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Texas Family Suffering Alien / Reptilian Seige

By Ken Adachi, Editor
March 17, 2010

Texas Family Suffering Alien/ Reptilian Seige by Ken Adachi (March 17, 2010)

On March 10, 2010, I did an Internet radio show with Don Nicoloff that broached the topic of the victimization of an American family in Texas by a alien/reptilian hybridization program being secretly carried out by elements of the US military, the US intelligence services (CIA/NSA/DHS principally), and negative reptilian aliens. I did a second radio show tonight, March 17, on the same topic. I'll be adding more information and photos to this article over the next few days. Iin the interim, you can hear many of the details surrounding the entities seen in these photos by listening to the posted audio archives of the two radio shows.

The photos seen below are enlarged still shots taken from videos recorded with a cell phone camera. The pixel density is low, but you can still clearly distinguish the alien entities captured on the cell phone video. (more to follow...).

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The four photos shown below reveal the upper head of an alien entity crouching next to a child's bed, staring at  the child. These stills were taken from a cell phone camera used by the mother. She could not see the entity at the time the event was taking place. She, her children, and her husband are all sleeping together on a large bed. She leaves the lights on in the bedroom at night in the hopes of minimizing alien manifestations. She scans the bed with the cell phone camera during the night in order to capture video of alien manifestations.

Alien next to bed of sleeping boy Alien looking at sleeping boy (B)

Alienlooking at sleeping boy (C)Aklien looking at sleeping boy (D)

Alien entities in head area

Alien entities shape shifting

Alien entity

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