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Reply from Jeff Rense to Art Bell's Open Letter of March 13, 2005

March 13, 2005

Reply from
>>Just so there is no confusion about my position, let me please state for the record, I DO NOT believe that President Bush ordered or authorized the 911 attack as was posted on the Rense site 9-17-04, (Thomas Buyea) this was only one of many such articles found on that site.

The professional position of is that all viewpoints are valid and deserve consideration. We do not know WHO in this government knew about the 911 attacks or WHEN they knew it. What we DO know is that never in American history have so many intelligent, often brilliant citizens engaged in a more penetrating, astonishingly devoted investigation of a clearly-manipulated 'Reichstag' event such as 911. And their results are MORE than sufficient to bring a trainload of charges against people within and without the highest levels of the US government. There are tens of thousands of pages of data pointing to direct knowledge, complicity, foreknowledge and treasonous conspiracy to convince ANY honestly open-minded American that there are the gravest indictations of Government involvement in the tragedy of September 11.

>>Yes, we do have a free press and it is constitutional to write such trash.

If investigating the first WTC bombing coverup and direct FBI greenlight of the use of real explosives when the Bureau had the chance to stop their use; the vile murders at Ruby Ridge; the government butchery of scores of men, women and children at Waco; the blatant coverups of the (911 warm-up) Murrah Building/OKC Bombing (including total Federal Crime Scene evidence disposal before ANY proper investigation); the outrageous shoot down of TWA 800 and the FBI/FAA suppression of evidence and the testimony of over 700 eyewitnesses; and the AVALANCHE of obfuscation, lies, 'coincidences' and hundreds of other key aspects and pieces of incontrovertible evidence of September 11....if all of that and much more is "trash"...America might as well be dead and buried.

>>It is also my right to say that I think those who are making such charges are repulsive, and publishing such articles is yellow journalism.

Promoting deadly frauds such as the Hale-Bopp 'companion' hoax in the mass media which resulted in nearly 40 deaths has been called 'yellow journalism' - or far worse - by too many to count. If investigating crimes of government officials, Congressmen, Senators, big business moguls, treasonous politicians, corrupt courts, and international swindlers is 'yellow journalism', America is now truly a fascist dictatorship.

>>The Rense site has been attacking me for several years and I have never fired back because frankly what they have chosen to say about me is not important,

Nice try...old tricks. Sorry, no cigar. As is abundantly clear in our disclaimer, the astonishing range of views and opinions on do not necessarily reflect those of this website, its sponsors or anyone else associated with

>>however what they charge about President Bush and America is damaging to all of us.

Holding the US government and its Globalist/Neocon Zionist/NWO masters ACCOUNTABLE and placing them under the full scrutiny of the media, the law and our CONSTITUTION is the most UN-damaging activity that any honest American citizen patriot could ever engage in.

Speaking of 'damaging'...For those who still think the US government military/industrial/intelligence complex would never dream of harming Americans:

Who blew up the 'Maine'? Who has tested, for decades, - with often fatal results - scores of biopathogens against countless, unknowing US men, women and children? Who put our troops and public in death's way of radioactive fallout in the 50's and 60's above-ground nuclear testing? Who created 'Operation Northwoods' which proposed killing American airline passengers among many other treasonous acts? Who failed to warn and encouraged the attack on Pearl Harbor? Who killed JFK, RFK, JFK, Jr, Sen Carnahan, Sen Wellstone and countless others who 'got in the way'? What about those 50+ dead microbiologists? Who created/caused GWI which has killed/disabled over 500,000 US troops and their family members? Who used/is using nuclear weapons in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq which have killed/disabled tens of thousands of US troops...and will kill far more than that number with the 'D'U now sown...not to mention the millions of other innocents now dead or dying? Who lied repeatedly about HIV/AIDS? Who has lied/lies repeatedly about mad cow prion disease in our food supply - which is now crawling throughout our environment? Who approved countless deadly pharmaceutical drugs, including deadly toxins like aspartame, and sat by and watched Americans die? And so forth.

>>Much as I think we must always be alert to what our Government does, I also feel we must be alert to BS when we see it.


>>If there were any proof that our President ordered the murder of our citizens,

'Proof' of George W. Bush ordering the 911 attacks? The President could not even stop reading goat stories to schoolchildren in the face of a direct attack on America, let alone plan and 'order' something as sophisticated as 911.

>>we would be in the middle of impeachment hearings or worse.

With a Congress full of rubber chicken dupes, frauds and phonies, the chances of a legitimate impeachment are less than zero. One need not look any farther than the Clinton impeachment debacle to grasp the reality of 'impeachment.'

>>Make no mistake, that IS what we are talking about here. It is not possible to be just a little pregnant on this issue. I will not be part of the "Blame America First Crowd."

It is also not possible to be 'just a little treasonous.' is proud to support Mr. Bell's right to choose which 'crowd' he pledges his allegience to. However, it is also worth mentioning there is an extraordinary responsibility as a custodian of the public trust regarding the information fed to do so fairly and at least quasi even-handedly.

As for other radio programs having 'opposition' guests on the air to appear to be 'fair', let the record be perfectly clear that more than a few guests of the Jeff Rense Program have come back to report how they were intimidated and warned in advance of their appearance on another program regarding what they could and could NOT talk about during their airtime. In other words, they were censored. is proud of the diversity of news and information and has an unshakable faith in the good sense of its readers to appreciate the flow of information it presents as a stream of the most diverse and important information, viewpoints, commentaries, news and information for the world's best news agencies, services and independent journalists and analysts perhaps ever assembled on one net site.

Lightweight attempts at brushing off the most serious and crucial subjects of our times shall not stand in the minds and hearts of honest citizens and true American patriots.


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