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The Rick A. Ross Institute Expose of Paul and Jan Crouch, Founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)


Palacial TBN Mansion in Costa Mesa, California                            

From Rick A. Ross Institute
February 3, 2005

Rick A. Ross Institute Expose of Paul and Jan Crouch, Founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

From web crawl of Feb 5, 2005



This information was posted to offer the public a resource concerning controversial and/or potentially unsafe groups and related subjects. The Rick A. Ross Institute (RI) does not necessarily endorse or support the views expressed. Some may find this material controversial. RI posts this information for the convenience of researchers.

Update, Paul Crouch died November 30, 2013 at 79 years of age
Televangelist Paul Crouch Leaves a Dirty Legacy; Evangelical Christians Look the Other Way
December 2, 2013

Jan Crouch died on May 31, 2016 at 78 years of age


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Jan Crouch                                                        
Co-founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

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 pasteTBN 2000 IRS Statement (PDF Document - Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-in)
China recruits US-based Christian leader in its quest for PNTR
TBN regains Miami license

            Paul Crouch, President TBN kneels in prayer and the TBN Jet



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