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Reptilians in Government

From Sherry Shriner <>
July 17, 2004

This list was sent anonymously but a lot of the names can be verified by others in files on this site and others who expose government corruption, black projects, coverups and aliens. Here are things as they stand from one who "sees": If you see your name on this list and you would like to protest, just send us an email and we'll post it. I'm not claiming these people weren't 100% human at one time, what I am saying is that they invited the control and bodily takeover of Reptilians through blood drinking and rituals and now can be bodily overtaken by them or possessed against or within their own will.

*please keep in mind, we all have the ability to see these humans/reptilians for what they are and how they really are. Just pray for God to reveal it to you. Being a reptilian is something that must be activated through drinking blood and ritual among those who possess the serpent DNA. Not all those who possess this DNA are reptilian. Reptilians in human form are also called shapeshifters and can go between looking human one second, and a lizard-like reptilian the next. For more information on the reptilian's obsession with blood and rituals click here

Notable Reptilians:

George Bush Sr.,
George Bush Jr.,
Richard Cheney,
Al Gore,
Colin Powell,
Queen Elizabeth and all 4 sons including Prince Charles and Prince Andrew

President Bush's Cabinet

John Ashcroft , Attorney General -- High Order Reptilian
Donald Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary -- High Order Reptilian
Tommy Thompson, Health and Human Services Secretary-High Order Reptilian
Gale Norton, Interior Secretary -- Alien controlled
Colin Powell, Secretary of State --Reptilian of the Highest Order
Paul O'Neill, Treasury Secretary -- Reptilian

President Bush's Advisors

Andrew Card, White House Chief of Staff
Mitch Daniels, Director of the Office of Management and Budget -- Alien controlled
Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor --Alien --other type

Senators of the 107th Congress

1. Akaka, Daniel (D - HI) Reptilian
2. Allen, George (R - VA) Reptilian
3. Bayh, Evan (D - IN) -- Alien/other type
4. Biden Jr, Joseph (D - DE) -- Reptilian
5. Bond, Christopher (R - MO) -- Reptilian
6. Boxer, Barbara (D - CA) -- Alien supported
7. Bunning, Jim (R - KY) -- Alien supported
8. Byrd, Robert (D - WV) -- Reptilian
9. Campbell, Ben Nighthorse (R - CO) Pleiadean (fallen to the other side)
10. Carper, Thomas (D - DE) -- Alien supported
11. Clinton, Hillary (D - NY) --Alien/other type
12. Conrad, Kent (D - ND) --Alien/other type
13. Crapo, Mike (R - ID) --- Alien supported
14. Daschle, Thomas (D - SD) --Reptilian
15. Dodd, Christopher (D - CT) -- Alien supported
16. Domenici, Pete (R - NM) --Reptilian
17. Dorgan, Byron (D - ND) -- Reptilian
18. Durbin, Richard (D - IL) --Alien supported
19. Feingold, Russell (D - WI) -- Alien/other type
20. Graham, Bob (D - FL) -- Reptilian
21. Gramm, Phil (R - TX) -- Reptilian of high office
22. Harkin, Tom (D - IA) -- Alien of high office
23. Hollings, Ernest (D - SC) -- Alien /other type
24. Hutchison, Kay Bailey (R - TX) -- Alien supported
25. Inouye, Daniel (D - HI) --Reptilian
26. Kennedy, Edward (D - MA) --Very high reptilian
27. Leahy, Patrick (D - VT) -- Reptilian
28. Lieberman, Joseph (D - CT) --Very high alien/other type
29. McCain, John (R - AZ) -- Alien hybrid
30. Nickles, Don (R - OK) --- Alien/other type
31. Reid, Harry (D - NV) -- Alien supported

32. Rockefeller IV, John (D - WV) --Reptilian of very high office/leadership
33. Santorum, Rick (R - PA) Alien/other type
34. Sarbanes, Paul (D - MD) Very high (nasty) alien type
35. Specter, Arlen (R - PA)--Very high reptilian
36. Thurmond, Strom (R - SC) Alien/other type
37. Warner, John (R - VA) Reptilian/Warrior Leader

House of Representatives:

