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Railroading James Traficant, Part III
Rescue Plan B
{Editor's Note:  This letter was sent by Virginia attorney Linda Kennedy to supporters who have been trying to file complaints against the judges who are involved in the railroading of James Traficant. Before the Illuminati kicks in martial law in the United States and terminates all possibility of constitutional justice, we still have the court systems (corrupt and contolled as they are) to fight with.  Linda Kennedy, working with a handful of awakened citizens, can't overturn the plan to railroad Trafficant alone. She needs nationwide support.  We're lucky to still have some lawyers out there who are willing to buck the system.  Can you help her in some capacity? After all, she's trying to preserve our liberty and those, like Traficant, willing to fight in congress...Ken Adachi]

By Linda Kennedy, Atty <>
August 14, 2002

This correspondence is intended to address the dismissed judicial complaints by Chief Judge Martin concerning James Traficant.  Ok friends, do you want your country back?  Then we need to be in this for the long haul wouldn't you agree?  How bad do you want it back?  We have got to stay vigilant folks?  We are trying to take back what the elitists have stolen from the people and I think most of us agree that it will not be easy.   Are you still in?

The first thing we all must learn is that there are always two edges to a sword--both are sharp!  I will explain below, but don't be surprised if your initial steps fall on deaf ears (like losing at the first level of a court hearing).  When the deck is stacked against you, of course you will lose initially.  But, if you first understand this going into the proceeding, then you will be able to set up your "Plan B" early and be ready to counter attack when, where, and how these corrupt idiots passing judgement of you will least expect it.  In this case, what these arrogant brain- dead judges have done is they have given us a written paper trail of their illegal conduct (such conduct is a felony, 18 U.S.C. § 2071).  This is better than a voice recording.  This is not bad news at all!  Remember, we are asking corrupt judges to find themselves corrupt.  They are not going to do it willingly.   We have to set this up.

Many of us are receiving form letters which are dismissing our complaints against Judge Wells.  The form letters say that our complaints are variations of the same issues of forfeiture and faulty indictments, ignoring the many other issues raised involving corruption.   What is significant here, is that I wrote my own unique complaint that was different from all the others.  It contained nothing about forfeiture and had a lot of other info regarding Well's corrupt conduct that you haven't seen yet. I'm getting the same form letter that many of you are getting, stating that I'm making the same claims as you have filed, but that's not true.  This obviously means, that these arrogant fools have not even read some of our complaints before dismissing them.  Are you getting the picture?  Unlawfully dismissing complaints without even reading them to protect a crony hanging-judge who had marching orders to lynch Traficant????  This is very good news friends.  (Can everyone please send me the original of the entire dismissal paperwork you received-and keep a copy for yourself?  It is very important to gather the evidence of their wrong doing and the best evidence rule means I will need the originals.  Please send to:  Linda Kennedy, 416 London Street, Portsmouth, VA  23704).

OK, question one is answered:  Their ridiculous dismissals are actually good news in that these idiots are giving us the evidence of their own criminal activity.  If you recall, from my original letter, I said, "These complaints are devastating to the federal judges complained about in particular and the federal judiciary in general. In fact, these complaints are so devastating that the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Appeals normally orders his (or her) court clerks to return all duplicate petitions, even though such conduct is a felony, 18 U.S.C. § 2071."   Now for another questions:  Would these judicial tyrants risk criminal activity in returning these complaints if these complaints were not important?

Do you see that they are concerned with receiving them and are doing whatever they can so that they do not have to record them?

For those who understand this, anyone want to guess who is our next 372 recipient?  It only works if we are all involved.  (read on to see if you are right!).

Realize that what we are doing is all a part of the long term plan.  With the issues we raised coming forth (judges with secret financial interests, judges ignoring evidence right under her nose in another case, judges retaliating against whistleblowers, etc), we have personally given Traficant valid defenses he did not have earlier, which he has used even in TV interviews and on CSPAN, and which have helped him show more of the public that this was a Kangaroo Court.  He even told the public that this is what is happening all over America!  Even people who did not know much about the courts are starting to see how ridiculous this matter is.  Even the jurors themselves are stating that they did not know what they know now and would not have voted to convict if they had known before what they know now!  We are helping Traficant, helping the public become aware of a very serious problem in our country, and slapping Congress and the Judiciary all at the same time.  These rogue judges would not break the law and send these complaints back with stupid excuses if our filing them did not hurt them.  Do you see it?

Like I said, however, I hope you are in for the long haul, because we are trying to take control back from the elitists and they are not going to release it quietly or quickly.  We have to tear it from them using all legal, nonviolent means available to us--in mass.  It only works when there are a lot of us doing it.  It only works if these scum bags see that we are not giving up.

