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Royal Raymond Rife, A Timeline

Compiled by A. Walter
May 1998

[Note from A. Walter: He discovered an effective cure for cancer and many other diseases. Was he the greatest hero of the century? Read on and see what happened. ]

1888 Born in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

1913 Married. Moves to San Diego. A man of varied interests: ballistics, racing auto constructions, optics and microscopy.

1915-1918. Serves in the Navy. Sent to investigate foreign laboratories by the U.S. Government.

1920 Begins to investigate the possibilities of electric treatment of diseases. Timken, owner of Timken Roller Bearing Co., and Bridges of Bridges Carriage Co., provide funds to establish a laboratory and to finance his research. Begins research on tuberculosis.

1922 Begins cancer research.

1929 October. Stock market crash. Two weeks later, Nov. 3, 1929, the San Diego Union carries an article announcing that Rife has built a microscope capable of staining living viruses with light to make them visible! (Today this is called bioluminescence.)

1931 Two men join Rife in his work: Dr. Arthur I. Kendall, Director of Medical Research at Northwestern University and Dr. Milbank Johnson of Pasadena Hospital. Dr. Alvin G. Frood, President of the American Association of Pathologists also becomes active in Rife's research.

1931 Nov. 22: L.A. Times announces the discovery of a "filterable typhoid bacillus" being light-stained and observed to "change back into non- filterable form", as seen through a powerful new microscope developed by Royal Raymond Rife that could directly observe living bacterium and viruses.

1932 May 3 & 4. Kendall speaks before the Assoc. of American Physicians at Johns Hopkins University telling of the preliminary successes with Rife's methods and treatments. Dr. Thomas Rivers, virologist and bac-teriologist, Director of the Rockefeller Institute -- a primary source of funding for medical research -- and Dr. Hans Zinsser, call Kendall a liar to his face in front of the assembled crowd.

1932 July 5-7. Dr. Edward C. Rosenow of the Mayo Clinic's Division of Experimental Bacteriology witnesses Rife's results and becomes a supporter.

1932 Nov. 30. Rife isolates the filtrable virus of carcinoma. "Angle of refraction (polarization) 12 3/16 degrees; length 1/15 micron; breadth 1/20 micron, color by chemical refraction red-purple." Pleomorphism also established.

1932 By end of the year "Rife can destroy the typhus bacteria, the polio virus, the herpes virus, the cancer virus and other viruses in culture and in experimental animals."

1933 Rife completes the "universal microscope." A resolution of 31,000 times and a magnification of 60,000 times.

1933 July. Dr. Karl Meyer, Director of the Hooper Foundation for Medical Research of UCSF joins Rife's team.

1934 Summer: The first cancer clinic using Rife technology. A special University of Southern California Medical Research Committee chaired by Milbank Johnson is formed to oversee the research. Committee members are: Whalen Morrison, Chief Surgeon of the Santa Fe Railway. George C. Dock, M.D. George C. Fischer, M.D., Children's Hospital of New York, Arthur I. Kendall, Dr. Zite, M.D., professor of pathology of Chicago University. Rufus B. Von Klein Schmidt, President of USC [University of Southern California].

Also in attendance:
Dr. James Couche of San Diego.
Dr. Carl Meyer, Ph.D. of the Hooper Foundation, SF.
Dr. Kopps of the Metabolic Clinic in La Jolla.

The clinic is held at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California. Sixteen terminally ill people are treated. Fourteen are cured in three months, the other two are cured in six months.

1935 Rife builds a smaller microscope that can be mass produced.

May - June: Dr. 0. Cameron Gruner of Montreal replicates Rife & Kendall's cancer pleomorphism.

June: Four insurance companies are interested in financing Rife pro- vided the International Cancer Foundation gave its approval. Dr. Mildred Schram, Secretary of the Foundation, after visiting Rife's lab, stipulates conditions for acceptance which have nothing to do with Rife's work. Rife doesn't have time to be sidetracked. Result: the Cancer Foundation never funds any of Rife's work.

September: A new version of the Rife Frequency Ray is completed. October: Drs. Walker & Meyer of The Hooper Clinic, SF, using Rife's microscope and "Beam Ray" replicate his cures.

