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Taking Out a Patriot
The Railroading of James Traficant
By  Linda Kennedy <>
June 30, 2002

Dear Friends of Freedom and Fellow Fed Up Americans:

As you may have heard, Ohio Congressman James A. Traficant, Jr. was convicted on all ten counts in his trial in Cleveland, OH and awaits his sentencing, which has been rescheduled for July 30.

Although I am not much into political parties, as they all seem to be doing the same thing no matter what they may say, Congressman Traficant has shown to be an outspoken thorn in the side of the powers that be. These are the same elite that we are all trying to oppose as well. With his words and action, he brought down the wrath of the IRS and Justice Department by his constant attacks against them both in the House of Representatives and in the media. This earned him special hostility from the IRS and the Justice Department and many believe resulted in the charges that were brought against him in Federal Court and the resulting trial.

If you would like to see the indictment go to:

Many of us, including those trained in the law, feel that his trial was nothing more than a ~kangaroo court", and that Federal District Judge Leslie Brooks Wells, was not only unfair to Congressman Traficant, but violated her oath of office by excluding testimony that the Congressman could have used to exonerate himself, and by not permitting a ~jury of his peers" (permitted no jurors from his district who love him). In addition, we believe there were several other violations having to do with bribing witnesses using plea bargains, and permitting the entrance of faulty indictments.

Judge Leslie Brooks Wells also made consistent rulings against him in an attitude that prejudiced the jury and caused them to convict Congressman Traficant when there were neither facts nor law to support this conviction. Additionally, and even more shocking, there was an independent trial before this same judge on another matter, and the evidence from that trial was actually proving Traficant's claims (regarding his statement of major corruption in Ohio government). This evidence was also ignored by Judge Leslie Brooks Wells, and the attorney trying to present this separate case, got her license ripped from her for telling the truth about corruption in Ohio. Does anyone see a pattern here?

While the judges would like for you to think there is no recourse against them through judicial immunity, we actually DO have a way to let the Judiciary know that we disapprove of the actions of this sitting Federal Judge. This is known as a "Judicial Complaint" and can be filed by ANY citizen, without the requirement of "standing" and without paying filing fees.

This is our chance to say enough is enough to the Elite, who lord over us their unchecked powers. If we work together we can stop the rogue courts, the retaliatory IRS, and Congress who continually ignore our pleas for justice, and we can do it all in one mass legal, nonviolent action. These Power-elite are not counting on us cooperating in such a manner.

In an unprecedented move, right now, all over America, there are citizens filing complaints against this one judge using the samples we have provided. We, as Citizens of the United States, can each file such a complaint against Judge Leslie Brooks Wells, and it will go on her record and can likely prohibit her from obtaining forward movement in the Federal Courts.

It will also tell the Judiciary, Congress and the IRS that we mean business and we are uniting as a country to force them to follow the facts and the law and to hear our grievances in an unbiased and fair manner and without IRS retaliation. It IS the only recourse we have against a system that penalizes a Congressman for his voice against the Government Agencies that need to have the light shining shone on their darkness, which includes their misdeeds and mistreatment of Citizens.

If you have had enough, if you are tired of begging the aristocrats for a piece of bread that you have put on their tables, if you are tired of rattling your chains, let us now work together to free one of the few who has tried to speak for the people. Let us tell these power mongers, that we will no longer sit by and watch as they pick off the few leaders willing to tell the truth and work for the people.

If you are interested in taking back your position overseeing the government using all legal, nonviolent means, here are the directions, including samples of everything needed to be filed. And may we begin to assert our rights, not in individual pleas but in mass demands.

Linda Kennedy, Attorney, Virginia


28 U.S.C. § 372(c)(1) permits any person (there is no standing requirement) to complain that a federal judge is unable to discharge all the duties of office by reason of mental or physical disability. See In re Complaints of Judicial Misconduct, 9 F. 3d 1562, 1567 (U.S. Jud. Conf. 1993).

1. Rule 1 and 2 can be found at the bottom of the web page:

Book mark this site because you will need it a couple of times. You are supposed to read this material completely. Come on folks, they are making it tough so you won't do it. They know this is their Achilles heel. It is not long.

2. On the same website, at the bottom, you will find the actual judicial complaint form 372:

Go ahead and scroll down to where you see the form and then download and print out this form. The 372 is just the cover sheet for the addendum.

