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Reversing Alheimer's with Nutritional Supplements
December 10, 2008

Reversing Alheimer's with Nutritional Supplements (Dec. 10, 2008)

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From: Sandy
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Subject: RE: Alzheimers

Hi Ken,

Thanks for your note and posting on the Children's Dictionary issue. It represents a very careful attempt to rewrite history by simply removing various words from common usage. For those who are older, they will not notice the shift.

There was an interesting article on alzheimer's posted on rense today as follows:

What is so interesting about this article is that niacinamide has been demonstrated to reverse the Mouse equivalence of Alzheimers. What is even more interesting is something I found during some research into heart disease I did back in 1980 that correlates to this article. Apparently in the mid 1950's a carefully designed protocol for heart disease was started in Madrid with around sixty patients with advanced atherschlerosis verified by angiograms. The group was put on C, E, and Niacine and a modified diet. At the end of three months, all of the group were given angiograms and all had experienced complete reversal of atherschlerosis. I mentioned this study to a friend who was a US PUblic Health officer and he sneered, saying that 60 was statistically not significant.

His comments and intellectual smugness helped me to ignore most medical pontification. At least with priests, you know they are priests. Anyway, for your information and have a good Christmas.


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