November: Dr. Johnson opens a second clinic to test cures with the same incredible results as the first clinic.

1936 June 2: William Donner, President of the International Cancer Research Institute turns down Johnson's application for research funds.

1937 July: Rife moves into his new lab on Alcott St. in Point Loma, built for him by his sponsor, Henry Timkin

1937 September - May: Johnson's third clinic resulting in the same, identical cures. There is mounting pressure to go public. But Rife and his academic advisors, being cautious and recognizing the inevitable resistance from medical orthodoxy, are determined to gather as much irrefutable and massive statistical evidence as possible.

1937 Drs. Couche of San Diego, Gruner of Montreal are using Rifes Beam Ray with great success. In the fall Rife hires an engineer, Phil Hoyland, to help start a company for manufacturing the Beam Ray.

1938 The Rife Beam Ray Co. is in operation. Fourteen machines are built. Two go to England, one goes to Dr. Richard Hamer of the Paradise Valley Sanitarium, one to Dr. Arthur Yale, two to Arizona doctors, and eight to Southern California doctors. Dr. Hammer cures an 82-year-old from Chicago of terminal cancer. Through this man, Morris Fishbein, head of the AMA in Chicago learns of Rife and his work. Fishbein visits Rife. Wants to buy in. Rife and his associates turn him down.[This creates Fishbein's prime revenge motivation for targeting Rife for indictment and the ultimate destruction of his work]

1938 The J.C Burnett Laboratory in New Jersy is burnt to the ground. Burnett's wife is a member of the Timken family. The lab is burned while Burnett and his wife are visiting Rife!

The AMA indicts Rife for fraudulent medical practices.

1938 June 12: Opening day of Rife's trial. During his testimony, Rife is so nervous he cannot stop shaking. A doctor recommends he take a drink to calm himself. Rife's alcoholism begins.

During the trial and afterwards the AMA visits all doctors involved with Rife. "Those who didn't stop using the Frequency Instruments lose their medical license. Dr. Hamer quickly returns his instrument. Dr. Gruner returns his. Dr. Couche defies the AMA and his license is re- voked. Many other doctors associated with Rife turn their backs on him including Drs. Drood, Rosenow, & Meyer. Rife nevertheless wins the case. The AMA pays off Kendall in Baltimore "about" $200,000. He goes to Mexico,

1940 Kendall dies.

1944 Milbank Johnson dies under suspicious circumstances. Two federal inspectors conclude that he was likely poisoned. Reputedly he was to present the long delayed Rife findings to the AMA the following day. All Rife's records kept by his academic committee are destroyed. The committee disbands.

1946 Rife's drinking forces him to sell off his lab piece by piece. He is committed for "alcohol rehabilitation."

1948 Drs. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler & Eleanor Alexander-Jackson, micro- biologists in Philadelphia prove that the cancer virus "is in actuality a pleomorphic bacterium."

1949 Dr. Virginia Livingston becomes the head of New Rutgers Presbyterian Laboratory in Newark, NJ.

1949 June 6: Morris Fishbein is ousted by the AMA at its Atlantic city convention. Reason: years of advertising fraud and fund stealing.

1950 Rife is released from rehabilitation and returns to work. He forms a partnership with John Crane, an engineer/scientist. Crane "re-invents" the Beam Ray and hires Verne Thomson, an electronics expert with the San Diego police force, to help construct the new machines.

Dr. Irene Corey Diller of the Institute for Cancer research in Philadelphia isolates fungus agents from cancer growths. Unknowingly she has replicated Rife and Gruner's work. She sets up a symposium in New York in order to announce her discovery. It is killed by Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, the head of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Dr. James Hillman of RCA Labs in Princeton. NJ, later confirms the Livingston-Wheeler-Gruner-Rife pleomorphism.

