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Regionalism: Sneaking America Into World Government

by Jackie Patru, Council on Domestic Relations (CDR)
March, 1996 (revised December, 2000)

Regionalism: Sneaking America Into World Government by Jackie Patru (Dec. 2000)

Governance - as opposed to Government - means "control by rules, restrictions and regulations". That's a far cry from our elective, representative form of government where laws are to be passed only by elected officials – legislators – and only in pursuance of the Constitution.

Regional Governance is a ‘layer’ – or layers – of government run by nameless, faceless and usually ruthless appointed bureaucrats who are insulated from the election process, and therefore accountable only to those who appoint them. And they will not bite the hand that feeds them. The rules and regulations being promulgated via regional governance are mandates trickled up from self-selected world policy makers at the United Nations to the federal, state and local levels.

Regional Governance is the method whereby would-be world rulers intend to control every aspect of our lives. Without the full implementation of Regional Governance, their plan for world dominance cannot succeed.

The following quotes should dispel any doubts about the veracity of the previous statement. From the book published in October of 1995 – in celebration of the UN’s 50th Anniversary – titled Our Global Neighborhood - The United Nations Report of the Commission on Global Governance : [emphasis added]

"REGIONALISM - The UN must prepare for a time when regionalism becomes more ascendant world-wide, and even help the process along. It is committed to doing so; the Secretary-General has called repeatedly for a strengthening of regionalism in global governance, in development no less than in peace and security."

"The development of global governance is part of the evolution of human efforts to organize life on the planet, . . . we are convinced that it is time for the world to move on from the designs evolved over the centuries and given new form in the establishment of the United Nations nearly fifty years ago."

Could they have stated their aims more clearly than that?

On a worldwide scale, the globalists have divided the planet into ten regions. The divisions may have changed from the map we’ve seen. North America – Canada and the U.S. – being Region 1; South America being Region 6. Given the present and ongoing Summit[s] of the Americas being held, it appears the ultimate plan is to unite the ‘Americas’ into one region... one nation, as in the European Union, with one currency. [See related links below for: Summit of the Americas and the Organization of American States]

Following is just a thumbnail sketch of how the plan is being implemented in America. Regional Governance is another layer of government. Picture in your mind a map of the United States of America. Then, picture ten federal regions... so instead of seeing the borders of the 48 contiguous states you see markings that have broken the U.S. up into ten federal regions. We’ve been quite effectively ruled under these ten federal regions since Nixon created them... by the stroke of a pen. (Just doing as he was told) Nixon then established ten mini-federal governments within the states, because each of the ten federal regions has a capitol, and all of the federal regional agencies have offices in the ten federal regional capitols.

When we hear the U.S. Congress talking about the ‘bloc grants’ that are being sent to the states be assured that the money does not go to the states. It goes to the regional agencies such as HUD, HEW, departments of Labor, Commerce, Education, etc, and to regional councils from there. The money is then doled back out to the local governments from which the money was taken in the first place... doled out in return for their compliance. No compliance, no money. We see that word a lot today, don’t we? Compliance. Passing whatever laws and ordinances the federal planners dictate. Those dictates emanate directly from the United Nations.

So, if in your minds eye you can see that map of the 48 contiguous states broken up into ten regions, then think of a little capitol building – a federal capitol building – ten of them planted throughout the country in each of the regional capitols. And that’s how the federal government did it. Richard Nixon claimed they were bringing government closer to the people. Yes... they did. They moved ten little Washington D.C.s right into the states. Nixon called it, "Power to the People".

Then, between 1968 and 1972 the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) urged and encouraged the states to hold constitutional conventions to change their state constitutions. When that happened a section was added in the Local Government Section of the constitutions... the "Intergovernmental Cooperation" section was added. That allows other "units" of government to be created. The "other units of government" are sub-state and multi-state and multi-national regions.

Keep in your minds eye the map outlining the ten federal regions created by the federal government, with ten mini-Washington D.C.’s setting in the federal regional capitols, and now you’ll see how state legislators began politically erasing state borders, by entering into compacts with other states and nations. Thus, bi- and tri-state regions were created, along with bi-national regions.

For example... the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) is comprised of three states, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. There are five or six counties involved in the tri-state DVRPC. By creating these multi-county compacts that crossed state borders, it was "necessary" to have planning commissions to handle the funding. Voila! A "new layer of government". As we all know, it takes money to run governments, so a new layer of taxation was also added. The finest example of taxation without representation. Taxation by and for appointed bureaucrats at that.

The federal dollars are fed through the federal regional agencies to the planning commission, which doles it out to these local governments in three states in return for their compliance. So the state borders were erased. Even though we still have maps that show the state borders, the overlay of regional governance has politically erased the borders. If you’ve wondered how the UN mandates get implemented at the local level... you now have a clue.

We’ve seen how the state borders are politically removed. What about the national borders? Cascadia is a great example here. Cascadia is a region controlled by the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNER), which has been created by compacts between five northwestern states – Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho and Alaska, and two Canadian provinces – British Columbia and Alberta. Cascadia is promoted as the "two-nation vacation"; it’s ‘main street’ is the I-5 corridor from Eugene, Oregon to Vancouver, B.C.; and Cascadia reports its own GNP. Former Washington State Senator, Bluechel, president of the PNER, said, "It’s our version of the European Economic Region". So they’ve politically erased the national borders in that area. U.S. Senator Mark Hatfield was quoted in a publication advertising Cascadia as saying:

"National regions are emerging as key environmental and economic units throughout the world".

