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More Discerning Insights from Rick Stanley on Tim White
(A Victory for Disinfo Robots B. Hartwell and S. Webb)

[Editor's Note: Oct 14, 2008: I am no longer in communication with Tim White. I supported him for a time and even gave him a page on my web site, but he's proven himself to be an unreliable individual and I broke off my relationship with him in 2005. Tim brought himself to my attention around the year 2000 because I defended Ted Gunderson over the internet from the scurrilous defamations of Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb, Virginia McCullough, Jackie McGaulie, and others.

For a time, I posted information about Rick Stanley's fight in Colorado to carry a sidearm which is protected by the state constitution, but apparently unknown to the NWO controlled judges he faced in court. Before going to prison, Rick had an internet radio show and was eager to allow CIA's Hartwell and FBI's Webb defame Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Tim White, Larry Lawson, myself, and others who were unwilling to stand for their unprovoked smears and character assassinations. After that, I was no longer interested in helping Rick Stanley plead his case to the public. Prior to his entertaining Hartwell and Webb as guests on his radio show, Rick was apparently supported and ballyhooed by Tim White as well on various chat forums.

Tim seemed to be energized by divisive and down-in-the-gutter verbal slugfests with Hartwell and Webb. Most of their exchanges amounted to expletive mud slinging and little else. I saw no point in merely exchanging insults, but anyone who was willing to call to account Hartwell's and Webb's slandering ways, especially if defending Ted Gunderson, had to be considered an ally. At the time, I had nothing against Tim, but I can't say that I found much value in these endless exchange of insults.

I've never met or spoken to Larry Lawson, but I read some of his writings and he seemed to be OK to me. I can only presume that Rick Stanley got on Larry's case because of Hartwell and Webb's influence. Rick certainly never bothered to verify or investigate any of the outrageous prevarications that Hartwell and Webb leveled against Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, etc. because if he did, he would not have continued to welcome Hartwell and Webb as guests on his show. Rick didn't have time to check into anything, apparently, because he was too busy sending out a 15 page newsletter twice a day, every day of the week. What with his business and court battles, it's a wonder that he had time to reload his six shooter between commercials.

Rick Stanley is now sitting in prison. I don't know how long his sentence is and I'm not saying that he deserves to be in prison, but his rashness and fast-on-the-draw character did not serve him all that well. Both Tim White and Barbara Hartwell refer to this posting in their ongoing mud battles with each other. I've lost interest in both of them and I'm not sure that there's much point in keeping this page posted, but I'll leave it up for a while anyway. ...Ken Adachi]

Sent by Tim White <>
March 30, 2005

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Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 11:23 AM

I stuck my neck out for you in the past and get myself labeled by some of the FBI Gestapo here in Denver as a "terrorist" and I get back THIS from the likes of YOU?

NOTHING could be farther from the truth on THIS Stanley.I have been a target from this totally corrupted government far longer than you-it goes back AT LEAST 15 years that I am aware of and YOU are just in the past 4-5 years waking up to this.My fight against the criminals that have taken control has cost me EVERYTHING and you should know enough of the background to know why from what I have sent you and discussed with you in the past-when I STILL supported YOU. Now you STAB ME IN THE BACK and you think this is a good thing to do? I can assure you-YOU are 100% WRONG on this and I want a PUBLIC APOLOGY on EVERY group this was posted to.Many people across the country know for real who I really am and it is definitely NOT what you are LYING and LIBELING and SLANDERING me with! STIPEND?

I am trying to survive on a daily basis because of what's around me, I had a GOON visit me with a personal warning back on 11-24-04, I filed a police report to have record of this. In short, STANLEY, YOU ARE A LIAR!

AS far as Larry Lawson goes-he does whatever he damn well pleases and my email to him that he and you are BOTH wrong about EACH OTHER went unheeded.I have NOTHING to do with what he writes about you or anyone else-I put out my own info from my own experiences in this mess we call our country.Some of the very same people that came into my life years ago, entered yours years later and I sure as hell DON'T WORK FOR THEM and sure DON'T GET a "stipend" as you LIE about.HOW much are YOU getting paid by "them" Stanley?