1953 Dr. Diller publishes her discovery: Studies of Fungoid Form Found in Malignancy. Dr. Livingston-Wheeler presents her own discoveries to the 6th International Congress of Microbiology in Rome. Sep. 10: The Washington Post reports. "The New York Academy of Medicine immediately discounts the announcement." Dr. Rhoads of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center stops all funds for the Rutgers-Presbyterian Hospital Laboratory. The lab is closed, putting Dr. Livingston-Wheeler out of business.

1954 Dr. Livingston-Wheeler moves to San Diego, taking a job with a clinic. The Committee on Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy of the National Research Council "evaluate" Rife's discoveries and conclude that "they couldn't work." (Please note: never at any point, and to this date, no orthodox cancer agency has tested Rife's work.)

Rife, under Crane's insistence, copyrights a description of his cancer cure.

1958 Jan: A group of Salt Lake City doctors begin using the Rife Frequency machine. In May the Salt Lake City Medical Board forces them to stop using it.

The California Public Health Dept. holds a hearing. A Frequency Instrument had been provided for testing to the Palo Alto Detection Lab., the Kalbfeld Lab., the UCLA Medical Lab. and the San Diego Testing Lab. All declared that it was safe to use. Result: The AMA Board under the Calif. Director of Public Health, Dr. Malcolm Merrill declares it unsafe and bans it from the market.

1958 July 14. Or Virginia Livingston-Wheeler is the first speaker at the 1st International Congress of Microbiology and Leukemia in Antwerp, Belgium. She discovers that the pleomorphism of cancer is widely accepted in Europe while ignored in the U.S.

1958 November: After six months of testing Rife's technology, Dr. Robert Stafford of Dayton, Ohio, presents his findings to the Executive Committee of the General Practice Section of the Montgomery County Medical Society of the AMA. The committee is impressed. They set up a research committee from Dayton's most influential doctors.

1959 Dr. Clara Fonti of Milan, Italy "innoculates herself with a bacterial culture of cancer. She grows a tumor, later surgically removed. Thereby proving pleomorphism as a factor in human cancer.

Dr. Livingston-Wheeler meets her neighbor Royal R. Rife.

1959-1960 Dr. Livingston & Rife work together. She arranges for the Institute of Cancer Research in Philadelphia to provide Rife with mice. Their view on pleomorphism are much the same. The only difference is that Dr. Livingston intends to develop a serum while Rife knows the virus dis-integrates under his Beam Ray.

1960 John Crane writes and copyrights a manual explaining how the Frequency Instrument is to be used. Dr. Stafford of Dayton suggests that he, Stafford, manufacture and distribute the machine in the USA. Crane decides to license the machine to prevent doctors from changing it, thus failing to get results. Ninety machines are distributed "for research and verification on notorized contracts."

1960 The AMA and the FDA strike. Crane's office is raided. $40,000 in equipment is taken along with all engineering data, research records and reports, pictures off the wall, private letters, invoices, tape recordings, electronic parts. All without a search warrant! Doctors who have the machines are visited and forced to give them up. Ordinary citizens who have begun experimenting personally are threatened. One woman is hospitalized from shock by the AMA raid.

Rife and Crane are arrested and released on bail. Rife, almost 73, unable to handle more abuse, goes into hiding in Mexico.

1961 Spring. John Crane's trial lasts 24 days. "The records and materials seized are not allowed to be used by Crane in his own defense. . . Rife's deposition is not permitted to be introduced." The foreman of the jury is an AMA doctor; the balance of the jury is screened to make sure they have no medical nor electronic knowledge. "No medical reports from the 30's and 40's are admitted. Neither are other doctor's reports. Nor is a Frequency Instrument demonstrated much less admitted into court. "The only medical opinion offered by the State of California is from Dr. Paul Shae who had been given a Frequency Instrument by the Public Health Department 2 months before the trial. Shea admits he never tried (it) or made tests to evaluate it. He simply examined it and decided that it had no curative powers and didn't lend itself to investigative use".

Crane is found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Later the State Supreme Court, on appeal, reverses two of the three counts against Crane "because no specific criminal intent had been proven." Crane spends three years and one month in jail. After Crane's imprisonment Dr. Stafford of Dayton is forced to give up his instrument and to give up medicine. A Salt Lake City Doctor's instrument was sabotaged and he was so hounded by the orthodox medical authorities that he commits suicide.