1. Aderholt, Robert; Alabama, 4th (Reptilian and group leader of other aliens)
2. Armey, Richard; Texas, 26th (Alien/other breed)
3. Baird, Brian; Washington, 3rd (Alien/other type)
4. Baldwin, Tammy; Wisconsin, 2nd (Reptilian)
5. Barrett, Thomas; Wisconsin, 5th (Alien/other type)
6. Becerra, Xavier; California, 30th (Reptilian)
7. Bilirakis, Michael; Florida, 9th (Reptilian of High Office)
8. Blunt, Roy; Missouri, 7th Reptilian of High Office)
9. Bonior, David; Michigan, 10th (Very high Reptilian--Leader of sub-group)
10. Boucher, Rick; Virginia, 9th (Reptilian--high office)
11. Brown, Henry; South Carolina, 1st (Reptilian -- very high order)
12. Callahan, Sonny; Alabama, 1st (Reptilian --other type)
13. Capito, Shelley; West Virginia, 2nd (Alien --other type)
14. Carson, Brad; Oklahoma, 2nd (Reptilian --very high officer)
15. Clayton, Eva; North Carolina,1st (Reptilian --very high order)
16. Condit, Gary; California, 18th (Levy died because she found out his secret--he's Reptilian )
17. Crenshaw, Ander; Florida, 4th (Reptilian --very high order)
18. Culberson, John; Texas, 7th (Extremely high order reptilian)
19. Davis, Susan; California, 49th (Reptilian)
20. DeFazio, Peter; Oregon, 4th (Reptilian--very high order)
21. DeLay, Tom; Texas, 22nd (A leader of the Reptilians here on planet Earth)
22. Doggett, Lloyd; Texas, 10th (Reptilian --very high order)
23. English, Phil; Pennsylvania, 21st (Reptilian commander)
24. Flake, Jeff; Arizona, 1st (Reptilian, leader of lesser order)
25. Fossella, Vito; New York, 13th (Alien --other type)
26. Gilchrest, Wayne; Maryland, 1st (Reptilian --very high order)
27. Goss, Porter; Florida, 14th (Reptilian/alien hybrid)
28. Green, Mark; Wisconsin, 8th (Alien --other type)
29. Gutierrez, Luis; Illinois, 4th (Reptilian --very high order)
30. Hansen, James; Utah, 1st (Reptilian leader)
31. Hefley, Joel; Colorado, 5th (Reptilian leader)
32. Hobson, David; Ohio, 7th (Alien--other type)
33. Houghton, Amo; New York, 31st (Reptilian --very high order)
34. Hyde, Henry; Illinois, 6th (Reptilian of the Supreme Command (er))
35. Jackson-Lee, Sheila; Texas, 18th (Reptilian --other type)
36. Jones, Walter; North Carolina, 3rd (Reptilian --High Command)
37. Kennedy, Patrick; Rhode Island, 1st (Alien influenced)
38. Kind, Ron; Wisconsin, 3rd (Reptilian --supreme command)
39. Langevin, James; Rhode Island, 2nd (Reptilian --First Order)
40. Lewis, John; Georgia, 5th (Reptilian)
41. Luther, Bill; Minnesota, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
42. Markey, Edward; Massachusetts, 7th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
43. McHugh, John; New York, 24th (Reptilian --extremely High Order)
44. McNulty, Michael; New York, 21st (Reptilian --Very High Order)
45. Miller, George; California, 7th (Reptilian --Extremely High Order)
46. Nethercutt, George; Washington, 5th (Reptilian --Supreme Command)
47. Owens, Major; New York, 11th (Reptilian --Extremely High Order)
48. Pence, Mike; Indiana, 2nd (Reptilianj --Very High Order)
49. Platts, Todd; Pennsylvania, 19th (Reptilian --VEry High Order)
50. Rahall, Nick; West Virginia, 3rd (Reptilian)
51. Rangel, Charles; New York, 15th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
52. Rodriguez, Ciro; Texas, 28th (Reptilian)
53. Ryan, Paul; Wisconsin, 1st (Reptilian)
54. Serrano, Jose; New York, 16th (Reptilian --High Order)
55. Shimkus, John; Illinois, 20th (Alien --other type)
56. Slaughter, Louise; New York, 28th (Reptilian)
57. Stearns, Cliff; Florida, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
58. Strickland, Ted; Ohio, 6th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
59. Thomas, William; California, 21st (Reptilian --High Order)
60. Walsh, James; New York, 25th (Reptilian --Very High Order)
61. Weller, Jerry; Illinois, 11th (Alien --other type)
62. Wilson, Heather; New Mexico, 1st (Reptilian)



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