Strategy: Re-elect Traficant
Let's summarize and then get to our PLAN B:  We have two different battle fronts going on now.  One is on the political front.  We need to get Traficant reelected.  People, the cowardly Congress who actually orally voted to give Traficant  a motion to stay all proceedings until an investigation into the corruption could take place, could not bring forth enough courage to put their names on the dotted line out of fear of retaliation from someone or something.  It is obviously not their fear of the people as it should be now  is it?  Even worse, our Courts, who have NO ACCOUNTABILITY WHATSOEVER who have unlawfully refused to file your judicial complaints are telling the common people that we have no recourse in spite of what the law says.  You have brought the tyrants out in the open friends.  Your actions have helped bring them forth, showing who and what they truly are.
The Ohio Vote
Now that these elitists have told us that the law and facts don't matter, we need to tell Congress and the Judiciary to stick it!  How do we do this?  No matter what our personal political views are, by reelecting Traficant, we say that these elitist cannot railroad a duly elected public official whistleblower, and we say that we would rather have the man they unlawfully imprisoned in office than would we want these cowards who put him there.    What an embarrassment this would be to our rogue government and courts if we elect someone they railroaded into a jail cell to speak on our behalf.  Do not feel that you might be wasting a vote if you are in Ohio.  You are only wasting a vote if you vote for any one of these silver-spooned-elitests who buy their way onto the ticket and pay back corporate buddies the rest of their careers at our expense.  We need to help Ohio any way we can.  No matter what your political affiliations, please contact the American 1st Party at:

An American Patriot for President
This also means, that at the next presidential elections, we need to vote in mass on one person who does not support the elitist agenda (possibly Traficant if he runs).  Folks we are going to have to agree on someone.  This is our best chance--we must work in mass when these criminals own all the money, power, media, politicians, judges, etc, we the people must work as one voice.

Plan B
The second front is the legal front.  Like I said, I hope you are all in this for the long run.  If we just rely on an emotion and then move on, we won't be able to make a difference.  These sociopaths need to know that we mean business and we want our country back!  If you are ready, please let me know because this is what we do next, in mass called "Plan B".

1)  I am writing to the Chief Judge who told me that these issues I complained about can be appealed.  My letter will explain that my complaint is not an issue which I can appeal.  As he knows, I have no standing to appeal.  My complaint addresses either CORRUPTION in the courts or mental incompetence by the judge.  It is up to Judge Martin and his staff to decide which it is, but obviously anyone who would behave in such a manner is one of the two of these if not both. I am also going to remind Judge Martin that it is unlawful to return my complaint so I requesting my docket number and an idea as to how long before this complaint is legitimately looked into by an unbiased tribunal.

2)  I will send a copy of this complaint and a brief letter to my state representatives asking them why my complaint has not been properly addressed in violation of the statute.  Often times, this bozo will just forward the letter back to the Chief Judge and ask him to take care of it--thus I get two hits.

3)  While that letter is in the mail to Judge Martin, I will be looking on Mike Brown's web site for the next batch of 372 samples I can use to complain this time about --yes some of you guessed it-- Chief Judge Martin who has broken the law by returning 372's without investigating them.  As can be best determined, there is not one Chief Judge that has been able to withstand mass judicial complaints after ignoring the law.   Judge Martin has a lot more legal history under him also so it will be a lot easier to research his misdeeds than it was Judge Wells.  There is much more to complain about which should take his ridiculous claims about us complaining about a judge in a single case away (as if that matters).  Be watching for samples.  You are all now trained in doing these.  We have some 372 seasoned vets among us now!

We need to start taking this country back friends.  I believe it is almost too late, because we are so far gone.  For anyone who in the past had not seen why we need accountability in our courts, this entire Judge Wells situation should make everything perfectly clear.  For those of us who know about this total lack of accountability in the judiciary, having claims dismissed is not surprising, even when we follow the law in making a complaint and even when we do them in mass.   J.A.I.L. for Judges is trying to get the people back over the government like we should be.  We need to promote and support these efforts.

Until we can get the people back where they should be however, we have people being hurt by this corrupt system and right now we have a public official in jail for speaking against the elitists, who is becoming more popular with the masses every day that he sits behind bars.  Let's get him out and get him in front of the nearest microphone as quickly as we can.  I am sure he will have a lot to say once he is sprung.  Or in the worst alternative, he will be giving one minute speeches from jail each and every day if he is elected.  Wouldn't that be nice?

Let's again join in mass by working our PLAN B, following through with our next steps outlined above and continue to take this country back!  It is up to us.  Nobody else will do it for us.  And nobody can do it alone.

Linda Kennedy

Linda Kennedy
416 London Street
Portsmouth, VA  23704
E mail:  <>

(Forward courtesy of Brenda Pitts Bennett <> of Texas Advocates: )

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