1962 Dr. Livingston has a heart attack. She recovers.

Kefauver amendments to the Food and Drug Act of 1938 grant to the FDA the right to determine if a drug is effective. Safety is no longer a prime consideration. Drug treatment effectiveness and safety is there-by taken out of the hands of the doctor and his patient.

1964 John Crane is released from prison. He begins the fight all over again. 1965 October: Crane submits an application to the Calif. Board of Public

Health for approval of the Frequency Instrument. "The application is made in the name of Rife Microscope Institute," John Crane, owner. The Health Department answers that Crane must first show the instrument to be effective.

Dr. Charles W. Bunner, Chiropractor, agrees to provide "proof of effectiveness." The Calif. Department of Health pays him a visit and forbids him to use the instrument, and present him with a court order to have it destroyed.

Dr. Les Drown, Chiropractor, provides a statement. An American Cancer Society representative subsequently forces him to "sign over" his Frequency Instrument or go to jail. (Rife's cancer discoveries are never patented.) Rife returns from Mexico.

1966 Dr. Livingston and her old colleague, Dr. Eleanor Alexander-Jackson present a paper at an American Cancer Seminar in Arizona. When Dr. Alexander-Jackson returns to Columbia University she discovers that she and her work have been terminated.

1968 Dr. Livingston and her husband open a clinic in San Diego.

1968-1983 They treat over 10,000 cancer patients utilizing her serum and a high immune-building diet. An 80-percent success rate. (The State of California Department of Health has subsequently tried to shut down her clinic. They have also outlawed the use of her serum. ---Personal communication from the Livingston Medical Center.)

1969 March 4: Rife signs ownership of his microscope over to John F. Crane. It is Crane who preserves all of Rife's work that remains.

1969 Nov. 5-8: Drs. Livingston, Alexander, Diller and Dr. Florence Seibert from the Veterans Administration Research Laboratory in Bay Pines, Florida present a paper: Microorganisms Associated with Malignancy.

1970 Oct. 30: Their paper is published.

1970 Rife dies. He has been hospitalized for intoxication. Records show he is given an extra (overdose) of Valium. A mixture of Valium and alcohol is lethal. He is 84.

1971 December 23: President Richard Nixon signs a $1.6 billion law to open the "war on cancer."

1972 Dr. Livingston publishes her first book: Cancer: A Breakthrough. She condemns the NCI for its misuse of money and "the use of people as guinea pigs for a 'surgery-radiation-chemotherapy' program dictated by special interests."

1973 The Supreme Court rules that the FDA "can decide without a hearing which evidence it would allow."

1980 "The AMA is found guilty by a U.S. Court of Appeals of 'conspiracy to restrain competition. . . New methods of health care have been discouraged, restricted and in some instances eliminated."'

1985 The Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute finds the Rife-Livingstone-etc. organism (virus) in all blood cultures of cancer patients. They conclude that the organism comes from outside contamination and bury the report.

1984 Dr. Livingston publishes The Conquest of Cancer.

1985 By this time the National Cancer Institute is spending $1.2 billion dollars annually for cancer. This does not count the monies raised by the American Cancer Society.

1988 Rife Labs is formed to revitalize Rife's work.

1990 It is estimated that $50 billion dollars have been spent on the "War on Cancer." Twenty percent of this money is spent on actual research. Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler dies.

1996 June: John Crane dies totally destitute in San Diego County. (Personal communication from the Cancer Research Organization.)

1998 May: Nothing has changed as of this writing. Rife Frequency Treatments are illegal except for experimental purposes. It reputedly cures AIDS but the frequencies are absolutely forbidden to be used even for experimental purposes in the United States only. The existence of the Black Field microscope continues to be denied by orthodox medicine as is the pleomorphism of bacteria/viruses. The suppression of alternative cancer treatments remain in full force and now also includes Hydrazine Sulfate.

Just last year the FDA raided and demolished the San Diego offices of American Biologics whose clinic in Tijuana uses alternate cancer treatments.

How long can this last?

Compiled by A. Walter, 5/98



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