Yes. They certainly are. Border Region 21 has also erased national borders between Mexico and four southwestern states - California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. That’s part of the NAFTA deal.

We’ve seen how national and state borders are erased via regionalism. Now let’s look at the method of eliminating the very core of our representative government... the local governments. Within the states they have created regions within the regions, called sub-state regions.

The plan is packaged beautifully and sold to naive, brainwashed (many corrupt) elected officials. The carrot is this: they’re told that by forming consortiums, compacts with other townships, or counties that they can save a lot of money on services and supplies. We’ll create a Council of Government (COG) control the purse, oversee, order and distribute and spend and spend and spend. And the COG will need board members, and secretaries, and treasurers, and "I have a brother-in-law who can... " and "I owe a favor to...", and the beat goes on. Another layer of government, most of the employees of which are appointees. An elected official thrown in to appease the herd and give the appearance that local governments maintain local control. And... another layer of taxes to maintain the new layer of government.

The flow of money is always the same. From the federal government to the federal regional capitol to the COG... and then to the local governments in return for their "compliance" in passing whatever laws and ordinances the federal planners dictate. Remember, the dictates emanate originally from the United Nations.

This report would not be complete without a brief mention of the "Watershed Approach". A back-door approach to regionalism. Example: In the Seeley Creek Watershed (where we live) there are six townships – three in Pennsylvania, three in New York; three counties – two in Pennsylvania, one in New York; and of course, two states. The S.C.W. Association is ‘sponsored’ in part by the Canaan Valley Institute (CVI), located in Virginia.

The CVI is a tax-exempt non-governmental organization (NGO) front group funded by the federal EPA and NOAA. They have lots of federal funds to ‘give’ to the watershed associations they sponsor. Think about it. An NGO funded by federal administrative agencies (created by a president), staffed by appointed bureaucrats with millions of ‘federal dollars’ to hook unsuspecting Citizens into willingly, even proudly and happily, participating in a plan that will eventually take over total control of their private property.

Last fall, 2000, we attended legislative hearings in our county seat, dealing with a proposed bill which would allow counties to create their Storm Water Management Plans on a Watershed Basis. That means, folks, that our new little regional unit being created as a watershed, will be allowed to devise a storm water plan with New York townships and counties. Notice the proposed legislation would "allow"... not mandate to the counties. The ‘allow’ is enough to get the ball rolling if County Supervisors are not up to speed.

For your further enlightenment, a watershed is defined as any land which catches and accumulates rainfall across or under the landscape. Actually, it’s planet earth. More about Watersheds in a separate report. Later.

So now, within your state see in your minds eye the political erasure of local government borders. Sometimes COGs are formed of as many as fifteen or more townships to come up with a "Storm Water Management Plan" mandated by the state, which was mandated by the federal which was mandated by the world government at the UN. Subdivisions among townships or boroughs, inside subdivisions of counties, overlapping city-county regions (called Metro), and some of which over-lap into other states. And do remember the watersheds.

Look at a map of your state and you’ll see all the county lines; look at a more local map and you’ll see all the township, municipalities and borough lines... that is for public consumption. If you can picture in your minds eye this layer of government right over the top... all the money and control is being sifted down through there. That is Regionalism. The plan that is being used to globalize the United States of America.

We would be shocked if suddenly provided with a map that shows the political local, state and national borders as they exist today. Pennsylvania’s global award-winning Governor Tom Ridge, in the Intelligencer Journal in 1996 (no date on the paper) said of local government that "geographic borders once held sacred have become "undeniably artificial". Artificial borders. Political, not geographic. The maps we see are to keep us lulled to sleep.

Elected officials who are informed about the destructive nature of regionalism usually lack the courage to stand up. Those who do have the courage and conscience... those whose moral fiber will not allow them to intentionally betray the trust of their constituents don’t have the support of their constituents so they go down in flames. Removed from committees, stripped of their local offices and staff, belittled by the controlled media and finally, vote scammed out of re-election.

It appears that the only way this will be stopped is when enough politically active Americans realize that their complaints about federal usurpation of states rights are being directed to the wrong place. Usurpation can only occur when another entity acquiesces to the usurpation. That’s us, folks.

Sorry to burst the fantasy bubble that has been created by all the phony conservative / Christian-conservative leaders who’ve held sway over our minds and hearts for thirty-some years now. They would have us believe that calls, letters, faxes, e-mails to federal officials – whether they be elected or appointed – make a difference. They don’t. * The action is in our own back yards... our communities, townships, counties, cities and states. Attending local government meetings is possibly the most important political activity in which we could engage. You see now why the slogan from the UN’s Habitat II forum is "Think globally, ACT locally".

Here’s a final quote from Our Global Neighborhood - The United Nations Report of the Commission on Global Governance :

"REGIONALISM and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE - The development of regionalism cannot be isolated from global institutions. Affecting each other in many ways, these groups should be linked in a dynamic process of interaction. Regional arrangements have the potential to complement and contribute to Global Governance, but may not produce a positive outcome automatically." [They're "experimenting" with world government and the people of the world are their guinea pigs]

* You’ll notice, also, that the phony Christian-conservatives have never warned you about the very plan that is the very means whereby the planners are silently, insidiously and deceptively dragging America into a global government, the seat of which is intended to be the United Nations. That plan is Regional Governance.

May God bless America and may He bless and guide our work.

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