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Ex-CIA Officer Robert D. Steele Outs the Entire NWO Takeover Game
March 29, 2010

Ex-CIA Officer Robert D. Steele Outs the Entire NWO Takeover Game (March 29, 2010)

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From: Guy Jones
Sent: Monday, March 29, 2010
Subject: CIA is TALKING

It seems many good CIA agents are starting to talk. Watch this very revealing speech by Robert Steele.




In the context of succesive corruptions coming to the surface the lattest being the "flu", the "global warming " and the Banks racqueting everything on their path we have now the systemic violation of children being exposed. This is a big one as it is responsible for a large part of our disfonctional society. Many of us still do not realise that amongst these unfortunate kids some were selected to be Brain manipulated , educated to hold important positions and as "slaves" execute the craziest programs given to them once adult (politicians , CEO's,justice etc.. )

This Robert Steele who understand all this gives us a way out of this mess.
There are lots of people involved in different ways on the ground to regain our freedom but Steele approach using the web is a valid one too.


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