You see, I can ALSO MAKE THESE ALLEGATIONS. Something damn sure stinks in this and IT'S YOU.

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(Air Force)Concerned Citizen

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Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 23:08:34 -0600
From: rick@...
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Subject: More Exposure regarding Rick Stanley / Larry Lawson
To: Vicky Davis

STANLEY NOTE: I believe it was but I have "encountered" him on multiple forums.

His primary issue with me started out that I had been on several radio shows like Alex Jones, John Stadmiller, etc and these people were bad (not really patriots in his mind). I have my own radio show as well. He accused me of having a bad person (Stew Webb) on my show. He says Stew Webb is a phoney and government agent. I explained to him that I have been on over 400 radio shows, dozens of TV shows, thousands of internet sites, etc and sometimes one goes on a show with a hostile host etc. This has of course, happened to me as well as others. He then went on a tirade that I was a PHONEY PAYtriot, which I suppose means that I take money for my efforts. I explained that wasn't true, that I had financed my own battles with government, with my business profits over the years, but now was running dry as time has gone on and my business has been attacked by the government as well. Later it took a "personal" turn when none of these issues proved viable for him to attack me. Seems he thinks now that I am a bad patriot leader, who will get other patriots killed. I explained that I was no ones leader and I had never gotten anyone killed yet, because I wasn't leading anyone. I have suggested to the Patriot movement that they should unite and defend themselves from the government when they are outside the boundries of the constitution. Seems that this Lawson fellow appears to be a paid government agent to cause discord across the internet and to possibly set people up for future charges by the government by baiting tactics. I have had numerous reports from people who have been standing up to the government being harassed by Larry Lawson.

Anyone who speaks out about the unconstitutional actions of government gets attacked by Larry Lawson. Whistleblowers have been attacked by Larry Lawson. Numerous radio hosts have been attacked by Larry Lawson in the attempt to discredit them as Patriots or individuals that might be listened to. He has attempted to discredit and create disharmony.

All of this is clear to me what he is about. Folks will just have to decide for themselves. I already have. He has been attacking me behind my back for about two years it would seem. He came out with more numerous attacks in the past 4-5 months. I have decided to answer them and he increased the attacks at first, then backed off. Recently he has begun again, quietly adding lines that attack me on the forums in his postings. When I hear of them, I try and expose this little predator as I have had a lot of experience being attacked the last 4 years by his type of ilk. This one appears to have the backing of the FBI which has been confirmed by numerous individuals. He also has compatriots he works with to discredit Patriots across the internet and to contact people individually to try and set them up. People like Tim White of Denver. All of this has happened to numerous individuals across the country and recently to me, with not coincidently, Tim White. It is well coordinated and the onslought is unrelenting. They seem to have nothing but time to attack patriots across the internet.

However, they are not very smart, certainly have been exposed time after time for their in accuracies or just the inane arguments they use. They do not appear to be very intelligent. It would appear to be a low level operation. They probably receive a small stipend each month for their efforts. I have seen it before, not just on the internet but in the third parties ( paid moles etc, to cause disharmony in the third parties). At every turn the perpetrators are exposed over a period of time.

God bless.

Live FREE or Die!
Rick Stanley

Quoting Vicky Davis :


Received from Rick Stanley March 30, 2005:

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To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 8:34 PM

STANLEY NOTE: Do I hear a wahhhh?

----- Forwarded message from -----
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 22:27:35 -0600
To: Tim White <>

STANLEY NOTE: Your "support" includes smearing my name all over the internet WHITE. Does this bother you to have your name brought up on the internet? Seems so. Hypocticial it would seem. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Can't take the heat Tim? Get out. Stuck your neck out? Thats a good one... Gee Timmy, when you bash me across the internet it's ok, but if I do some bashing about Timmy, it is "bad"? Hypocricy at it's finest. Go whine to somebody who cares. What goes around comes around. Don't even bother to lie back to me, that you haven't done this. I have seen it and so have dozens of others. So go cry to some of your cop buddies that you have befriended. I don't want or need any friendship from the likes of someone like you. With "so called friends" like you, who needs enemies?

Live FREE or Die!
Rick Stanley

Quoting Tim White <>:


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