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Driver's License to Become National ID Cards

From Alice Lillie <>
November 19, 2006

On November 16 there was an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal about what will happen at the Department of Motor Vehicles in 2008 when the Federal Real ID law goes into effect. The article emphasized the increased wait times. Of course that is not the only issue, and certainly not the most important one. Ron Paul has been warning us about drivers' licenses being turned into national ID cards for a long time, and it truly is happening.

You may read the article at:

I immediately sent a letter to the editor which is seen below.

Please watch your local papers for this issue, and send your own letters to their editors.

I wish you a very happy holiday season, despite the fact that our freedom is disappearing down the drain.

Alice Lillie


To The LVRJ Editor:

I am dismayed that Nevada lawmakers decided to comply with the new drivers license/state ID requirements posed by the Real ID Act. They did not have to. A state can bow out.

This new law, never even read by Congresspeople who voted in favor of it as instructed by the Bush administration, goes into effect in less than two years, and the RJ article was right. We will have to wait long hours at the DMV after searching around for personal documents.

This is actually not the worst of it. Nevada State Senator Beers is right. This is a stealth national ID card. Congressman Ron Paul (Texas) who is the only one left in Washington who has any notion of freedom left and opposes Bush at every turn, has warned us about this for years. The card will comply with federal requirements to list a wealth of highly confidential, including health information, about the individual. It may even contain a RIFD chip that can be read from a few feet away. It is a federal ID, and is state only because it will have the state's logo on it and be issued by the state. And I will lay a hundred to one odds that there will be no way to register a protest when we are forced to apply.

Free countries do not have national ID cards. There is no use in pretending that this is a free country any more, but this has to be resisted, both by our Legislature and by individuals. We must urge the Nevada Legislature to refuse to comply.

As for me, a Libertarian, I register my protest right now against this unconstitutional Real ID act, also the unconstitutional Patriot Act and the more recent unconstitutional Military Commissions Act.

Alice Lillie

(P.S. to Zine recipients: I would have also expressed opposition to the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007, signed by Bush in a secret ceremony about a month ago, which greatly diminished Posse Comitatus, but I could not remember the name of it.

Earlier this year, I posted a new essay on my Blog, entitled _The Roots of Neoconservatism_.
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