporate hierarchies who are working hand in hand with the Illuminati to take America down are living in a fool's paradise. Corporate America isn't going to save you. The much ballyhooed "credit markets" which we were told had to be rescued (with taxpayer money) at all cost-aren't going to save you. AIG, or Wall Street Derivative funds, or reckless mortgage bankers, or the American Auto industry or any other corporate megalith that we are told "can't be allowed to go under" aren't going to save you either. In fact, they are the ones doing it to you (except you're not suppose to know that).

The way to keep America afloat and functioning is to go independent. Don't depend on a check from corporate America. Start a business. Grow organic vegetables and sell them locally and by overnight courier delivery. Provide a service or a product from your home that serves your local community. Start a victory garden in your back yard. Teach from home or tutor others in their homes. Make documentary videos and post them on YouTube to get your name out there, and then sell them by mail order. Use your imagination and look around to see what service or product needs to be satisfied and then provide that service or product.

As the planned economic collapse deepens, the Illuminati will attempt to use access to food and water as weapons to further consolidate their power and force their will upon us. We must not allow that to happen. If enough people begin to grow their own food and sell the surplus at local farmers markets, there will be an adequate independent food supply chain that will prevent the planners from using food as a weapon of coercion. And if enough people knew that a master water dowser can find water just about anywhere, then we won't have to worry about depending on public utility sources. Similar to the hidden fact that oil replenishes itself abiotically deep underground, so can water be created underground at the interface of certain rock strata. Master water dowser Stephen Reese discovered this in the 1970s and dug many virgin water wells here in southern California which caused many a desert region to bloom and support housing development.

Don't be frightened by all the talk of a coming Depression. Get busy and get independent from the corporate rulers.

Ken Adachi


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From: mary joy harvest
To: Editor
Sent: Thursday, December 04, 2008
Subject: 3 part video on Statism

Dear Ken,

I just found via David Icke's site this rather eye-opening 3 part video series about Statism

When you have time, take a look. It might be something to pass onto your readers.

And your latest article about the next so-called Great Depression was very helpful for me. I live in the country, grow my own veggies and fruit, and work out of my home as a Naturopath. I agree with what you wrote. A lot of people suffer from stress and depression, in these trying times. Your article is empowering. Thank you for taking the time to write it. I appreciate it.

Yours truly, Mary


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From: Kevin Robbins
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008


I just read your article about the supposedly coming American great depression. I agree with you that we probably are being played with by whoever "they" are, but I have one problem with what you wrote. That problem has to do with what you said about Sarah Palin. Yes, I believe she was chosen to help bring out the disgusted Republican voters who might not have voted to make the otherwise manipulated vote look genuine. She may not have the experience that some would like but what experience does Obama have. Besides, why was she compared to Obama when it should have been McCain compared to him. Bringing a different mind set to Washington is just what needs to happen. So rather than shilling for the same old crap that has been going on for years now (referring to the "change" of entrenched appointees that has been going on) people like you, who for some reason think that your intelligence should be the what everyone must believe in, should be pushing for new mindsets to be put into power. That's just like movie stars who think that just because they are worshipped for the acting that they do should be giving out their opinions as to what real people like farmers and other hard working people should believe in. I can certainly name a few, Susan Sarandon who I wish would move out
of the country, and Matt Damon who needs to shut up his real intelligent self before getting in front of camera for some orchestrated words about Sarah Palin. That is all he is good for anyway.

Thank you,

Kevin Robbins

P.S. Did I identify myself enough?


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From: Nancy C
To: Editor
Sent: Friday, December 05, 2008
Subject: Thank You

Hi Mr. Adachi.

Thanks for your encouraging perspective about the Depression hype. I was fearful for awhile, but then I decided I was wasting a lot of good days worrying about the coming "crisis" I ordered a few sensible things and let it go. I am not going to spend our hard-earned savings on a bunch of freeze dried food and weapons. We have gotten out of debt and have a home-based business to fall back on if my husband should lose his job with UPS, and are going on with life as normally as possible.

Nancy C

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