4. Fill out the information portion of the complaint form (called a form 372). This is just a form and it is used as a cover sheet.

-Complainant's Name is you.

-Judge Leslie Wells is who we are complaining about.

-Your complaint is involving one case. We have listed others in some of the addendums to support Traficant's case, and to help others who are fighting against the system for the public, but Traficant's case numbers will suffice.  The judiciary will hear about the others who are being hurt by her also through some of the addendums, and those heroes will be very grateful to you also.

-the Court is:



-the Docket # is: 4:01CR207

-you are not a party to the lawsuit

5. Go to the same web site and pick a sample complaint (there are 12 of them). This is called an addendum (called an "attachment" on the web site) to the Complaint for Judicial Misconduct against federal district court judge Lesley Brooks Wells. She is the judge that decided that the law and the facts did not matter in Congressman Traficant's case. She is the one the powers that be chose to deal out Congressman Traficant's "punishment" for rocking their little comfortable boat that we are having to continually row by the sweat of our brow.

You should attach an addendum (the actual written document which complains about the judge) to the 372 form.

6. Because these judges are trying to make it impossible for us to complain against them (a good sign by the way), they will try to reject claims whatever way possible. After this exercise was done in other circuits a few times, the clerks started counting duplicates all as "one." We do not want that to happen. We want everyone to count so this is what you should do.

7. Any changes you make to these samples should be at the beginning of the complaint unless you choose to rewrite the entire addendum which is fine. Just realize that if you just argue facts, it will be rejected. We must show why the Judge was mentally incompetent with law supporting same. These clerks only look at the first couple of pages so put any changes on the first couple of pages (if you choose to use the sample).

You are allowed up to five (5) pages on the addendum. If you go over that, it is rejected. You do not need to use all five pages.

8. I recommend that you change the heading of the addendum to whatever you'd like to call this but PLEASE do not use any threatening language at the judge. We need to stick to what happened in the case and why she should be removed from the bench for her incompetence.

9. Since such a complaint is confidential, the clerks would prefer the name of the judge complained about not appear on the envelope--At least, this is what the judges want--more secrecy. Since this is what the secret society wants, you might want to consider if it is in the publics best interest to expose a judges misconduct in a secret way as they wish. We are exercising our rights to file and I would imagine that most if not all of us are tired of their secrets. As for me, no more secrets!

10. You do not need to have standing nor must you pay a fee -- just mail four copies in one envelope to:

Office of the Circuit Executive

Attn: Complaint of Disability

503 U.S. Post Office and Courthouse Building

Cincinnati, OH 45202

These complaints are recorded by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, an agency monitored by Congress. Each complaint is supposed to be given a docket number and becomes a permanent part of the judge's personnel file.

If you do not have the money to send the four copies to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, at least send one to either your Congressman or the House Judiciary Committee. The address for your Congressman is:

U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515

But please make this a last option as we want to make sure all claims are registered and filed. We want no excuses from those who are looking for reasons to disqualify a complaint, to have them accidentally "misfiled." We need numbers and repetition here in mass!

The only thing asked, is that you do not modify this progression by doing anything illegal or asking other people to do anything illegal, such as making threats, etc.

Additionally, on each complaint addendum there are three additional address that you may want to copy--however this is optional. Four complaints must go to the Clerks office in Cincinnati, however. More complaints will be coming, but do not delay! Traficant needs air cover now!

Help for James Traficant is in YOUR hands!

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From: Katherine Van Tuyl <>

As you should know, James Traficant was one of the true servants of the people in Congress. He now stands convicted of racketeering.

If you're going to file a complaint, read the "rules" carefully, so you don't write something that will disqualify it. Just don't embellish on the instructions; they seem very straightforward, and there are pre-written arguments you can attach. I am going to file a complaint. Afterwards, I'll do a little research into filing similar complaints in the 9th Circus (ah, Circuit).


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Subject: Help for James Traficant is in YOUR hands!

All: This involves a bit of work and time (probably less than an hour), and a little money (mailing one business-sized envelope), but will make you feel more like you have a reason to celebrate Independence Day when you're done and the envelope is in the mail and on its way. I know you're busy -- so am I -- but this is well worth your time. This lady attorney has spunk and moxie and deserves a big Attagirl from us all! If I wasn't going to do this, I wouldn't ask you to. Julie,

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