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Remarkable Aerial Objects & Huge Bee-like Creature Filmed Over Connecticut March 20-26, 2005

From Ken Adachi <E-mail>
June 24, 2006

Remarkable Aerial Objects & Huge Bee-like Creature Filmed Over Connecticut March 20-26, 2005 (June 24, 2005)

Crop and adjusted contrast of Super cube sprayerGeorge NaytowhowCon caught some remarkable images on 35mm film near his home in Sharon, Connecticut between March 20 and March 26 of 2005. George used a Konica 35mm camera with both a 200mm and 400mm zoom lens. He e-mailed me a three page photo essay a few days after taking these pictures that included cropped panels of his photos with explanatory text. I had planned to post them right away, but I lost track of the job due to overload and didn't find where I had stored his pictures until a couple of days ago when I discovered them in a mislabeled folder (sorry George). Anyway, I'll post his photo essay pages as sent to me, but I'll also divide up some photos into separate sections so you could see the pictures with less crowding. In some cases, I tried to draw out more details from the photos by using Photoshop 7.0, but I always identify George's original first and then tell you what filters or adjustments I applied using Photoshop. All of the objects photographed seem to be associated with chemtrail spraying activity. I'll start with the more conventional looking aircraft and and advance towards the really weird stuff. All photos and associated text below are copyright 2005 to George NaytowhowCon (all rights reserved)

Photo Essay Page 1

Photo Essay Page 1 from George NaytowhowCon (March 2005)

Photoshop enlargements of two photos shown above:

1. White orbs seen with spraying craft

White orbs seen with spraying craft

2. Vertically oriented, cylinder-shaped object and discs photographed over land area

Cylinder shpaed object and discs over land area in CT    Cropped cylinder shape desaturated Cylinder desaturated and enlarged


Photo Essay page no 2

Here's a full width cropped section of the top panel seen in the above Photo Essay page no. 2. Notice the large number of orbs seen along with the fine line track not enlarged enough to be seen in the above panel shot.

Cropped section of orbs with greater detail photo essay page 2

In the next full width enlarged views, I took panel no. 2 from the above series and ran it through the "solarize" filter of Photoshop which allows the light areas to appear dark and vice versa. You can see the orbs and the chemtrail ejecta in greater detail. I had to divide the panel into a left and right hand section so you could see the whole thing.

left section of panel 2 Essay page 2

Right section of panel 2, Essay page 2

Now we get to the most unusual photos seen in this collection. George mentions that the white "jet fighter" type plane seen below with the red markings under its fuselage and wings was completely SILENT in operation and had the ability to stop or "float' , as well as move very fast. This made George think that it was using some sort of gravity controlled propulsion system. The strangest shot of all is that of the huge object identified by George as a "Super Cube Sprayer" shown in the middle panel (he also mentions a 'companion' that was located about 1/4 mile away from the cube sprayer). If you look at the enlarged views, the 'cube sprayer' almost looks like a giant bumble bee with its two "eyes" looking down to the right. That's just a subjective impression on my part, but I have to wonder if this thing is mechanical or organic in nature?  And is it of terrestrial origin or extraterrestrial? Who knows? (If someone reading this knows more about the nature of these mysterious cube sprayers and wants to spill the beans, you can always send me info anonymously by snail mail and I'll append it to these photos. You can find my address on the Contact us page)

Photo Essay page No. 3

Essay page no 3 Photoshop filtered and enlargement of the middle "super Cube Sprayer" panel and a second cropped enlargment adjusted for contrast and brightness to enhance detail

Cube sprayer enlarged cropped text

Crop and adjusted contrast of Super cube sprayer

© Copyright 2006  All Rights Reserved.

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