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The Power of Purpose

By Dr. Robert H. Bitzer

From the "Collected Essays Of Robert Bitzer"

SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are motivated by purpose, and all of their activities are geared toward achieving that goal. The purpose must be one in which you can put all your creativeness. Your interest must be all-consuming. Lacking a powerful, positive purpose, an individual's life has no direction. Lethargy and inertia are bound to settle in.

Fortified with a purpose you can never settle for half-way measures. You know where you are going and why. What you do is important to you, because life is important. This purpose gives direction to all activities. This does not necessarily mean that you are single-minded. Although extreme specialization seems to be the rule with physicians, lawyers, and business consultants, in other areas exactly the opposite is the case.

For instance, President Dwight Eisenhower, a multi-talented individual, was an outstanding military figure, statesman, and painter. Similarly, Winston Churchill was a great naval officer, statesman, painter, and author. Many famous athletes, actors, and writers have become musicians of note. But whatever the purpose, whether it seems great or small, the intensity of your creativeness and enthusiasm gives it its power. It must have tremendous meaning to you, and you must have great anticipation of its complete fulfillment.

Believe in your divine calling. "Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might show my power in you." While you may have many problems and face almost insurmountable difficulties, your power is in your purpose. You must know where you are going and why, and you depend on a guiding Intelligence to get you there.

It is much easier to work successfully when you relate your purpose to life. The athlete may not particularly enjoy strenuous exercise and discipline, but he or she relates it to the strength and power necessary for attainment. Without purpose, you scatter energy. Purpose conserves and directs. The purpose in treatment is not merely to control your thinking but to develop the power of creative thought so that you can produce in your experience the conditions you desire. The sincerity of your purpose controls everything that you do. You can attain your objective.

And so it is.

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